My Boys

Season 1 Episode 20

The Estates of Hoffman

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 03, 2007 on TBS
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The Estates of Hoffman
Everyone goes to Andy's house in the suburbs. He learns his wife, Meredith, is pregnant. PJ meets Evan and considers taking him to Italy.

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    • Mike: Boy, playing with kids can really make you thirsty. (Pulls out beer from pocket and drinks it. Rachel stares)

    • (Andy is laying on the lawn chair, staring out into the distance like his dad.)
      Andy: You know after all these years, I know what dad was looking for.
      P.J: What?
      Andy: An escape route.

    • (Andy is still talking to the cicada.)
      Andy: What do you mean I don't listen? I listen! Get outta my yard. (Flicks cicada off finger.)

    • (Talking to a cicada on his finger)
      Andy: You were trying to warn me, weren't you? Was that what all the buzzing was about?

    • (Mike runs around with Carly on his shoulders)
      Andy: The old "play with the kid to get to the mom trick."
      Brendan: Brilliant.
      Kenny: Genius.
      Andy: Better luck next time, ladies.
      Rachel: Looks like they're having fun.
      Brendan: Who? Oh, yeah. Mike, you know he's been really good with kids lately. Thank God for AA, right?
      (Mike runs up to them)
      Mike: Princess Carly coming through! She's so much fun. Hey, who wants to go on the wagon with me?

    • Eileen: Frank, don't use all the kid's sunscreen!
      Frank and Andy: Ahhh...

    • (Watching Andy's dad sitting on the lawn chair, staring out into the distance.)
      Mike: Look at him, I'm relaxed just watching him.
      Kenny: What's he looking at?
      Andy: Nobody knows.

    • Andy: Honey, you know what else is great about the suburbs?
      Meredith: What's that?
      Andy: I can finally bring out my Jarts.
      P.J: Oh my God, are those our Jarts from growing up?
      Andy: Naw, I found them in the garage when we were moving in, how weird is that?
      Meredith: Andy, no Jarts. There are children out there and I think those things are illegal.
      Andy: Yeah, that's what makes them so fun.
      Meredith: Andy, I said no.
      Andy: Ahhh.

    • Brendan: Guys, I got bad news. I think we're at a couples party.
      (Kids run by)
      Kenny: This is worse than a couples party, this is a family party.
      Mike: They're about to be sorry they invited drunk uncle Mike.

    • P.J: This place seems really familiar.
      Brendan: That's because we drove by 50 places that look just like them.

    • (Kenny is on the phone with Bobby)
      Kenny: Hey, how's Hotlanta?
      Bobby: Dude, don't say Hotlanta.
      Kenny: Sorry.

    • Kenny: Hey, look it's not my fault Stephanie can't be on time!
      Mike: Yeah, and why does she get shotgun, anyway?
      Kenny: Because she called me.
      Brendan: When?
      Kenny: She texted me this morning morning at 9:14 AM.
      Mike: You can't text shotgun!
      Kenny: Then why'd you text me at 9:18?

    • Andy: Meredith and I are having a little housewarming slash barbeque.
      Mike: I'm in! And you know why? Because suburban chicks love city guys.
      P.J: And why is that exactly?
      Mike: Because we're tough. We're dangerous.
      (Kenny walks in holding a candle)
      Kenny: Hey, can we light this? It smells like a pumpkin.

    • Andy: Greetings, city dwellers!
      P.J.: Hey look everyone, Andy's smiling.
      Brendan: Let me guess you, uh, won a big case and kept an innocent man out of prison.
      Kenny: No, no, no, no! Traffic, I bet there was no traffic.
      Andy: Wrong and wronger. My client got twenty years and a milk truck crashed into a contruction zone.

    • Mike: (defeatedly) Bobby got 'the vouch'.
      Kenny: The Meredith Vouch.
      Brendan: Game over, fellas.
      (all sip their beers)

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