My Boys

Season 1 Episode 17

Dirty Little Secrets

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 2007 on TBS

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  • How can you say no to Jeff? Bobby's filthy rich. Stephanie's headed for the poor house. Kenny has a new fictitious girlfriend named Julie. Mike is going to Yoga class to pick up a rich hopefully single woman in Lake Forest.

    It turns out Bobby is Bobby Newman, like Newman Medical Center and a lot of other major Chicago properties. His urinal is a six foot high gold sculpture so imitating that Branden could not go in it! Everyone starts acting very weird around Bobby which is why he never told anyone. It seems finally they get the message and go back to normal after he tells an outrageous rich story.

    In the other major storyline we find out that Stephanie is going in the opposite direction. Her car is reposed, she has to cut up her credit cards, she can't order coffee out, and she has to move to a reasonable apartment. All pretty normal things except it is killing Stephanie.

    On the lighter side Kenny has a new fictitious girlfriend named Julie and Mike is emasculated at his Yoga class in Lake Forest when a man is not even intimidated because Mike is in his wife's class.

    The only thin I have to say is, How can you say no to Jeff? Thanks for reading...
  • Bobby's loaded

    Two opposites side of a story. Stephanie's car is reposessed because she is serious debt while the guys find out that Bobby has an extremely weathy family and lives in a penthouse.
    The writers did a good job with the contrasting stories. I loved how Andy helped Steph but constantly referred to her as Meredith because she apparently had had some money and budgeting issues too. I also really liked how the guys and PJ did not really change their attitude towards Bobby after finding out about his family. I thought it was great, if a little stupid, that he wanted to live on what he earned instead of on his family's money.
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