My Boys

Season 2 Episode 8

Jack and Bobby

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 31, 2008 on TBS

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  • Everyone goes to Bobby's father's house for the destination wedding.

    "Well that would make sense since I'm half your age."

    This was a below average (they don't have a setting for that) episode of My Boys. There weren't really any laughs in the opening segment, except for Jamie Kaler who is portraying the Mike character perfectly. These type of characters can get old fast yet Mike's behavior never gets tiring.

    I don't like Bobby and his brother Jack is equally as bad. My Boys were smart for bringing in Christopher McDonald as he is a talented actor and has excellent comedic timing (obvious if you've seen Happy Gilmore). Him hitting on PJ was funny, and I wish the show went further with it. Mike continued to steal the show with his banter with the bartender during the wine tasting.

    The episode was just uncharacteristically unfunny. With all the great Thursday night programming during the summer, this was a very disappointing edition of My Boys.
  • No wedding but a funeral.

    FINALLY! I've been waiting since the season premiere to see Stephanie and Kenny hook up; I mean seriously, was I the only one seeing the signs? The way she always criticizes him, his instant backlash, I've been dying here waiting for this hook up. Didn't picture it inside a closet but you take what you get. (Breathes) This episode was funny (as usual) Bobby's dad is a hoot and not to mention creepy, the Jack and PJ scene where they kept being interrupted was funny I can't believe Bobby bought that? I think next week's the season finale, can't wait, it's likely to be awesome.