My Boys

Season 4 Episode 7

Puss 'N' Glutes

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 05, 2010 on TBS

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    A really good episode of My Boys tonight. This show continues to be hilarious. Coming from a person that just got in to it in the fourth season might not be saying much. But I'm sure this show has the potential to be a very influential show. I wonder why the seasons are so short, we got nine episodes last season, and now were going to get nine episodes this season. Couldn't we just go back to time where a season had 22 episodes?

    Brendan is my favorite character on this show, and his uncanny magnet to crazy ladies is hilarious, and it's funny that even with PJ's help, he still attracts crazy ladies. Kenny & Bobby working out was okay, Bobby becoming intense was kind of funny, but kind of cheesy to. The cat lady tying in with Andy's cat was good. Marsha was also a great add in to this episode. It was fun to see Mike being completely oblivious to Marsha and her offers. Great episode overall, and by the looks of it, the end of the episode sort of jumps us in to the finale.
  • 9/5

    It is a shame that more people do not watch this show as My Boys is consistently one of the funniest shows on television. It really is How I Met Your Mother with laughs. It has a great cast, and even the one person I usually complain about, Kyle Howard (Bobby,) was funny tonight.

    Form the workout scenes, to the crazy girlfriends, this show has created some truly memorable characters and I hope that TBS renews the show and gives it one last opportunity. Put it on at 10:30 after Family Guy and before Conan, not in the ultra competitive Sunday night slot.
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