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My Boys

Season 2 Episode 3

The Shirt Contest

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 26, 2008 on TBS
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Episode Summary

The Shirt Contest
The boys compete in a shirt contest. PJ tries to write a book. Brendan and Andy work on their professional lives.

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      • Mike: And free drinks for the Mike-Mike.
        Bobby: Dude, please. Don't call yourself the Mike-Mike.
        Andy: It's horribly offensive.

      • Stephanie: A British accent could make Jim Belushi sound cool.

      • Kenny: (To Brendan) Dude, you played the soft hits of the seventies. You basically tortured people for a living.

      • (P.J., Stephanie and Andy are judging the shirts)
        P.J.: Oh god, it's just so sad.
        Stephanie: It's a fashion diaster. I'm permanently scarred.
        Andy: I didn't think they could do it, but I didn't think it would be that bad. I mean, they were tasteless, they were poorly made, and I didn't like the shirts either.
        P.J.: So what should we do?
        Stephanie: Well, one of them's got to win.
        Andy: Or maybe one of them doesn't have to lose as much as the others.
        P.J.: I know what to do. Guys, come on back! We have picked a winner. Bobby, you cheated. Kenny, it's a tablecloth. Mike, (starts to turn around to show the backless shirt), oh no, don't. Brendo, you are the winner of Project Crowley's. Congratulations.
        Mike, Bobby and Kenny: What!
        P.J.: We found your shirt was unique, avant-garde, and expresses a lot about you and your personal pain.
        Brendan: Ha! Yes! I knew it! It took me ten minutes to do this thing. I can't believe I drink for free. What should I get? What should I get?

      • (The gang is talking about Brendan's job situation)
        P.J.: You know, you could just get a job bartending for some quick cash.
        Stephanie: Yeah, there's like two million bars in Chicago. You could have a job by the end of the week, for sure.
        Brendan: I haven't bartended since college.
        Andy: You have done a lot of research from the other side of the bar.
        P.J.: It would be cash in hand really soon.
        Brendan: Yeah, but even in college it wasn't really bartending. Just sort of in my dorm room, cracking Zimas for trampy chicks.
        Stephanie: Hey! I had a Zima in your dorm room.
        Brendan: And?
        Stephanie: And then I slept with your roommate.

      • (Mike, Kenny and Bobby are working on their shirts at P.J.'s)
        Kenny: Hurry up with the sewing machine there Bobby. I've got it booked from four to five.
        Mike: It's kind of cute to watch you guys try, but you know you don't stand a chance here. You're dealing with the master. I'm kind of like the Tiger Woods of sewing.
        Bobby: You know what buddy? We're gonna let you have that one.
        (Andy admires Bobby's shirt)
        Andy: That does look like it's coming along nicely. Look at that seam.
        Bobby: Really?
        Andy: I have no idea. You could hold up a washcloth, I wouldn't know the difference.
        Kenny: Well, it's a good thing you're a judge.
        Bobby: You know, Elsa and I are taking Savannah to the aquarium tomorrow.
        Andy: Well, as long as you're taking over my job as man around the house, you think you could check out the shower head in the guest bathroom? I think we need a new one.
        Bobby: Took care of it yesterday.
        Andy: Bobby. I love you.

      • (Bobby, Mike and Kenny are showing off their fabric to P.J., Andy and Stephanie)
        P.J.: Andy, come on. It's not too late to get into the competition.
        Andy: No time. This Parkridge deal has been keeping me busy. I've been pulling a lot of late nights at the office with Jo.
        Stephanie: I bet Savannah misses you.
        Andy: Are you kidding? She's got Bobby and Elsa. They're like her own private Ken and Barbie.
        Bobby: We went to Target this morning.
        Andy: Did you grab those socks for me?
        Bobby: Top drawer, bedroom dresser.
        Andy: Thanks honey.

      • P.J.:(narration) I can't stop smiling. I think I'm skipping. But I don't care. There's a new man in my life, and I think it's going to change everything.
        (She joins the guys at a table at Crowley's)
        P.J.: Okay, what would be the craziest thing I could tell you guys right now?
        Andy: You can fly.
        Mike: You're a dude.
        P.J.: I don't want to play this game anymore. Ready? I am writing a book...
        Everyone: Hey!
        P.J.: No, wait for it. I am writing a book with and about Spike Upton.
        Kenny: Spike Upton? As in the pitcher Spike Upton, from the Mets?
        P.J.: Yes, the one and only.
        Mike: Why haven't you told us about this?
        P.J.: I didn't want to jinx it. I wanted to make sure I got the job.

      • (The guys are all at Crowley's)
        Bobby: Seriously, I have to take off. Elsa and I are watching this Project Runway marathon tonight.
        Andy: Project Runway? The show where they make shirts?
        Brendan: You watch that show?
        Mike: Lame, dude. I could make a shirt.
        Brendan: No way. Do you have any idea how hard that is?
        Mike: How hard can it be? You take a needle, some cloth, a little string.
        Bobby: You mean thread?
        Mike: Whatever. I could make a shirt.
        Kenny: You cannot make a shirt. You can't even make your own bed.
        Mike: How much you wanna bet?
        Kenny: Thirty five thousand dollars.
        Mike: Free booze for a month.
        Kenny: Fine. We'll do a competition. Everybody takes twenty bucks, buys some fabric, (points at Mike) you buy some string, we spend the next three days making shirts and on Saturday we show them off.
        Mike: Dude with the best shirt drinks free for the month on the loser's dime.
        Bobby: I like it. I'm in.
        Brendan: In. Andy?
        Andy: That's okay. I've discovered a little place called the GAP. It turns out they make shirts.

    • NOTES (2)

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      • In this episode, the guys have a contest modeled after Project Runway.

        Project Runway is a popular Bravo show, in which aspiring designers create outfits each week in hopes of winning money to start their own fashion line.