My Boys

Season 4 Episode 6

Hanger Management

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 22, 2010 on TBS

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    All the characters in this episode were consistently funny in this installment of My Boys. From Kenny organizing PJ's closet and being a complete neat freak about things to Brendan lagging on moving out of PJ's apartment. It was hysterical.

    Then moving back to more of the serious things like Bobby looking for a new career now that he's gone broke which could mean him moving away from PJ. PJ tells Kenny not to unpack Bobby's boxes as he is organizing the closet because she knows he might move away. Meanwhile Mike & Kenny keep secrets from each other that the business has gone to the ground while Bobby sits idly by observing the both of them.

    Things all came together when Bobby forced Mike & Kenny to fess up about the company which also forced PJ to tell the truth to Bobby about his career. Bobby ends up staying and it's a feel good ending definitely. A funny feel good episode from My Boys.
  • 8/22

    The latest episode of My Boys is familiarly unfunny and it really is disappointing as I think the show's dismal quality and beyond dismal ratings will convince TBS to cancel this show. My Boys can still be funny from time to time, it took what How I Met Your Mother did and just made a better program, but the fact is that it is never consistently funny. You do not laugh for 22 straight minutes ever, at best you laugh once every few minutes or so.

    It is a shame and hopefully Rachel Harris' character can try to right this ship when she debuts.
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