My Boys

Season 1 Episode 14

The Promise of a New Season

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 30, 2007 on TBS
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The Promise of a New Season
The gang has its annual Fantasy baseball draft. The kiss between PJ and Brendan last year still causes tension between the two. Kenny has a new girlfriend, Bobby has a new job.

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    See, this is what a show should be like. My Boys is advertised as a female who is friends with a lot of guys and loves sports, and that is what the show truly is. You saw their fantasy baseball draft here, something that avid sports fans would do.

    I was never that big a fan of Nicole Sullivan on MadTV or The King of Queens so I did not really like the casting here.

    Andy was funny with his dislike for his suburbian lifestyle. Jim Gaffigan is great on the show and really adds a respectable element to the TBS series.moreless
  • It's the beginning of the second season and we find out that PJ walked out on Branden after the kiss. Branden has a new girlfriend Colleen and Kenny has a new girlfriend Kimmie. Andy has finally moved to the suburbs.moreless

    PJ is a wreck over Branden but as we find out in her conversation with Stephanie it is her own fault. She left Branden standing there making an excuse to leave right at that moment. She's afraid to lose the friendship they have even though they seem perfect for each other. Kimmie is eight months pregnant and Kenny doesn't say a word about it leaving all the guys speechless until they find out she is a surrogate. The weird part is Kenny doesn't seem to understand that the baby will not be theirs.

    Andy needs a place to stay when in town over night and Mike volunteers. Of course Mike has no furniture so Andy buys a new bed to keep at Mike's Everyone loves it!

    That's pretty much it in this episode as these stories were quite complete. Enjoyable first part to the second season. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • 6 months later

    Why, why, why the six-month later crap. Who thought that would be a good idea? I know we get the story in flashbacks but that's all with hindsight. I wanted the 'live action'. Still, quite a few changes, new girlfriends, new jobs, still no job, etc. PJ and Brendan fighting, but over what... Then making up again...

    Confusing stuff. Just as confusing as Kenny's pregnant girlfriend, pregnant not with his baby and apparently not pregnant with her own baby either but 'working' as a surrogate mother, earning the downpayment on a new condo. What's up with that?? PJ realising she may be jealous but at the same time she's not able to picture herself as Brendan's girlfriend. Hmm, looking forward to new episodes to clear up this mess.moreless

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    • P.J.: Well if you want to, we can go.
      Brendan: No, no, no. I mean, whatever you want to do.
      P.J.: Well let's go.
      Brendan: We can get a beer.
      P.J.: Or ten.

    • Kenny: It's Kimmie's business and she can be sensitive.
      Kimmie: There's the dick head from the bar!

    • Brendan: You are never, ever nice to the women I date.
      P.J.: Well, get better taste in women.

    • Andy: (Talking on speaker phone about Kimmie being pregnant) Oh my God, what is going on with that? Kenny never even told us. I mean, he's weird but this is just insane, even for weird insane Kenny.
      P.J.: Andy, Kenny's here.
      Andy: Hey buddy! Congratulations on the baby!

    • Mike: Andy, why'd you go home first?
      Andy: (Talking on speaker phone) Cause I had a few hours free and I wanted to spend them all in my car.

    • (Talking about Brendan)
      Stephanie: I can't believe you're only telling me all this now!
      P.J.: Well I'm sorry. I guess I was just afraid that if I told you, you would say...
      Stephanie: You know I always thought that you and Brendan would make such a cute couple.
      P.J.: So, at least that didn't happen.

    • (Talking about Brendan)
      P.J.: When he said the other night that he was going to stay with Colleen it just, it just killed me.
      Stephanie: Why are you jealous?
      P.J.: No! That's ... What? No!

    • Stephanie: So what's Brendan going to do?
      P.J.: I guess stay with Colleen, who he's been dating for like a minute. Not that I'm judging.

    • Brendan: Hey guys, I'm sorry I'm late. My landlord finally sold the building so, I gotta find a new place to live by like, next week.
      Mike: Yea, nobody cares. Meet Kimmy.

    • Stephanie: P.J. it's Kenny, I don't care if he's happy.

    • Stephanie: You know Brendan, he has to be in a relationship. He's a serial monogamist.
      Andy: See that sounds bad but it's not. I wonder if I'm a serial monogamist. No, I'm trapped.

    • Stephanie: Wait, it takes you how long to get home now?
      Andy: 45 minutes with no traffic. Which never happens so, about an hour and a half.

    • (Talking about his day at work):
      Bobby: On the final lap of the entire thing... Ok, wow! No one's even going to pretend to be interested.

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