My Boys

Season 2 Episode 5

Take My Work Wife... Please

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 10, 2008 on TBS
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Take My Work Wife... Please
Bobby's family interferes with his wedding plans. Stephanie's book upsets the group. Andy tries to quell rumors at work.

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      • (Bobby and P.J. are discussing his wedding plans)
        P.J.: I'll start doing some research online, see what's what, and see what Pamela thinks.
        Bobby: That would be awesome. And I love that you call my mother Pamela.
        P.J.: Why?
        Bobby: Because she hates her name.
        P.J.: No!
        Bobby: No, no, don't worry about it. You're safe cause she really, really likes you. Of course, the last time my father called her Pamela, we had to get a restraining order put on her. (P.J. laughs) Yeah, I wish I was kidding about that.

      • Stephanie: Did I tell you? People gave it three and a half stars.
        Kenny: What people? Slow people? Illiterate people?
        Stephanie: Yeah Kenny, your entire family.

      • (After getting Stephanie's book)
        Andy: You're A Great Guy, But... A twenty-first century guide to men. This is so me.

      • (The gang is at P.J.'s playing poker, and Brendan walks in dressed in his fancy work clothes)
        Brendan: What do you think?
        Bobby: Wow. Is class picture day tomorrow?
        Andy: I like it. Your individuality's been stripped from you. You'll fit right in.
        Mike: Yeah, it looks like you stepped right out of a preppy catalog.
        Brendan: I know, it's like, here's me tossing the Frisbee for my Golden Retriever. (poses) Here's me pushing my girlfriend on a tire swing. (poses)

      • (Some of the gang is at Crowley's and Kenny's phone is ringing)
        P.J.: (narration) There are hazards to being the only girl. For one, the guys come to me with stuff they would never go to the other guys for. So you learn to hate the phrase...
        Kenny: P.J., you're a girl right?
        P.J.: Yeah.
        Kenny: Should I answer this?
        P.J.: I don't know.
        Kenny: It's Kaitlyn.
        P.J.: I don't know Kaitlyn.
        Kenny: Not gonna answer it.
        Mike: Kaitlyn, from my improv class?
        Kenny: Yeah. She keeps calling me, asking me out. I feel kinda bad, cause I'm still going out with Beth. What do I do?
        Mike: What kind of question is that? No, no. I have a question. What is Kenny's problem, that he thinks that's a problem?
        P.J.: Don't be mad at him dude. Be happy for him. He would be happy for you.
        Mike: Oh no, I'm happy for him. I'm so happy for him, that I'd like to beat him with my happiness.

      • (Kenny, Mike, Brendan and P.J. are at Crowley's)
        Brendan: Check it out. I am holding in my hands, my last twenty bucks. And I'd like to buy you guys all a drink.
        Kenny: Oh no man, you don't have to do that.
        Brendan: No, it's cool man. I'm starting my job at Andy's law firm.
        Kenny: What? You took a job in corporate America?
        Brendan: Dude, it's a temp job, alright? I look at it like robbing a 7-11. I get in, get some cash, get out, nobody gets hurt. So this round's on me.
        P.J: Okay, I'll take a Scotch.
        Mike: Brandy.
        Kenny: Gin and tonic.
        Brendan: Okay. Another pitcher of beer it is then.

    • NOTES (2)

      • International airdates:
        Latin America: December 15, 2008 on Sony Entertainment Television.

      • When it's the montage of the boys reading Stephanie's book, during Mike's turn, under the book you can see his werewolf cartoon that is referred to multiple times in this episode.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Stephanie states that her book received a three and a half star rating from People.

        People is a weekly American magazine, that features news on celebrities, as well as movie and book reviews.