My Boys

Season 2 Episode 1

The Transitioning

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 12, 2008 on TBS
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The Transitioning
The identity of PJ's mystery man surprises Stephanie. Stephanie quickly dampens their vacaction. Back in Chicago, the boys are experiences changes in their professional and social lives, only some of which are for the better.

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  • Is it just me or do the writers have a tendency to throw a curve ball into the season opener just for the heck of it?

    I was so looking forward to this episode and even though I watched it weeks ago, it took me awhile to figure out whether I liked it or not. It wasn't a total disappointment, but then again it didn't have the same quality as the season ender before it. It reminded me of the season one finale. For months I theorized and analyzed what could possibly happen after their kiss. Did they end up in bed? Did they give this new possibility a chance? How would the rest of the guys react to this? As it so happened, nothing happened. They kissed, she ducked out using Stephanie being locked out of her apartment as an excuse to dodge what had happened, she and Brando went on an awkward sort of date before he moved on to another woman and they went back to being buddies. She did admit to Stephanie that if she were to attempt more than friendship with Brandon that she would have to be ready for it, because even though she loved him, she was afraid that she would mess it up. And that was it. This season she had all sorts of options for an escort to Italy; the former Cubs pitcher, the botanist, and the reporter. I myself was unrealistically routing for Brandon, but expecting it to probably be one of the three since they focused on those guys so much. Turns out to be Bobby. Really? They seemed to only hang around with the group and maybe I didn't watch closely enough but they didn't seem to do as much flirting or have as many moments as they did in the first season so Bobby as a romantic possibility came out of left field for me. Her reasoning at the end of the episode (he spoke Italian and had a villa) seemed to make more sense to me than her feelings for him cropping up. They even slept together last season when she was dating Hank and didn't they say that they should just be pals? On top of that, for someone who wanted this trip as a springboard for romance, she didn't seem to try too hard. She barely spoke about it to Bobby, and when Steph came along, she didn't ask her to disappear for a couple of hours so that she could have alone time with Bobby, or even flirt or joke around with him about a possible romance. When they were coming home, she seemed to just shrug and say "oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be." She was supposed to have agonized over this decision, and that was it?

    I was pretty let down by this episode, but I guess that it was my fault for expecting too much.moreless
  • Bobby? I am dumbfounded right now..

    I cant believe out of everyone she could have brought it was bobbie. Dont get me wrong I like bobby but he wouldnt have been my frist choice. I hope that it isnt about them hooking up all season. Didnt that already happen last season? I think that she she should have taken the baseball player. I cant believe sef who told her that she need to bring a guy so they could have this romantic trip in paris ended up without a man the frsit day and messing up all of pjs game. I like bobbie has a thing for pj too and should grow some balls and say something..moreless
  • Bobby? Bobby? really?

    I can't believe she took Bobby; she could have at least taken Brendan if she wanted to take one of the guys, better yet she could have left the guys at home and taken that fairly good looking baseballer, I swear you give some people lemons and they try to make orange juice, orange juice that blows up in the juicer and doesn't taste sweet at all. Okay, besides the fact that she took Bobby she should have told him how she felt not telling him was like giving him the lemons an the juicer without a manual (I really like lemonade) but the guys were right the groups not ready for that debacle again.moreless
  • So disappointed! (spoiler)

    This episode was a real let down for me! After waiting forever and finally getting what I was hoping for all along, NOTHING happened! Not that it wasn't funny and entertaining, it was, I think I just needed more to happen after such a long hiatus. Maybe even having it be an hour long episode with some extra time in Italy would have helped, honestly I'm not sure. Just seemed kind of barren of its usual amount of charm. I do love the whole Bobby/PJ thing and I hope it goes somewhere eventually, I will keep tuning in with the hope that we get some of the romance we waited for a year for!moreless

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    • (Mike, Andy and Brendan are sitting at Crowley's)
      Mike: I'm saying it's weird, just the three of us sitting here.
      Andy: Sweetie, just cause it's different doesn't make it weird. Keep an open mind.
      Mike: You creep me out.
      Andy: You creep me out.

    • Brendan: Did you tell Bobby to meet us here?
      Mike: Yeah I texted him.
      Brendan: You know, I left him a message yesterday. He hasn't called me back.
      Andy: He hasn't called you back in a day? He's got a life right? What kind of crazy people are you that worry that a buddy hasn't called you back in a day?
      Kenny: Hey guys, Bobby's missing. And probably dead.

    • P.J.: (narration) Look, I'm as surprised as anyone that it's Bobby. But I figure maybe this is the risk I should be taking.

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