My Boys

Season 4 Episode 2

Gourmets and Confused

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2010 on TBS

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    You know the episode is going to be amazing when special brownies are involved. The group dynamic was absolutely amazing! And it seemed to be opposite night when the characters were put in situations they're usually not in. Like Bobby, PJ, Kenny, and Stephanie getting stoned on pot brownies when it was supposed to be Mike and Brendan who were supposed to be the ones that were going to eat that. Instead they go meet classy ladies. I found out I really enjoy the Mike & Brendan interaction, the writers should have more plots with these two together.

    The funniest part wasn't even the pot brownies. It was PJ's table becoming "that" table. The one that gets just about no service the whole night. A hilarious installment to a hilarious show.
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    After a strong premiere, the second episode of My Boys' fourth season feels pretty anti-climatic. The episodes where "the gang gets high" are just not funny anymore, and a marijuana-induced Bobby is just as unfunny as a completely lucid one.

    The B storyline with Brando and Mike trying to be classy was actually pretty enjoyable, but Mike actually getting some? Come on, there should have been a twist or something, like I said, it all felt too straight forward and anti-climatic. This is a sitcom, a situational comedy, but instead it felt too routine.

    Also, Jim Gaffigan's presence was really missed here. The show should have tried to convince him to stay.
  • Brendan makes some special brownies!

    PJ and Bobby go on there first double date with Stephanie and Kenny. Mike and Brendan try act more like adults. This was a moderately enjoyable episode. I say moderately enjoyable, because it had a bit of a rocky start. The beginning of the double date didn't really grab my attention (although the fact that the waiters were purposely giving them slow service was pretty funny). It was the second half of the double date that was funny, when PJ, Bobby, Steph, and Kenny eat some happy brownies that Brendan left behind. I really enjoyed seeing these guys high. Oddly enough I even thought Bobby was funny (and i never thought Bobby was funny). Brendan and Mike scenes were okay but, weren't great. PJ, Bobby, Steph, and Kenny stepping in on there sophisticated date definitely made things better. I loved how Bobby kept laughing at Mike, because he was using his full name. All and All this episode was pretty good, but it's clear that the season premiere was better. Still a great episode.
  • A funny episode that may not be original but still had me laughing as if I ate the brownies with them.

    The whole eating pot brownies idea has been in numerous movies and tv series but I must admit, for this being a show that is censored being on television, I thought the actors were playing off their parts very well(as if we didn't know actors least some). Overall, I thought the episode was rated a little low for my liking so therefore a solid score is needed for the number of laughs I received in this episode(after being a little disappointed with the season premiere with the flashback, etc. although I like the adittion of Steph at the poker table, but we will have to see how that turns out).
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