My Boys

Season 2 Episode 7

Opportunity Knocks

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2008 on TBS
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Opportunity Knocks
PJ wonders whether to pursue the romantic advances of Bobby's brother, Jack. Meanwhile, arrangements for the upcoming wedding rattle groom-to-be Bobby. Andy and Meredith attend couples counseling. Also, Kenny runs into Mexican Freddy (David Pressman) again.

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  • Andy and Meredith go to couple's therapy.

    The second season of My Boys has been a witty and fun adventure as we see PJ attempt to salvage some sort of a romantic relationship in her life. Unfortunately this episode got off to a weak start as the annoying Stephanie opened the show and not a single funny line was said.

    With this being an Andy-centric episode it looked as if it had potential. Jim Gaffigan's comedic timing was off, the writing was bad and that potential just turned to a disgraceful episode of the sophmore hit. The therapist in the episode was really unrealistic and was trying too hard to be funny. The forgetting the name bit has been done to death, so there was no need to bring that rehashed joke onto the show.

    Mike giving tips to the prank callers was a mildly amusing few seconds of comedy. Unfortunately, that is ruined by Kyle Howard who is incredibly bothersome and resembles Johnny Galecki on The Big Bang Theory (coincidentally Galecki has guest starred on the show). PJ's storyline was interesting and I was curious as to where things were headed. I got a good laugh out of the confused delivery man when she handed him Kenny's RSVP letter and her appreciating Bobby's inadvertent complement referring to her as the prettiest girl in the bar, but her usual comedic timing wasn't there in the episode. She usually has a lot of good lines, but they just weren't written into this script. While My Boys only has two shows to compete with (Weeds, The Bill Engvall Show) for best half hour summer comedy, they find a way to present a unique program in a seemingly overdone Friends module. The no laugh-track allows the show to move faster and for the jokes to be more subtle (although obvious gems like Brendan calling Bobby a player hater are still great). As entertaining as the show is, this was a particularly disappointing edition of My Boys.moreless

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    • P.J.: (narration) Sometimes, it's an opportunity to do something you should do, but you don't really want to.
      Andy: Hey.
      P.J.: Hey.
      Andy: I know we're not really talking, but I really need to talk to you.
      P.J.: You know, you were kind of a jerk to me, and I'm still kind of mad.
      Andy: (mumbles) Sorry.
      P.J.: Huh?
      Andy: (mumbles) Sorry. (P.J. shrugs her shoulders) I'm sorry about last night. You're probably not as mad as me as Meredith is.
      P.J.: What do you mean?
      Andy: We had a huge fight last night. She says I avoid spending time with her, and we've drifted tomorrow. Something about me not listening, I guess. I don't know.

    • Bobby: Uh, you guys. I was supposed to have this seating chart finished days ago. I seriously need you to send in your RSVP's, okay?
      Kenny: We're all going. Does that count?
      Bobby: No. It doesn't.
      Brendan: I mean, we're all staying at your dad's ranch. We're going all the way to Santa Barbara. We're going to the wedding.
      Bobby: Still. I just need you to take your card, mark meat or fish, and put it in the mail.
      Kenny: I don't have any stamps.
      Bobby: There's a stamp on it.
      Kenny: Can I have chicken?
      Bobby: Just do it, please? There's a system in place here, okay? The cards go to my mother, my mother talks to Elsa, Elsa talks to her mother, things are translated, then they're translated back, so no. You cannot have chicken.
      Brendan: Hey, is your friend John going?
      Bobby: Yes. And how do I know? Because he sent in his card.

    • (P.J., Mike, Kenny and Brendan are at Crowley's)
      Kenny: There are two stewardesses at the bar who have the night off and they are looking for a good time.
      Mike: Nah, they wouldn't wanna hang out with me. Listen, I was looking over the books, receipts are way down from last year.
      Kenny: It will be fine. Sports memorabilia is recession-proof. People always need bobble-heads.
      P.J.: Oh, that's true. My grandparents hoarded them during the Depression.
      Kenny: Mike, relax. Let's go to the bar, talk to the ladies.
      Mike: No can do. School night.
      Brendan: What the hell is going on? It's like they switched personalites.
      P.J: I know. I like it. I like serious Mike.
      Brendan: Well Dr. Brando thinks Mike might be a little depressed huh?
      P.J.: Whatever. He's so much quieter.

    • P.J.: (narration) Our high school slogan was Carpe Diem or seize the day. Which basically means answer the door when opportunity knocks. (Opens the door)
      Stephanie: You're not in your workout clothes?
      P.J.: What kind of sadist teaches a Pilates class at nine in the morning?
      Stephanie: The kind that looks like Taye Diggs.

    • (PJ gets a gorgeous flower arrangement while the guys are at her place)
      Kenny: Who sent you flowers?
      Andy: Happy birthday!
      PJ: No, Andy. (opens the card and sees it's from Jack)
      Mike: Who sent you flowers?
      PJ: Work!
      Bobby: Work?
      PJ: Yeah. (pretends to read the card) It just says "Dear PJ, thanks for all the work." ...'Cause it's just been a lot of work.
      Mike: Work flowers, huh?
      Kenny: Don't even think about it.

    • Brendan: Hey, check it out. Got a text from John.
      PJ: Oh yeah, what's it say?
      Brendan: (reads from text message) Can't wait to talk at the wedding.
      PJ: Gonna call him back?
      Brendan: Oh come on, PJ. If there's anything I've learned to be it's that I don't wanna be that girl.
      PJ: You already called him, didn't you?
      Brendan: Yeah, I left like three messages.

    • Stephanie: Peej, you have to go.
      PJ: What happened to being gracious and noncommittal?
      Stephanie: That was before I knew he had a private plane! ...Finally! One of the Newman brothers knows how to spend his money.

    • Stephanie: You have a history with Bobby, and you kissed his brother? I mean, how would you feel if he kissed Andy?
      PJ: Confused. Bobby could do so much better than Andy.
      Stephanie: Well, it was a drunk thing. Hopefully nobody remembers and we can all move on.

    • PJ: Okay, Stephanie I did something last night - maybe stupid, but maybe great. I closed the bar with Jack last night, and we kissed.
      Stephanie: That is great!
      PJ: Really?
      Stephanie: Yeah! ...Which one's Jack?
      PJ: Bobby's brother. That's pretty great huh?
      Stephanie: No. Stupid.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Billy Burke received the "And" credit.

    • International airdates:
      Latin America: January 12, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television.

    • Right after this episode originally aired, TBS had a special video chat on their website where the stars and producers of My Boys fielded questions submitted online by viewers. Jordana Spiro, Jamie Kaler, Michael Bunin, Reid Scott, Kyle Howard and executive producer Betsy Thomas were all present.


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