My Boys

Season 2 Episode 6

Dudes Being Dudes

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 17, 2008 on TBS
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Dudes Being Dudes
Bobby's brother, Jack, shows up for Bobby's party and takes and interest in P.J. Stephanie meets a man named Warren at a bar and they strike up an informative conversation.

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  • A bachelor party.

    This was my first exposure to My Boys and I think they picked up a new viewer in the process.

    The show is far from perfect as there are various points where the audience might not laugh at a single sentence. Being from a female creator there are times when none of the male characters are funny, when it is usually the females who aren't humorous on other sitcoms.

    Jordana Spiro is a funny, attractive and decent actress but she fails to have the star power and ability to take control of the screen in the way Tina Fey and Mary-Louise Parker, also on shows with female leads. She presents a likable character in PJ, but her scenes are often not very strong.

    Jim Gaffigan brings credibility to the show, but if you have seen That 70's Show or his stand-up you know that he can be funnier than he is here.

    This program suffers from the same dilemma that The Bill Engvall Show does. The characters, while original, are one-dimensional and it is hard to see them outside their comfort zone. When favorite character lists come out, you won't be seeing anyone from My Boys on it. Michael Bunin also does nothing but annoy the viewer. His irksome and pesky behavior leaves the audience reaching for the remote.

    I also don't care for the forced narration from PJ. It comes off as too Grey's Anatomy when Jordana Spiro is better than Ellen Pompeo in every way.moreless

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    • PJ: (talking about not being invited to the bachelor party) It's so stupid!
      Jack: It is. You're right, and you know, I'm not going either - in protest.
      PJ: Well, you have to go. You're Bobby's brother.
      Jack: Okay I'll go, but I'm not gonna have fun - in protest.

    • (PJ & Stephanie run into the guys at a bar on the night of the bachelor party)
      Jack: What happened to no girls allowed?
      PJ: No, this was a total accident. I swear!
      Jack: Well, best accident all night.

    • (At the bachelor party)
      Jack: So how long have you known Bobby?
      Mike: Uh, few years. Good guy.
      Jack: Yeah, he's okay, as far as little brothers go.
      (Mike laughs)
      Jack: And PJ? She's your friend, right?
      Mike: Yeah sure.
      Jack: What's her deal? Is she single?
      Mike: No way, man! Not tonight. Dude, no chicks allowed! No thinking about chicks. No looking at chicks.
      Jack: Yeah, I know. I'm just asking.
      Mike: Ugh! Don't! (covers his ears and shakes his head)

    • John: So, excited about your big night?
      Bobby: Hell yeah! I mean, I'm not as excited as Mike, but who is?
      Mike: (shakes his head and grins) Nobody.

    • PJ: Hey, John!
      John: Hey.
      PJ: Why am I not invited to the party? (pokes John in the ribs) What are you so afraid of?
      John: Umm, right now, you! Kind of.

    • P.J.: (narration) Bachelor partys and showers. Turns out they're both sexist rituals. But the bachelor party is so much less lame. Plus there's scotch.
      Jack: (comes over) Hey.
      P.J.: What are you still doing here? Everybody just left.
      Jack: Yeah. Finally.
      P.J.: Why finally?
      Jack: Cause, now I can do this (kisses P.J.)

    • (Mike comes over to Stephanie and Warren)
      Mike: Hey kids.
      Stephanie: Go away.
      Mike: I'm Mike.
      Warren: Warren.
      Mike: You know who you're sitting with, right?
      Stephanie: He knows. Goodbye.
      Mike: So, she told you how famous she is?
      Warren: No, she didn't.
      Mike: She wrote this really popular book. You're A Great Guy, But... Have you heard of it?
      Warren: Vanessa ended our three year relationship over that book. She said I was an Ike.
      Mike: Hey, I'm an Ike too!
      Stephanie: Oh, I'm so sorry.
      Warren: You should be. She was my world. Excuse me (Leaves)
      Stephanie: Why are you so hateful?
      Mike: What? No, I was trying to help you. Really.
      Stephanie: Thanks. Now let me help you. Lose the boots. Tell P.J. I'll call her tomorrow.
      Mike: Boots? What's wrong with my boots? They're manly. Aren't they?

    • (At the bachelor party)
      P.J.: You having fun?
      Bobby:Yeah. Great time. So, tell me all about the shower.
      P.J.: Seriously?
      Bobby: Not really. Thanks again for going though. I know it meant a lot to Elsa. And to me.
      P.J: Oh yeah, you know it actually wasn't that bad. It was kind of fun.
      Bobby: Seriously?
      P.J.: Not really.
      Bobby: You know, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the wedding help. I can't do it without you.
      P.J.: You are so welcome. So, are you nervous? You know, about getting married?
      Bobby: You know, I'm really not. I know I should be, with the whole life changing decision and all, but it all just feels right. I feel pretty lucky. It's been a crazy year.
      P.J.: Hasn't it? It's just been like this whirlwind. I mean, you and Elsa fall in love, Stephanie writes this huge book. She's like famous now. And just a few months ago, we were in Italy, and I thought you and I might... God, what a crazy year.
      Bobby: Wait, might what?
      P.J.: What, uh, nothing.
      Bobby: Come on, just tell me.
      P.J.: No seriously, it was nothing.
      Bobby: Okay, if it's nothing then just say it. Come on, say it. I'm just going to sit here and say come on say it, until you say it. So, you know, come on. Say it.
      P.J.: Well, ok, it's totally water under the bridge, it's in the past. It's kind of funny. I invited you to Italy because I kind of had feelings for you. Isn't that hilarious?
      Bobby: What?
      P.J.: Yeah, I know, it's so hilarious.

    • (At the bachelor party)
      John: So is everybody cool if we split this twelve ways?
      Brendan: (to Mike) No, not cool. I didn't eat anything.
      Mike: Oh hey, I think your count is off by one.
      John: You're right. It's Bobby's big night. He shouldn't have to pay.
      Brendan: (To himself) Douche.

    • (At the bachelor party)
      John: Hey, you guys made it.
      Andy: Great place.
      Mike: Very fancy.
      John: Nothing but the best for Bobby, right? Tonight, we blow it out. Money's no object. You guys have fun.
      Brendan: Rich douche.
      Mike: Wow, easy man. Just try to enjoy the night. This is all about male bonding. Look at all the dudes!
      Andy: There are a lot of dudes.
      Brendan: Please stop saying dudes.
      Andy: Listen up, dude, this is a celebration. I got a house full of females. I could use a good old fashioned guy hang. Eat some cow, drink some brown liquor, let the dogs out. I don't even know what that means.

    • Jack: What's the matter? Not invited?
      P.J.: It's so unfair.
      Jack: Well, we're trying to keep cooties out of our treehouse.

    • (Bobby is trying to get P.J. to go to Elsa's shower)
      Bobby: Come on, please go. Elsa doesn't want to get stuck at this thing with all my mom's friends. Especially Mrs. Shapiro, who keeps winking at her and telling her how magical the wedding night is going to be.
      Andy: Mrs. Shapiro isn't lying. (Winks at Bobby)

    • (The guys are talking about Bobby's bachelor party)
      Brendan: P.J., I don't know if I can go. I'm broke. I can either drink or eat. And come on, we all know what I'm going to choose here.
      Andy: If you don't eat, you're gonna get really drunk.
      Brendan: My hand has been forced.

    • (P.J., Kenny and Mike are holding their breath and Andy is timing them)
      P.J.: What was that, like two minutes?
      Andy: Eighteen seconds.
      P.J.: Okay let's take a break and next time, we'll get up to thirty.

    • P.J.: (narration) Stupid bachelor party. It's such a dumb sexist ritual. I wanna go so bad.

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