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  • I love this show!

    Of all the new shows that I have started to watch in this past year, I think by far this show blows the rest away. It is at the top of my list. This is a show that I can really relate to and I cannot wait to see the next episode. Too many times when I am watching shows I feel like I cannot relate to the situations in which the characters are in, which makes it feel so unreal. I can definitly relate to all of the cast of this show. It is enjoyable to watch a show in which you can see yourself hanging out with the characters and fitting right in :)
  • The characters are boring and stereotyped, and there is nothing at all interesting that makes me want to watch this show.

    I've only seen a few episodes, so maybe my opinion will change if I see a good one. So far though this show is boring and not funny at all. I'm especially disappointed given that Jim Gaffigan is on it. He's the only reason I started watching. Its like a sloppy Friends remake with even worse writing and less interesting characters. Oh its so cool that they're like young and friends and they make fun of each other. Just awful. I'm not condeming this show entirely because again I have only seen a small sample of it. Kudos for not having a laugh track, but maybe they should have used one. At least someone would have been laughing.
  • Underrated Gem

    My Boys is one of the funniest, yet unknown shows on television. It broadcasts on TBS and has bounced all around the weekly schedule (it now airs on Tuesdays at 10:30pm), but the show is well worth viewing. The plot centers on PJ Franklin (Jordana Spiro), a female sports writer who lives in Chicago and lives a tomboy lifestyle hanging out with a group of friends who are predominately men. PJ's lone female friend is always trying to get her to act more feminine, but PJ always ends up "one of the guys". The show doesn't offer any revelatory plotlines, but the cast is so likable and charming that you find yourself wanted to spend an evening with the gang throwing back a few beers at Crowley's (the local dive bar where they hang out) and watching a Cubs game.
  • A new show in every sense!

    PJ is a Tom-Boy who is friend with four guys plus her bother. They are an exclusive group who you cant penetrate easily. I like the fact that PJ, even though a beautiful lady, can keep up with all the guy talk. I like the fact that they always go back to PJ's place without even thinking! I loved season one and waited along time for the second season but was really disappointed with how short it was. Nevertheless, it was really good. I liked the idea of a hookup between Bobby and PJ and thought they will end up together in seaon 2.
  • Watchable but only just so. Jordana Spiro is pretty hot and, I'm not sure about this, but I think that's why I kept watching.

    Conceptualizing this show must have involved getting a crack team of beer ad execs and focus group researchers into a room together and asking them to expand on the 30 second format, add a little plot and take away that annoying faux-anthemic rock music.

    Formulaic isn't necessarily bad- but when they make it this obvious it does take away from the enjoyment. It's more of a dramedy than a straight-up sitcom. Ok people- playing poker, for some reason, is very trendy now. I'm seeing it on TV all over the place. For a long time I thought it was largely the domain of professional gamblers, urbane, European sophisticates and down on their luck hustlers in the sands of Nevada. But I guess I'm wrong and I am in a tiny minority of people who don't play regularly [I think I've played it twice and actually did well, quite accidentally].

    The supporting cast is serviceable although cliche-ridden- the beer swilling, softball playing, 36 year-old adolescents who actually attract impossibly good-looking women. The implausability of this is apparent, but its ubiquity is so pervasive in television that it doesn't curb enjoyment. Seinfeld was far worse on this score- but it at least was self aware and, thusly, more believable.

    In the pilot I could not believe that Spiro's love interest actually walked out on sex with her. Sure, she's not girly enough [men want women with nominally negative female characteristics- just in moderation] but any guy who is in this circle of friends would sleep with her and keep any reservations they have about her personality to themselves. These may come up in dating her- but not sleeping with her for the first time.

    In that vein- I understand that Spiro's character is supposed to be a tomboy [and yes, they exist] and that TV characters are all better looking than normal people- but she is a little too good-looking to be "just one of the guys." I don't care if she can rattle off baseball stats and covet baseball cards- she is not tomboyish enough to be in the social situation she finds herself in and the single guys around her would definitely size her up for sex. She's not a diamond in the rough sort, she's just a diamond.
  • Not worth the time.

    This show is not funny - at all! I tuned in because of all the hype and was extremely disappointing. And the fact that they are comparing this to Friends, just makes me laugh. None of these characters are interesting. I tried to give it a chance, but it just failed to grab my interest. Huge waste of time to watch it.
  • A big disappointment.

    I first heard about My Boys when it got a good review on my newspaper, which just happens to be the Chicago Suntimes. I really was looking forward to watching it but I had something else at the time and never got a chance to watch it. Well today I got a chance and I am relieved I didn't waste my time before. It is not funny, at least not to me. I can tell It is the kind of show that no matter what anyone else thinks they will still love it, but that lover is not me. I won't even give it a second chance.
  • Does this qualify as a sitcom?

    It must be nice to know people in the business, how else could you explain why this show is still getting air time. I've never heard of a show having its first season with five episodes, eight months off, second season with six episodes, eight months off, and now its third season, with a minimal amount of episodes as well. Awful content and bysmal ratings aside, isn't this a complete waste of money for tbs as well? Furthermore with this being classified as a sitcom, would'nt it have to have some "comedy" in it? Jim Gaffigan-who is still a very funny stand-up comic-could walk onto the set with a beard comb-over and it still wouldnt help. Don't watch this show, your brain will thank you.
  • I can relate to the character PJ. Woman in a mans world, knows who she is, stands her ground. A caring friend who deals with real women problems when you have guys close in your life but aren't intimate with. Love the tomboy personality. Dieing for more!

    The setting in Chicago, allows a rough around the edges attitude. Mulitipal characters carring on mulitipal conversations that weave in and out keeps it intresting. Each actor makes the part their own. The flow of slap stick humor between so many people is awesome and skillfully pulled off. (not many shows can do it) Each show someone takes a turn with a dilemma, and how everyone tries to help the other with their problem is hysterical. The twist and turns on each one of their personal lives keeps me comeing back and wanting to see more each week. So, I'm lovin' it!
  • A girl PJ and her man friends deal and joke with life in Chicago.

    What is there to say about My Boys? That might be a question the main character PJ would ask at the end of every episode of this show, and so we right away know, where the name comes from. Call me prejudice, but I've always been hesitant with a woman being the lead character, without the show ending up on Lifetime. But here it works, it really works. PJ is strong, confident, funny, and even attractive. She is also not without her girl friends either. Stacy is her name and they are funny together. PJ'S character seemed vaguely familiar and it took me awhile to place where I had seen this played out before. Then finally it dawned on me, and PJ's character is basically a grown up version of Donna from that 70's show. Surrounded by guys, one or two who she had a relationship with, but fits in none the less. But it doesn't matter, becuase this show is great, and so was that 70's show (until the last season). As for the guys, they're great too. I'm glad to see Kyle Howard (Bobby) found some work and his character is a good balance to PJ'S. It also works that they are both sports writers. I'm also a big fan of Jim Gaffigan and extremly happy to see him here as PJ's brother and best friend. I don't know the rest of the actors playing the guys, but I like Mike, Kenny, and Brendan. They all work well together and my favorite of them is by far, the goofball Mike. The bar setting reminds me of Friends, the show seems like a guy version of "Sex and the City" and geez does it help that this show is funny. If your home alone on Thursday night, this is the show to watch.
  • My Boys is the story of P.J., a young sports reporter. Her main group of friends is an all-male group, with one girlfriend thrown in occasionally.

    It's really nice to see a show highlight an original group of people like this. While we have Sex and the City to show us the perks of having a single sex group of friends (especially as a woman), My Boys represents the necessity of being surrounded by people of the opposite sex. I love my girlfriends, but sometimes, it's just nice to relax with undramatic, straightforward men. Also, though P.J. is a "tomboy," she dresses up, too. She's not just portrayed as a boyish girl. She can be seen as a woman, too. All in all, my Boys is a refreshing look at a group of people that I've never seen defined on television in a funny way.
  • A comedy that's right for the times.

    This is a great show with a premise that I don't think has been touched on before; a girl who has the personality of a boy but still has to try to be feminine in order to date. The show does a great job at balancing P.J.'s conflicting personality which often results in hilarity. Most of the supporting characters are perfectly matched to compliment this as well. Jim Gaffigan as always is extremely entertaining and the show wouldn't be great without him. The show however will probably continue to be underappreciated because of its short season and the length of time between seasons.
  • The show is funny and entertaining. TBS did a good job on this one!

    My Boys is a good show. It is not the best of our time, but it is okay. I find it funny and entertaining. That alone gives it a great audience. I don't know about others, but if a show makes me laugh, then it is a good show. The cast really seem to get along, which is great. It has a great setting. TBS did a good job on this one. I just hope that every one else will think so too. I do hope that it is not one of those shows that only lasts for a few seasons. It has the potential to last for years.
  • I love this show!

    I didn't start watching this show when it debuted, but I caught up quickly. I still have one episode from last season and then the new episodes so far this season to watch, but I love it. There needs to be tension between PJ and Brendan. I think eventually they'll get together, but the quicker they get together, the faster this show will start to go downhill. At least that's my opinion. I feel sorry for Stephanie, sometimes, because she has had absolutely no luck with men, but I think she's trying too hard. She just needs to give up on looking for a good man and just concentrate on enjoying her life as it is now. I think when she does that, the right man will come along. Kenny is just too much of a good guy. He needs to become a little tougher. Bobby is probably my favorite out of the guys, cause he just wants to hang out with the guys and have fun, but every now and then he likes to show his intelligent side, but he's never cocky about it.
  • Nothing Great but a can't miss for me.

    I could be PJ. I love baseball and most of my closest friends are guys. But one of the things that I like about this show is that it's more about PJ's relationships. The ones with both male and female. PJ most definitely has her quirks, but so do most people. I also like the aspect of her covering the Chicago Cubs and that she wants to be taken seriously as a sportswriter. I too know that it's still an all boys club and like to watch her interact with her counterparts. It's not much, but it's a can't miss for me.
  • P.J. loves baseball and sports in general and hanging out with her boys.

    I just found this show two days ago and thanks to the internet I was able to catch up before the second season start. I don't get TBS so I never know this show's existences!

    This show is so about me. I love baseball, tom-boyish, and cliche storylines. The baseball metaphors get a little annoying as the season moved on, but I was glad that it got a little less emphasized by the end also.

    The characters and actings also got much better as the season carried on.

    I'm just excited for the next season! It is a little comedy show that just passes the time very well. But I didn't appreciate the little dig at hockey.
  • PJ is a sports writer who is just one of the guys. Dealing with life and love in the big city.

    A great show! An awesome premise with a great cast and a great script. I'm glad TBS picked it up again. Very funny and very addicting with a little drama which is perfect for me. One of the best new shows ever! Definatley worth a watch for those who haven't!!
  • Nice!

    TBS's "very funny" new comedy, "My Boys," may be the best new comedy on television since "Everybody Loves Raymond" -- certainly, since "The Office." After a middling start, the show is beginning to really gel, and so is the cast. In fact, the ensemble program is the first worthy successor to the storied "Friends." Its premise is both straightforward and modestly subversive. P.J. is a beat writer for a Chicago newspaper, covering the Cubs. But -- and here's the interesting part -- she's a girl. (And, btw, far more masculine than any of her costars. In a good way.) She lives in a cool but not unrealistically over-sized (in a refreshing departure from most television sets) "bachelor pad," complete with comfy chairs and the primary feature, a decked-out poker table.

    Her pals -- old college buddy and possible flame Brendan ("Brendo"), a heavy-metal deejay; heart-on-his-sleeve Mike, a sports public relations flunkie; somber, mildly neurotic, romance-impaired Kenny; and the newest addition to the gang, Bobby, a fellow Cubs reporter -- and P.J.'s older, wiser, melancholy brother, "Fun" Andy, perpetually complaining about his ball-and-chain half-existence... and she are inseparable, going to dinner together, hanging out at Crowley's (a cross between Bennigan's and Mother's) together, and, most importantly, playing poker together. A lot. P.J. is, though she'd never admit it, both "den mother" and social glue to the gaggle of late-twentysomethings. P.J. is also best friends, improbably, with would-be debutante Stephanie who, like Brendo, first knew "Peej" at Northwestern, where Stephanie seems to have studied men, mostly.

    The show is laugh-out-loud hilarious, and getting better as it goes on. The chemistry between the cast is exceptional, and after a sometimes inconsistent beginning to the first season, the male costars and their characters -- particularly Andy, but also Brendo and, surprisingly, the reserved Kenny -- are beginning to come into their own. Nominal series "star" Jordana Spiro -- unfortunately, btw, saddled with a voice that's part Swedish Chef, part Terry Griffith from "Just One of the Guys" -- but otherwise pretty damned hot -- generously allows her "boys" to snag more than their fair share of exceptional lines and pratfalls. It seems that ad-libbing is encouraged on the show, and becoming even more so, and that's a very good thing. Clichéd zaniness is kept to a minimum -- these are "real" people, here -- and that's also a very good thing. Much of the credit, of course, needs to go to the writers, but the cast makes their characters -- and the show -- appealing, delightful, lovable.

    Let's hope "My Boys" has a long, successful run. It deserves it. Bravo.
  • Very cool, very funny, my new favorite...

    I have always been a fan of like Seinfeld and Sex and the City. As a fan of witty situation comedies about single 30-something people it is refreshing to see a smart, edgy, sophisticated show based in Chicago (as the aforementioned are in NY). In addition to amusing dating adventures of a group of late-20-something/early-30-something North-side Chicago locals, there is a subtle, comical tone about the nuances Chicago. Don’t get me wrong – you don’t need to be from Chicago to get this show but it doesn’t hurt either. I particularly enjoy good dialogue and this show is packed with it. Unlike Sex in the City (which, again I am a fan) features characters I would know; unlike Seinfeld My Boys’ storylines better reflect a day in the life of the average Chicagoan (e.g. the episode where PJ keeps dating a guy because he begins to cry every time she attempts to break up with him). I give this show a 9.5 (vs. 10) only because it does not have me on the floor crying with laughter (like say, Family Guy) but it is still awesome. I was worried that this show was off the air for good- I had not heard anything. I found this site while looking the show up and was delighted to discover that it had been picked up for a second season. I will be counting the days.
  • I love it.

    This is a great show, I love Pj I think because I can relate to that character. but anyway I love all the guys and I think its just a really good cast! In a really good show, I watched it expecting it to be another sitcom and me giving it up but I really do like it, and im gonna stick with it till the end! It really is good though, and its really funny. I mean I stopped watching Law and Order S V U for this show! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • THis show rocks!! Finally a female like me. She's totally original!! I love the storylines and her friends and the witty things they say!! I hope this show continues for a very long time.

    P.J. is the best character to come along in quite a while. I love that she mostly has guy friends and that she's not very into the whole girl thing, i.e. dressing up and going out shopping all the time. She's real and refreshing!! And each one of her friends brings life to their group. The show wouldn't make it with one of them missing. I recommend this show to everyone. I can't wait until it comes back on. I already want the show on DVD. And I'm glad to see Jim Gaffigan back. I loved him on Welcome to New York which was a great sitcom which of course was cancelled. My whole family gathers around the TV to watch this show!!
  • A great show about friends.

    This is such a great show - the actors do a fantastic job. It reminds me of Sex and the City - the way the friends interact together. and Jordana does an incredible job as the main character.

    The show is thoughtful, funny, and engaging. One of my favorite lines in the show was when PJ broke up with a boyfriend by saying "If you don't get my friends, you don't get me". There are numerous sports metaphors throughout the show, but you don't have to know a lot about sports to understand it. But maybe for those of us who are not into sports, it gives us a glimpse into that world so that we can understand it just a bit more.
  • My boys is about a girl who is one of the guys. She is cute and funny but can\'t help thinking like one of the guys. This comedy gives you a percpective into the mind of a tomboy trying to find love and balance her friends and her job at the same time.

    Finally a great show about a girl being one of the guys.I\'m tired of the shows that make girls out to be prissy. There is a good amount of us that are tomboys and grew up with guys. I\'ve always had guy best friends. I\'m married and I still have guy friends that come by and play poker or watch the game. This is a wonderful and funny show. My boys is my new favorite show next to prison break. I hope TBS picks up more episodes.
  • FINALLY. A female sitcom character I can relate to. (Okay, minus the whole sports thing). Basically \'My Boys\' is about a female sportswriter,PJ, and her close-knit group of guy friends, poker, beer and dating drama. So whats not to love?

    If liking \'My Boys\' is wrong, then I don\\\'t want to be right

    While I happened to just stumble across the show last week during its pilot, I was pleasantly surprised by the most realistic half hour of banter between a \'guy\'s girl\' and her gaggle-group of guy friends who have professional jobs but still party and deal with all the realistic things people in our age group deal with (mostly to do with the opposite sex of course). Lets put it this way: No show is entirely believable or even likeable. Case in point: I like this show so far (and I get it, yeah she\'s a sportswriter) but I could go without the analogies every 10 minutes...

    But unlike \'Friends\' with the I\\\'m-working-for-the-first-time-when-i\\\'m-30-Rachel, or the highly loveable but neurotic Monica or the just plain out-there-ditzy-Pheobe, or the cute-but-Lucille-Ballish-Grace from \'Will and Grace\',OR the girls from \'Sex and the City\'- do women talk THAT graphically about sex or sleep with that many men?! --the main character of this show is either you (if you\\\'ve ever felt not-that-girly) or your best gal pal.

    I like this show cause they don\\\'t bond over mocha latte\'s at a coffee shop. They bond over cheap cold beer while they play poker and discuss the male-female difference between when one says \"Hooking Up\" versus \"Making Out\", why women can\\\'t be Wingmen and why apparently one guy can\\\'t buy pants from Lord & Taylor\'s anywhere in the city because he\\\'s had too many one-night-stands and \"Its not just them that hate me. They TELL people. Now everyone I go I have women glaring at me. There\'s whole SECTIONS of the city I can\\\'t even go in. All I wanted was some freakin\' pants.\" And thats not the best quote at all, I\'m not doing it justice, it\'s just all I can remember right now.

    Now that I feel like I talked the show up too much... watch it but don\'t expect anything.

    Like I did. Then you will be pleasantly surprised. The first eps available online.
  • PJ is a sports writer in Chicago. This is the story of her life with her best friends, most of whom are guys.

    Wow, what a great show. Smart and sharp writing makes me laugh out loud, a rare event in TV sitcoms. Jordana Spiro is the perfect lead for this role: she pulls off cute, sexy, intelligent and funny as the tomboy of a close knit circle of mostly young hip and yuppie-ish friends. This show has been often likened to Sex in the City, but I find I have much more affinity for these characters. They seem much more believable, whereas the (sic) hags from Sex in the City seeemed so much more grating. I've heard this show just got picked up for another round and I couldn't be happier.
  • its now one of my favorite shows and i would be really sad if it gets canceled because i luv my boys!!!everyone should watch it because it is soo intersting.

    i luv this show because it is very intersting. everyone should watch. it is a good show for guys and girls. pj is a tom boy that hangs out with her guy friends and her best friend stephine. pj attracts men with her charm and her knowingness of sports and other guys stuff. every one of those characters are intersting in their own special way and that is what is intersting to watch. My Boys is one of the greatest comedy series I've every watched. It reminded me a lot of Friends, the hit series. I think My Boys should never be canceled.
  • Home Run!

    Home Run! This is a great, original show that demonstrates that a woman can be more than a shoe shopper. P.J. is the kind of girl that every guy likes to hang out with, maybe even more. The diversity of friends is perfect and the issues that they deal with are truely human-like. My Boys could easily be a reality show, but it\\\'s realistic comedy makes it much more. I can honestly say that this is one of the best new shows of the year, and I look forward to many more seasons on TBS. I am a fan forever.
  • Something new and exciting.

    I've watched every episode since this show aired. It's a great concept to see a women that's still young making it in a man's world. It show's that sports, drinking, and a high powered career aren't just for men. PJ is showing women that we can be more powerful. We can fit in anywhere as long as we have confidence. She show's that women can be just as powerful as men. Some of the men in the show are scared off by her since she's different from many other women. PJ shows she can fit in anywhere. She can have a life as a sports writer and being one of the guys, and she can also be a women. It's not one way or the other. You can go both ways and still make it in the world. She's a great role model for other women out there trying to make it in a man's world, and I for one can't wait to see what happens next. I hope this show stays on for a while yet. It's such a breath of fresh air, moving away from the shows that are all alike you can't tell the difference.
  • about a tomboy who longs to be more girly and to finally snag her catch. pj is a atypical woman who relates more to guys and that is the major factor holding her back. this show tracks her growth towards maturity.

    this show is adorable on so many levels. the main character pj is extremly cute, funny, and the type of girl you wish you knew. her best friend is a great counter to get the girl's persepective on girl with a guy's perspective; it's her honesty that sells her. all of pj's male friends are basically everyone you knew in college. they are insultive, immature, crass, supportive and extremly funny. they can carry their own subpolts and segments of teh show all by themselves, which is great. the gem of the show is pj's brother, everything he says is hilarious.
  • Interesting characters and situations..A Tom girl living among sport heads men thinking she is one of the guys...Great writing and ensemble acting..

    Like the writing and situations so far...let's see what happens..Like the funny conflicts when a tom girl has to deal with living in men dominated situations...Jordana is perfect and great directing...I hope they keep adding more ridiculous situations where she has to find out who she really is deep inside...It's hilarious when she and the boys went out to the bar to pick up the chicks..and she ends up messing up the boys' night..

    Can she find her happinesee being one of the guys or does she have to adjust and grow to crate her own world...Love it when she is talking to her only woman friend when she can really talk heart to heart about who she really is..keep up the good works..enjoyable...I hope they keeping adding characters that challenge her...I wonder if she is actually a Lesbian? Or deep inside she just wants to be a boy...maybe you need female writers...want to see her find her "happiness" ..maybe have the guys fix her up with dates..
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