My Boys

Season 3 Episode 1

Welcome Back, Kalla Fötter

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2009 on TBS

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  • My Boys is a true testiment to good TV.

    I missed this episode when it first aired last week so Thank God for the internet. After watching this episode I began to get really excited for 'this season?' I am totally confused as to if this is a new season or if it's the second half on the second season. Anyways other than that very confusing aspect of the show,I am so glad My Boys is back. This episode was truly a great example of what the show is all about. The boys waiting outside Bobby's room was hilarious. And then it turned into a mustache growing competetion. All in all a great episode. The end was my favourite part. This show needs to be around for a while, it has so much more story and hilarity to offer.
  • Back for a 3rd season (or is it 4th? continuation of 2nd? TBS has me confused!)

    The season premiere was excellent. Not wanting to give away too much of the pivotal plot for those who haven't viewed, I'll not go into the major events. However, the mustache-growing contest is classic My Boys, and provided some of the best of the witty dialogue that I've come to expect from this show. I alternated between laughing and, I have to admit, some jaw-dropping throughout the entire 30-minutes.

    This episode was not the very best episode I've seen of the show, hence the 9.0 rating, but it ranks right up there. My parents are now hooked on the show after watching it with me tonight, and I'm ready to break out my Season 1 DVDs again. My only complaint is that there are only 7 more episodes ordered, unless they decide to extend the season. One can hope!
  • My Boys is back.

    My Boys is finally back after not producing new episodes since last summer. Can it survive without The Bill Engvall Show as a lead-in and did it live up to the hype? While the answer to the first question remains to be seen, yes, it absolutely lived up to the hype. Fans who had been wanting to know what happened with PJ and Bobby got their answer in the opening minutes. All the one-liners were on point with a notable being Mike calling Kenny, with a new mustache, a man mining for gold circa 1849.

    I did not care for the ending, which I will not spoil for those who have not seen it yet, but I think many fans may be pleased with it. But all in all a good way to come back with an episode that has virtually erased the lackluster second season from memory.
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