My Boys

Season 1 Episode 10

Take One for the Team

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 26, 2006 on TBS
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Take One for the Team
Trouty (Johnny Galecki) schmoozes to acquire PJ and Co. into an selected new nightclub---but the hot spot's owner (Colin Ferguson) roughly goes after PJ. Elsewhere, Stephanie's new dating strategy stumbles; and Andy shivers at the idea of his close to hand move to the suburbs.

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  • Trouty gets the boys into an exclusive club called the Streisand. It is really posh and loaded with beautiful women. The guys are amazed by Trouty's connections and can't figure out how he does what he does.moreless

    Trouty played by Johnny Galecki is the man. The guys just can't figure out why? I think it is because he is himself and he is genuine. He doesn't play at what he is, he is what he is plain and simple.

    We meet Steve played by Eureka star Colin Ferguson who owns the club. Trouty is such a stand up guy that when Steve puts the bum rush on PJ Trouty manages to make an excuse to rescue her so she can help him and gets her out of there without really hurting Steve's feelings. He does it because he knows how Steve is and PJ is his friend.

    Steve later overhears one of the guys saying they didn't like Trouty and the others agreeing. He tells them the story of how Trouty saved his life and got his name and then Steve kicks them out.

    Later at Crowley's Trouty shows up to ask the guys why they said what they did. They try to apologize but he insists they tell him what's wrong with him. After listening to their comments he thinks he might say something about them but he pulls back, thanks PJ for being the one who was really honest, and goes to buy the next round. He can be annoying but really after all he's done for them these guys need to be stand up with him in the future.

    Stephanie is trying to date a guy name Gregg from work but after she spends a lot of time building him up she finds out she did such a good job he went back to the girl who dumped him and she took him back. PJ must console her.

    Funny episode with the Trouty theme. He is always good for a laugh or a few, but a little bit of Trouty goes a long way. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • PJ and the guys get access to an exclusive club via Trouty

    This was a very well written, fun yet bittersweet episode. They've all, in the past profited from Trouty and this is the episode that they all have to come clean and admit likes and dislikes. It's hard and PJ refer to it as 'taking one for the team." I absolutely loved how Trouty 'rescued' PJ from the bar creeep, even though they were both his friends. That really changed her perspective on him and probably made the later scene possible where she admitted the truth to him. I thought it was very brave to make an episode like this and I really do wonder how Trouty will be portrayed in future episodes. Somehow I can't see him change all that much...moreless
  • The gang gets invited to The Streisand.... The popular new hang out.

    Trouty is best friends with Stever the owner of the hot new club The Streisand so he gets Kenny, PJ and the guys into the club. When they get there there are models everywhere so Mike and Bobby start hitting on girls and Trouty ruins it for them. Steve starts hitting on PJ and she doesn't like it all that much. Lunkily Trouty walks in at the right moment. Steve gives PJ vip cards to get into the club for her and her friends and she likes it very much. When they get there Steve overhears them talking about Trouty and kicks them out. It gets back to Trouty that they were talking smack on him and he decides to confront him. They tell him what is wrong with him and he listens with an open heart. He says that he will change if thats what is bothering them. End of episode.moreless
  • The Return of Trouty

    Actually this is one of my favorite episodes of the series so far. I think Johnny Galecki does a fantastic job as the slightly annoying yet totally hilarious Trouty. And I particulaly love that in this episode we get to see the different side of Trouty, a little insight into his past. I mean the guy saved that jerk bar tender's life, that's most impressive. Plus, we find out that he called PJ PB and J once and she punched him, that's outstanding. I particularly love the ending when Trouty sits and takes all their criticism. I mean you feel so bad for the guy. But thankfully he stands up for himself but Boo boo's hair isn't that bad that, I do however agree about Bucket head. I love his nicknames for everyone. Seriously, he's a really funny character and a nice little departure for the usual group. Go Trouty! I hope they bring him back when the series returns.moreless
  • PJ and the boys get invited to a new club

    Trouty is friends with the owner of a new club that noone speaks of without whispering , and gets the gang invited, and they all have a great time, so when the owner Steve asks PJ out she feels she is obligated to take one for the team, going out with Steve that seemed to have some serious issues, going from cool guy to slimy guy i 5 seconds, and PJ gets saved by Trouty who knows Steve well enough to know what was going on behind the curtains. PJ gets VIP-passes for the boys who comes there by themselves and says some mean things about Trouty that Steves hear, and he throws them out after telling them how Trouty got his nickname, by saving Steve from drowning.

    When PJ tries to cheer Stephanie up after making her new date feel so good about himself that he got back together with his ex-girlfriend, they are not allowed inside.

    Later Trouty comes to Crowleys and asks why they don't like him, PJ tells him some of the things he does that makes him a little..annoying. And he in return tells them things about them that isn't so pleasant before buying drinks for everyone.

    I think this was a really good episode, I love how you get to see more and more about who they are, and I felt like hugging Trouty all through the episode.moreless

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    • Steve: A few years ago, I was hiking next to the river in Yosemite when I tripped over a huge beehive. Bees started to attack me, so I jumped in the river; the unseasonably strong current swept me towards the falls where Trouty was teaching a pack of Webelos semaphore. Trouty stripped down--all the way, for some reason--jumped in, and carried me to safety, swimming upstream like a trout, and that is how Trouty got his name. It wasn't until years later when I realized salmon swim upstream, know, it doesn't really work--still, he risked his life to save mine, so if you don't like Trouty, you don't like life! You don't like humanity, so you know what--get out! Get out of (whispering) the Streisand!

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