My Boys

Season 1 Episode 6

Clubhouse Poison

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2006 on TBS

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  • Two major themes take place in this episode. PJ agrees to spend time with Branden's fiancee Wendy that she can't stand and she tries to get her boys to spend time with Hank. We meet Trouty!

    It was pretty funny the way PJ talked about Wendy played by Lindsey Stoddart and then when you meet her she is exactly like PJ described down to the weird laugh. In the end she ends up being a good person and she and PJ want the same thing, to make Branden happy. So it's important that they get along as Branden is important to both of them.

    Hank is an interesting character. The first time PJ fixes him up with the guys to watch the Bears game Trouty comes in an "fixes" her TV so they can't watch it and they all abandon him. Which is OK as he doesn't really like football that much anyways. The funny thing is when he goes with the boys to Crowley's together later Branden at least bonds with him over the darts game but even later we learn Branden thought he was a little weird.

    Talk about weird, we meet Trouty played by Johnny Galecki a classic character out of Goodfellas or maybe Saturday Night Fever. He's buddies with Kenny played by Michael Bunin. Just one of the guys who always wears track suits, bling, and tries real hard to fit in. He is a nice guy but man can he rub you the wrong way. Pretty funny character though.

    Another generally entertaining episode. Thanks for reading...
  • PJ tries to get Hank and the guys together.

    Good episode with some good lines. I loved how both PJ and Brendan made the joke about who's getting married.

    By the end of the episod,e it's clear that PJ has second thoughts about Hank not getting along with the guys. The voice over mentions upsetting the balance and I guess that is true. Hank's made her experience new things so there's already a change. When PJ tries to get them all together, it's obvious Hank doesn't fit in well, despite him being good at darts. There's just no real chemistry, in you can talk about chemistry in this context. He's simply a different type of man than her guy friends.