My Brother and Me

Nickelodeon (ended 1995)


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My Brother and Me

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These were the exploits of an African-American family living in Charlotte, North Carolina: Alfie Parker, his little brother Dee Dee, their big sister Melanie, and their parents, Roger and Jennifer. Their next door neighbor, Goo, visited often.

Recurring characters included Dionne, Melanie's friend; Donnel and Harry, Dee Dee's friends; and Ms. Pigney, owner of the video store.

Taped at Nickelodeon Studios in Florida.
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    • This was a Tv show of two kids who are brothers, going through lifes struggles as a young kids growing up.

      Ah! This show was a great show. I miss it so much. I would never miss an episode. I use to skip out on my friends, just so I can catch an episode. I was hooked,it was like a drug. This show kept me laughing during and after the show. Still to this day, I think of scenes from an episode, and I burst out laughing. Not many shows can do that. It was one of the reasons why I wathced Nickolodeon. Maybe Nickolodeon should have a special chanel that devotes itself to all the old Tv shows Like My Brother and Me, Salute Your Shorts, You Can\'t Do That On Telivision, Clarissa Explains It All.moreless
    • Bring this show back favorite of all time

      My Brother and Me is another Nickelodeon Classic! I feel like this show was one of the best shows nick had. It was funny and very entertaining. Big Goo he was my favorite character.I still remember the episode where big goo got hit or fell, then he lost his memory. That was my all time favorite episode.I feel like Nickelodeon should bring all these shows back for a day or two, just for old times. I feel like many people would watch it. Everybody who grew up when all these shows came out. My brother and me was a wonderful show.moreless
    • I loved this show.

      I loved this show when it was on! My little sister and I used to watch it all of the time. The characters were all great. All of my friends remember certain lines from the show like when they tell DeeDee to tell the bully \'hit me\' \'hit me\' and they asked what happened and he goes she \"hit me\" and the fuzzy wuzzy. Nickelodeon took off all of there really good shows like My brother and me, salut your shorts, hey dude, etc. Anyway this show was one of my all time favorite\'s and I hope they put it on dvd.moreless
    • I liked this show alot.

      I know it's to late for new episodes. But Nick can still play the reruns of the show. It was, and still is classic nick. Now like most of the shows on now. They are very bad, My brother and me, is one of nick's best shows. Back when they made good shows.
    • -

      A very well rounded show. It is a shame that it did not get to really shine like it should have. I remember watching every single episode and loving them all especially the practical joke wars. By the way, if anyone wants to catch up on the episodes, they are uploaded on youtube.