My Boys

Season 1 Episode 11

When Heroes Fall From Grace

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 27, 2006 on TBS
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When Heroes Fall From Grace
Mike and Bobby meet one of their baseball idols and have a bad experience. PJ's offbeat Aunt Phyllis arrives for a visit and has a fling with Kenny. Brandon and Wendy have conflicts over the wedding and marriage.

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  • PJ's favorite aunt Phylis drops by for a visit. She is PJ's mother and the two of them don't get along but PJ is always thinking how much she and Aunt Phyllis are the same person. Aunt Phyllis sleeps with Kenny which appalls PJ.moreless

    Aunt Phyllis played by Laurie Metcalf comes to town and stays with PJ. She is always so much fun and a big reason PJ became a writer. Phyllis writes travel pieces professionally. In the meantime Mike sees Danny Finn played by Neil Flynn at Crowley's and buys him a drink. Finn is famous for beaning batters when he pitched for the Cubs and always being first in a fight when they occurred on the field and off.

    So Aunt Phyllis drinks with the guys and plays poker with them as well. Everything is great until the morning after the poker game when PJ finds Kenny leaving the house. She then figures out that Aunt Phyllis slept with him. She's appalled but Aunt Phyllis says they are both adults and it's no big deal. Kenny tells PJ that he is serious about her though. PJ tells Phyllis that and even though she was staying a few more days when PJ gets home that night Phyllis has packed and is gone without saying a word to Kenny. She left a note! Andy reminds her that is the way Phyllis has always been and when PJ tries to defend her by saying she's just like her Andy shoots that down with luckily you are just like Mom, responsible, trust worthy, and good to your friends.

    Finn ends up going out to dinner with Mike and Bobby at a fancy steakhouse. He drinks a lot and acts like a jerk and when it comes time to pay the bill splits by saying he is going to the bathroom. The tab is $600. Later Bobby and Mike see him at the bar and he laughs at them for being mad and says they owe him for the years of entertainment he gave them. They get mad and leave and another person comes up and buys him a drink after they recognize him.

    The point is sometimes those people we put up as heroes more often than not turn out to be very human in the end.

    Branden and Wendy call off the wedding when she finally becomes so overbearing he can't take it anymore. I really think the last straw was not allowing PJ to be the best man but they sort of glossed over that.

    A episode that was a study in morals and hero worship. Very interesting and entertaining. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Aunt Phyllis drops by.

    Excellent character-driven episode. In this episode, all three storylines dealt with character development. Brendan and Wendy obviously were no longer the people who fell in love. It looks like Wendy grew up whereas Brandon didn't.

    The famous baseball player storyline was fun and well-written. Meeting you personal heroes up close and personal can be an eye-opener and, in this case, expensive.

    Aunt Phyllis, what a character and indeed, superficially there are resemblances between her and PJ, but as Andy said, PJ is responsible and loyal and would never do what Phyllis did. The phone call to her mom at the end of the episode was very sweet.moreless
  • Brando calls off his wedding to Wendy

    Bobby and Mike meet their favorite baseball idol in the bar. They go up and buy him a drink and he tells them that they should get together sometime and thats exactly what happens. Their idol splurges over alcohol and cocktails and shrimp and all that goodstuff and then says he needs to go to the bathroom. He punks them and walks out on the check that was about 600 dollars. Brando is confused when Wendy isn't acting like she used to anymore. When he first met her he liked her alot more than he does now. He decides that its best if he calls off the wedding because he doesn't love her like he used to. End of episode.moreless

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