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  • Watchable but only just so. Jordana Spiro is pretty hot and, I'm not sure about this, but I think that's why I kept watching.

    Conceptualizing this show must have involved getting a crack team of beer ad execs and focus group researchers into a room together and asking them to expand on the 30 second format, add a little plot and take away that annoying faux-anthemic rock music.

    Formulaic isn't necessarily bad- but when they make it this obvious it does take away from the enjoyment. It's more of a dramedy than a straight-up sitcom. Ok people- playing poker, for some reason, is very trendy now. I'm seeing it on TV all over the place. For a long time I thought it was largely the domain of professional gamblers, urbane, European sophisticates and down on their luck hustlers in the sands of Nevada. But I guess I'm wrong and I am in a tiny minority of people who don't play regularly [I think I've played it twice and actually did well, quite accidentally].

    The supporting cast is serviceable although cliche-ridden- the beer swilling, softball playing, 36 year-old adolescents who actually attract impossibly good-looking women. The implausability of this is apparent, but its ubiquity is so pervasive in television that it doesn't curb enjoyment. Seinfeld was far worse on this score- but it at least was self aware and, thusly, more believable.

    In the pilot I could not believe that Spiro's love interest actually walked out on sex with her. Sure, she's not girly enough [men want women with nominally negative female characteristics- just in moderation] but any guy who is in this circle of friends would sleep with her and keep any reservations they have about her personality to themselves. These may come up in dating her- but not sleeping with her for the first time.

    In that vein- I understand that Spiro's character is supposed to be a tomboy [and yes, they exist] and that TV characters are all better looking than normal people- but she is a little too good-looking to be "just one of the guys." I don't care if she can rattle off baseball stats and covet baseball cards- she is not tomboyish enough to be in the social situation she finds herself in and the single guys around her would definitely size her up for sex. She's not a diamond in the rough sort, she's just a diamond.