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My Boys

Season 2 Episode 2

Dinner Party

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 19, 2008 on TBS
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Dinner Party
Stephanie wants to have a dinner party to meet new men. Stephanie also has a book that she wrote get published. Andy hires a new nanny who is very good-looking. She has a habit or two that Andy doesn't enjoy, but one of the other guys doesn't mind at all.moreless

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      • (Andy comes home to find Brendan sitting on the couch with Elsa)
        Andy: What are you doing here?
        Brendan: Oh, you know, I just came by to visit with Savannah and Meredith. I haven't seen them in so long, you know?
        Andy: Savannah's at her friend's house and Meredith is...What have you done with Meredith?
        (Meredith and Bobby enter)
        Meredith: Hi honey. Look who just showed up at the back door.
        Brendan: Well. Hello Robert.
        Bobby: Brendan. What are you doing here?
        Brendan: I just brought by some chocolate and an Army knife.
        Bobby: Hmm. No. Sweden.

      • (After Beth and Margo's show)
        Beth: P.J. I'm so bummed. I wanted to catch up but we have a photo shoot. When am I going to see you?
        P.J.: Oh gosh, I don't know. Maybe...
        Kenny: (interrupting) P.J.'s having a dinner party.
        Mike: That's right! A fantastic dinner party. You should invite your friends.
        P.J: Umm, yeah. Friday night, I would love it if you guys could come.
        Beth: Sounds great.
        Margo: I'm in! Oh, but not to be annoying, but I don't eat red meat.
        Mike: Neither do I. Hate it.
        Margo: Oh, I love it. I'm just allergic.
        Mike: Yeah, me too.

      • P.J.: Come on you guys, we've got to try something different, something new. Oh, my friend Beth, she's playing guitar tomorrow night. How about that? Anybody wanna come?
        Brendan: Dude, you've got to find yourself a boyfriend to drag to these lame events.
        P.J: That's what the dinner party is for. All right, if none of you guys is gonna come to that, at least one of you is going to come to this, all right? Draw pretzels.
        (Bobby, Brendan and Mike draw pretzels and Mike gets the short one)
        P.J.: You win. You get to go.
        Mike: What? How is that winning?
        P.J.: Tomorrow night, eight o' clock, don't be drunk.
        Mike: Fine. But in the future, there's an easier way to convince people to do things. Watch this.
        (Kenny comes to the table)
        Mike: Awesome, I won.
        Kenny: What'd you win?
        Mike: Nothing. You can't go.
        Kenny: I wasn't asking to go, I just wanted to know what you won.
        Mike: A ticket to an awesome concert tomorrow night. But you're not invited.
        Kenny: Okay. Why is Mike using his weird reverse psychology thing on me?
        P.J.: My friend's playing guitar at a coffee shop tomorrow. Wanna come?
        Kenny: Sure. Could be fun.
        Mike: Puppet master.
        (Kenny breaks a pretzel over Mike's head)

      • P.J.: Last night I had this dream. I was seventy, still single, still hanging out with the guys.
        Stephanie: Oh, sweetie, I've had that dream about you too.

      • (After meeting Elsa, the nanny)
        Brendan: Oh my god, Andy.
        Kenny: I would kill you if she asked me to.
        Brendan: You'd be justified.
        Mike: Sweden just let her go?
        Bobby: Sweden is dumb.
        P.J.: Is she good with Savannah?
        Andy: Who cares?
        P.J.: My god you guys, she's pretty but get a hold of yourselves.
        Andy: That reminds me. Do you guys remember when she was here?
        Mike: She stood right here.
        (Everyone but P.J. laughs)

      • (Andy enters Crowley's where everyone else is)
        Andy: Hello friends. As you know, the Franklin home employs a small but necessary staff. We have a gardener, a dog walker, a maid, and now a nanny. A super-hot Swedish nanny.
        Mike: Wait. Exactly how hot?
        Andy: She's unbelievably gorgeous. Like the world smells sweeter, the sky is bluer.
        Brendan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. We all know that Andy's gauge of hot has always been way off.
        Andy: What are you talking about?
        Bobby: Katie Couric?
        Andy: Come on, you guys don't see it?

      • P.J.: (narration) All over the city, people are out on dates. But why would I wanna do that when I can do this?
        (Shows the gang playing Mousetrap)
        Mike: You're trapped mouse!
        P.J.: (narration) No, no this feels good. We're almost thirty, and we're playing a game that says recommended age three to five. Yup, life is going according to plan.

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