My Boys

Season 2 Episode 9

John, Cougar, Newman Camp

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 07, 2008 on TBS
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John, Cougar, Newman Camp
PJ and the guys take over for Jack as "best men" Mike continues to pursue an older women and Kenny and Stephanie call a truce.

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  • Much Ado About My Boys

    With the build up of a Bobby/PJ romance, big brother Andy steals the episode with poorly edited inserts of Swedish gibberish and Jim Gaffigan's signature authoritative humor. Bobby's character was staid, Elsa was non-existent, MariLou Henner was underused, Tom Cruise's first wife (Mimi Rogers) was hot (as always) and Mike had the best jokes of the show. It seems like this episode was what the anime kids call a filler. Nothing dynamic happened until the end of the episode. The writers tend to throw surprises at us like they were soap opera interns. We're left thinking Jack and PJ are going to wait until after the ceremony to get together, when (once again), alcohol leads to poor choices. It's a comedy of errors in the same vein as Much Ado About Nothing. Pointedly, Kenny and Stephanie are Benedick and Beatrice. Right now the show seems to lack the magic the first ten episodes had. The actors are at their best at Crowley's or PJ's apartment.moreless
  • It's Bobby's wedding day.

    "This isn't funny. Dearly beloved? Yawn."

    My Boys continued to produced yet another less than stellar episode this week. For a finale it was below average, and by Season 1 My Boys standards it would be terrible. To say the show went downhill fast in Season 2 would be a huge understatement.

    The once refreshing and original comedy is now dull and lackluster. The show has digressed from unique sitcom to a weak, formulaic Friends rip-off. Last year all the characters (except Kyle Howard) offered funny lines every week, yet now it seems as if Jim Gaffigan and Jamie Kaler are the only ones with any comedic timing.

    When I published my list of the five funniest women on TV it seemed like Jordana Spiro should have been on it, yet after seeing her character PJ's progression on the show, her absence is not conspicuous to TV fans but still warranted. After being a witty, unique version of a leading woman, liking sports and poker, she's become a undistinguished boy-crazy female who belongs on Grey's Anatomy and not a sitcom. Michael Bunin seems to be reading his lines straight from the script and putting no emotion into it and Reid Scott is so unnoticeable that viewers might forget he's even there.

    The writing is an abomination, which is inexcusable as only 9 episodes were produced this year, down from last season's 22. The sports references are almost completely gone, different from last year when they virtually drove the show. After being treated like a big deal last week, Christopher McDonald's role was greatly reduced this show which resulted in less humor and more emphasis put on less funny characters. You would think with no more episodes being done for an entire year that classic jokes and zingers would be banged out but that was not the case. This was pathetic for the season finale of a once great show.moreless

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    • P.J.: (narration) There's something about weddings that really affects people. Friendships are formed (Flash to John and Brendan talking at the bar), family ties are straightened (Andy talking to Meredith on the phone), old flames are reignited(Bobby's parents talking and laughing). Strangers turn into lovers (Mike and Maggie go to her room), and lovers turn into friends. (Kenny gives Stephanie her bra back and they shake hands). But sometimes, things fall apart. (Bobby knocks at the door and P.J. answers)
      P.J.: Bobby, hey. What's going on?
      Bobby: I think I'm marrying the wrong woman.
      Jack: (opens the bathroom door) Do you remember where I put my, (sees Bobby) hey.
      (credits roll)

    • Andy: So. What's on your mind son?
      Bobby: I don't know, maybe, maybe it's just cold feet. I'm really having second thoughts.
      Andy: About?
      Bobby: The wedding.
      Andy: So relieved. I thought you were having second thoughts about me as a minister.
      Bobby: Now I am.
      Andy: Come on Bobby. You do realize these feelings are completely normal.
      Bobby: Yeah? Like you went through this?
      Andy: No, Meredith did. The night before our wedding she freaked out.
      Bobby: What happened?
      Andy: We talked about it, we realized she was stressed about the weddding, but thinking about being married, she was excited. We were both excited. We were best friends. We were looking forward to starting a family, growing old together. Well, not the growing old part.
      Bobby: No, that's depressing.
      Andy: Nobody wants to die Bobby.
      Bobby: Why are we talking about death?
      Andy: Talk to her. You're about to spend the rest of your life with this woman. You should be able to be honest with her about how you feel.
      Bobby: You're absolutely right.

    • Stephanie: So how do you feel about tomorrow?
      Bobby: Okay. I mean good, good. I mean, it's just kind of weird, cause like three months ago I didn't even know Elsa. (turns to P.J.) I mean I was touring Italy with you. It all just, you know, happened so fast.
      Kenny: My parents only knew each other ten days before they got married. They've been married thirty-two years.
      Stephanie: Well, listen. It doesn't matter how long you know someone. As long as they make you feel safe, and comfortable, and loved.
      Mike: As long as it's somebody that you can totally be yourself with.
      P.J.: Yeah, and I think you know in your heart when it's the right person. You know, it's that person who's always there for you. And who sees things in you that you might not see in yourself. But, what the hell do I know, I'm not the one getting married.
      Bobby: No, no. I think that was pretty close.

    • P.J.: We didn't hear Kenny's speech.
      Kenny: Well, I happen to have it right here, if you wanna hear it. (pulls out three pages)
      Mike: No, no no.
      Kenny: Alright, I'll give you the short version. Bobby, one day you'll look back and realize you were married long before Elsa. You'll realize you had one big, loud wife, and it was us, all your friends. And yes, we'd argue, and yes, we'd make up, and of course we'd wonder why you spend so much time on the Internet. Creepy. But we loved you. And we still love you. Even though you left us for a much hotter woman.

    • Jack: (steps up to the microphone) Excuse me.
      George: This is about to get interesting.
      Jack: First of all, I owe apologies to everybody here. But I figured I would do that individually, over the next three years. (everyone laughs) When Bobby and I were kids, we used to sit at the bleachers at Wrigley trying to catch homeruns. Depending on the wind and who was at bat, I would switch seats about a dozen times a game. But not Bobby. Bobby would pick a seat, sit in it, and wait. And during those years, I never caught one ball. Bobby caught four. That pretty much sums up my little brother. He's always had the paitence and the faith to wait for good things to find him. That's true with his friends, and his career, and now Elsa. Anyway here's to Bobby for catching Elsa. Homerun number five.

    • P.J.: (narration) Ideally, when you're attending a friends' wedding, you're on the sidelines of the drama. Not caught in the middle of it.
      P.J.: I tried to help, and Jack took it the wrong way, and the next thing I know, he leaves.
      Stephanie: Oh my God.
      P.J.: I can't believe you missed it all. Where were you by the way?
      (Flashback to Kenny and Stephanie making out)
      Stephanie: In bed. Sleeping.
      P.J.: I pounded on your door.
      (Flashback to Kenny and Stephanie making out with the door pounding)
      Stephanie: I was throwing up. I'm all right now.
      P.J.: Okay. I just feel awful. If I hadn't stuck my nose in the middle of their fight, none of this would have happened.
      Stephanie: You don't know that.
      P.J.: Was it food poisoning?
      Stephanie: Wine. Way too much wine.

    • (Talking about Maggie, the woman that Mike hooked up with)
      Stephanie: I hate to say it Mike, but she's kind of...
      Kenny: Way out of your league.
      Mike: Why? Because she's cultured, and sophisticated, and she rides horses? (Pause) Oh my God. She's slumming.
      Bobby: All right you guys, I'm going to take off. I actually need to have a nervous breakdown before the rehearsal.

    • P.J.: Hold on, we need to find you a best man.
      Bobby: That's fine. We can just do the ceremony without.
      P.J.: You can't do that. It's your big day. You need the support. Besides, look at all the best men available to you. (points at Brendan, Mike and Kenny)
      Bobby: How would I choose?
      Kenny: Footrace.
      Brendan: State capitals.
      Mike: Who can drink the most milk.
      P.J.: Or you could have all three.
      Bobby: I am curious to see this milk drinking contest.
      Kenny: Can I do the best man speech? And host karoke? If there's a machine?
      Brendan: I can be the guy that hands you the rings.
      Mike: I can be your DOF.
      Bobby: What's a DOF?
      Mike: Deputy of Fun.
      P.J.: What is wrong with you?
      Mike: I can do all kinds of things. I could carry your flask.
      Bobby: Guys, I'd like to announce that Mike, will be my DOF.
      Brendan: So if we're going to do all that, P.J. what are you going to do?
      P.J.: Oh, I have a feeling that I'll be helping with Kenny's speech, finding the rings that you lose, and most importantly, trying to get Mike over here to stop saying DOF.
      Mike: Good luck with that.

    • Mrs. Newman: My baby boy's getting married!
      P.J.: Oh good. Your mother's here.
      Bobby: That is the first time anyone has ever said that.
      P.J.: Alright, who's gonna be in charge of her?
      Kenny: That doesn't fall under the category of speech-giving.
      Brendan: Rings.
      Mike: I have to DOF the groom.
      P.J.: Come on guys, this is Bobby's wedding. He could use a little support. (they nod in agreement) Thank you. Now let's all act like grown-ups. Who's going to take care of Bobby's mom?
      Mike: Not it (Touches his finger to his nose)
      Brendan: Not it (does the same thing)
      Kenny: Damn it!

    • (Kenny is walking Stephanie down the aisle during the rehearsal)
      Kenny: We should probably talk about last night.
      Stephanie: As far as I'm concerned, nothing happened.
      Kenny: I'm good with that.
      Stephanie: We will never speak of it again.
      Kenny: Roger that. I still have your bra.
      Stephanie: Yeah, I'm going to need that back.

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