My Boys

Season 1 Episode 19

Douchebag in the City

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2007 on TBS
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Douchebag in the City
A new friend of Brendon is starting to change his personality. Mike buys something strange for Kenny's sports store. PJ's college newspaper editor comes to Chicago along with three friends.

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  • Lyssa a writer friend of PJ's who helped her get her start comes to town. She brings three friends and they all are stuck up and New Yorkers. Branden needs a douche intervention after acting like his friend Hams played by Ryan Reynolds.moreless

    A pretty funny if not annoying episode. We have three storylines and each was interesting and a little annoying.

    Branden starts acting like an idiot after hanging around with new friends. The group including Stephanie has an intervention and finally he comes to his senses when PJ pleads with him.

    Lyssa from New York City comes to Chicago and brings three of her friends. They all act like douches so including Branden you can understand the name of the episode. They want to go to eateries and clubs like New York while they are in Chicago? Sorta weird! You know what people say, when in Rome!

    The last storyline is about Andy and his neighbor Fitzroy. Fitzroy mows Andy's lawn. Fitzroy's wife make zucchini bread and other stuff for Andy. It seems that no matter how Andy hides from him Fitzroy finds him. It's sort of creepy.

    Another alright episode. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • The gang has a "douchebag intervention".

    This was one of the finer episodes of Season 1 of My Boys. The witty, clever and realistic program ventured a little away from that for a more sarcastic, almost mockery of the way things normally are. Where the friends usually embrace making fun of each other, it was used to move the story along and later to finally break Brendan.

    Brendan was hilarious in the episode, like he usually is. Saying that he had to play laser tag with Jeremy Piven was so out of the blue, but yet still funny. We had a good cameo by Ryan Reynolds, calling PJ a 6. PJ was also very funny when she yelled at Brendan to look at his ridiculous belt.

    The show also poked fun at the terrible Sex and the City series, parodying their four main characters. This was a strong edition of My Boys and it shows had good the show really can be. People have compared it to Friends, which I think is outrageous; My Boys is actually funny.moreless
  • Brandon needs an intervention.

    After Brandon's increasingly weird and obnoxious behaviour, the guys decide to stage a 'douchebag' intervention. The guy's changed completely and behaves totally unlike himself, sot they read him letters they've written. At first it's not really working, until PJ forces him to listen and points out the clothes he's wearing. That finally gets through to him and it seems that his 'douchebag' phase may be over.

    I loved the way Andy tries to dodge his suburb neighbours and prefers the cold and uncaring neighbours in the city to the caring and friendly and perhaps a little intrusive neighbours in the burbs.

    PJ's old friend who comes to visit has turned into a complete snobby New Yorker. They've obviously grown completely apart.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The Scene where PJ's friend Lyssa is splashed with water by a puddle echo's Carrie Bradshaw's reaction in the title sequence for Sex and the City which her character is based on.

    • When Andy comes in during the intervention, Brendan's right foot moves between being up on the coffee table and down on the floor between shots.

    • PJ's friends from college and her friends are very similar to Sex and the City characters. Lyssa is Carrie Bradshaw, Debbie is Charlotte York, Tina is Miranda Hobbs, and Veronica is Samantha Jones. The name of the episode also has part of Sex and the City's name in it.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Bobby: Hey guys, we were just about to go to the bar and beg for some drinks. You want us to beg you anything?
      Debbie: Um, yeah, I'll have a Hip 'n Hop with Grey Goose and Corralejo.
      Bobby: A what?
      Debbie: Oh, it's like a Cosmo with tequila.
      Bobby: Hmm, yuck.

    • Mike: (reading his letter) Brendan, you screened my call, douchebag. You're a really big douche! If you were a superhero, you'd be Captain Douchebag. Your superpowers would be screening calls and the ability to wreck any hang, Douche. And then I drew a picture of you as Captain Douchebag.
      PJ: Who's he fighting?
      Mike:That's a giant lizard.

    • (A girl in a gerbil ball passes by.)
      Kenny: Girls in gerbil balls, I bet you think that's a sport too.
      Mike: If they race, yes.

    • Brendan: I just came by to grab a little show-show before we head out.
      Andy: Head out? It's 11:30, don't your clothes have to get up for school tomorrow?

    • Brendan: You guys are all jealous. You should feel thankful I still have time for you.
      Mike: Douchey von Douchenstein! Really?

    • Brendan: Do you know what my new friends would think they found out I was hanging out with some dad from Hoffman Estates?
      Andy: Easy, Seacrest.

    • Andy: Hey guys, sorry I'm late. I got Fitzied pretty bad. I tried to talk--What's going on?
      P.J.: Andy, it's the douchebag intervention, remember?
      Andy: Oh right. Kenny, When you act like you're on The Sopranos...
      P.J.: Andy, it's Brendan's intervention.
      Andy: Sorry. Brendan, why are you being such a lame-o recently? Look at you. Look at your hair. (He tosses some of Mrs. Fitzy's cucumbers into Brendan's lap.) Have some cucumbers.

    • Stephanie: Brendan, your friends are here tonight to support you. They care about you and lately they have noticed--
      Mike: Dude, you've been acting like a total douchebag!
      Kenny: Total douchebag!

    • Andy: 'Cause when you get to be my age, you barely have time for the friends you have. And certainly you don't have time to fit in new ones...Fitzy.
      P.J: It's so weird. I mean all she wanted to do today was spa and club.
      Andy: I like your verbs that are things. I think I'm going to sandwich after I sofa here for a bit.

    • Andy: I'm not driving back until my neighbor falls asleep. Fitzy rented Braveheart and told me to give him a knock when I get home.
      Stephanie: What a nightmare.
      Andy: "If my rolling rack sign's lit it means I'm up, give me a holler!" I miss the city. Where your neighbors are cold and suspicious, the way it should be.

    • Andy: Hey guys, sorry I'm late I got Fitzied. Tried to leave, he stopped me and we started talking. Next thing I know I'm helping him put a kegerator in his garage.
      PJ.: What's that smell?
      Andy: Mrs. Fitzy made zucchini bread, zucchini muffins, and something called zucchini spread which is on the toll road because it smelled like a hot pond.

    • (The gang is talking about Brendan)
      P.J.: Ok, does anybody know that douchebag that just left?
      Mike: Not me, I don't hang with douches.
      Stephanie: What's wrong with him?
      Kenny: Ever since you gave him that 'Sexiest Bachelor' thing, he's been shortening his words. "Waffs" and "Vods".
      Bobby: Yeah, it's annoy.

    • Mike: I ordered something from the store that I think you're going to dig.
      Kenny: You ordered something without asking me?
      Mike: Nope. I ordered something great without asking you.
      Kenny: What is it?
      Mike: I can't tell you. Otherwise, I'd be a surprise ruiner, like Robert.
      Bobby: I am sorry. I thought you knew that James Bond gets caught and told the evil secret. He's in handcuffs on the poster!

    • Bobby: (about Brendan)Tell him you're 1984 and you want your sunglasses back.
      Kenny: Tell him you're 1984 and you want Mary Lou Retton's leotard back.

  • NOTES (4)