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  • This was a Tv show of two kids who are brothers, going through lifes struggles as a young kids growing up.

    Ah! This show was a great show. I miss it so much. I would never miss an episode. I use to skip out on my friends, just so I can catch an episode. I was hooked,it was like a drug. This show kept me laughing during and after the show. Still to this day, I think of scenes from an episode, and I burst out laughing. Not many shows can do that. It was one of the reasons why I wathced Nickolodeon. Maybe Nickolodeon should have a special chanel that devotes itself to all the old Tv shows Like My Brother and Me, Salute Your Shorts, You Can\'t Do That On Telivision, Clarissa Explains It All.
  • Bring this show back favorite of all time

    My Brother and Me is another Nickelodeon Classic! I feel like this show was one of the best shows nick had. It was funny and very entertaining. Big Goo he was my favorite character.I still remember the episode where big goo got hit or fell, then he lost his memory. That was my all time favorite episode.I feel like Nickelodeon should bring all these shows back for a day or two, just for old times. I feel like many people would watch it. Everybody who grew up when all these shows came out. My brother and me was a wonderful show.
  • I loved this show.

    I loved this show when it was on! My little sister and I used to watch it all of the time. The characters were all great. All of my friends remember certain lines from the show like when they tell DeeDee to tell the bully \'hit me\' \'hit me\' and they asked what happened and he goes she \"hit me\" and the fuzzy wuzzy. Nickelodeon took off all of there really good shows like My brother and me, salut your shorts, hey dude, etc. Anyway this show was one of my all time favorite\'s and I hope they put it on dvd.
  • I liked this show alot.

    I know it's to late for new episodes. But Nick can still play the reruns of the show. It was, and still is classic nick. Now like most of the shows on now. They are very bad, My brother and me, is one of nick's best shows. Back when they made good shows.
  • -

    A very well rounded show. It is a shame that it did not get to really shine like it should have. I remember watching every single episode and loving them all especially the practical joke wars. By the way, if anyone wants to catch up on the episodes, they are uploaded on youtube.
  • i luv dis show.. and if u put it on dvd im tellin u i willl get it.. and dont even say its too old lol.. cuz u brought fat albert back so now wat lol..

    i jus wanna say i luv dis show wen i was little.. im only 15 now.. so i was reall little wen dis came out.. but i remeber dat show like it was yesterday.. but yea i think u should put it on dvd.. cuz i kno ill buy it iight..
  • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cruellason

    I was 3 years old when this show first premered.I really liked the show and I think that Nickelodeon should put the show back on air...the funny thing is I only remember the last episode they showed on TV. < > My Brother And Me is argrubly one of the best shows ever. I think nickelodeon should at least put it on the N
  • My Brother and Me is a great family show. It deals with the life of an adverage family in North Carolina. I personally watch it over and over today. To me this is the best Nickelodeon show EVER made. Excuse me the best tv show EVER in the entire world.

    MBAM is a show you will laugh every 30seconds or less. Even though it had one season it raked up nickelodeon's ratings. It was cancelled because companies didnt want to advertise it. MBAM is a great show that should not have been cancelled after after 13 episodes (one season.)
  • "My Brother and Me," was one of the top cable shows during the time that it ran. It was a positive example of middle class Afican-American living. DeDe and Alfie were the main characters and the added humor to each episode.

    I grew up watching "My Brother and Me." I was in love with DeDe Parker (Ralph Woolfolk IV). I guess as fate would have I met him in high school and we have been dating ever since. I think that the show protryed African Americans in a postive light allowing others to see a side that is not always protrayed the way it should. Ralph is a Sophomore at Morehouse college where he is the starting catcher on the baseball team. I know that Ralph would love to know that there are people who still appreciate the show.
  • This show is based on a middle classed African-American family which they face everyday ups and downs. This show is also about a little boy who looks up to his older brother for advice.

    Bring It Back!!!! This show was so alsome to watch while growing up. Everyday when id come home from school I would flop down infront of the tv in the living room, Watch this show with the supper my mom would make. They show so many white famileys on tv now days, You rarley ever see a nice African-American family based show on tv anymore.
  • I loved this episode when De De got his hair cut into a style of a rapper Cool Dr. Money. Milton Goo Berry cut his hair and de de parents got highly upset at him and when de de brother him and goo got to fighting

    I would love to see this show come back on air. Nickelodeon need to air this show again. If not, then they atleast need to come out with a DVD collection that will satisfy the people whom really want to see this show back on the air as soon possible
  • This show was different...but I liked it. It showed an African-American house-hold but kinda different. The little boy (Dee-Dee) was cute. The oldest boy...I don't know. The sista was hardly eva seen, and Goo was very annoying. But overall this was a good

    I used to love this show. I wanna know why Nickelodeon ended it so early. I wanna know why Nickelodeon got the Nicktoons channels, and dont\\\'t have a classic Nickelodeon Channel, with all the old All That, My Brother and Me, Are You Afraid of the Dark?..etc.

    Maybe Nickelodeon thinks that if they get a channel like that, it might overrate the regular Nickelodeon Channel.

    That's my opinion
  • It was about a family with three children who hung out with their freinds all the time. It was funny with your basic sibling rivalry and stuff

    I use to love wathching this show on Nick. I wish that they would bring it back.
    Melaine was my favorite charcter (the sister).
    To me it was kind of liked the cosby show (to a degree). They replaced all of the old shows on nick with shows like The Avatar ,Jimmy Neutron, Zoey 101. They don't have any of the good shows any more like when I was little. Like, Kenan and Kel. All That isn't even good any more.
  • This was one of the best shows on Nick. They shouldn't have cancelled it...cause' more people appreciate it now then before! I think they should play re-runs like what they do with Keenan and Kel occasionally. I would watch it...or they should play it on

    One of the best shows made...mabybe if Nick played some of those awesome old shows, its ratings would be higher than Disney Channel's but... It will be in my heart, and one day I will find a person who has taped it and i will watch it. Bring it back!!!!!!!!
  • A look at an African-American family in which they experience the trials and tribulations of everyday life. It's a show about two brothers who when they get together with their friends they are unstoppable. It was a good and decent show on Nickeldeon but

    I remember this show. It's been a long time since I've seen this show. It was a pretty good show. I think that it's a good show for children and also something that they can enjoy as well. You don't really find good shows on Nickelodeon anymore to be honest.
  • I loved the show. i wish to this day they still played it somewhere. looking back the show gave me soooooooooo many memories, that i wish i could just go back too. i liked the episode where dee-dee gets beat up by a girl and her sister was alfies crush.
    if only the show was aired. Comcast should seriously think about making an old skool nick chanell, where they play all the old shows from 1997 and back. like pete and pete, doug, the old episodes of rugrats, all the game shows, wild and crazy kids, r u afraid of the dark, salute your shorts, clarissa explains it all(even thoughi hated the show), the old ALL-That not the new corny ones, the old ones.
    i cant really think of anymore but those tv-shows were great. Oh yea,my brother and me. Greatest nick show. These show just give u so many memories when you think back

  • Show about a middle class, black family that focuses on Dee-Dee and his older brother Alfie.

    I loved this show when I was younger, and I don't think it really got good vibes from people. I really think that this show was great and if it is put back on TV it will be even better. Back in 1995, when I was 5, alot of people didn't care for the show in my neighborhood, but in 1999 those same people kind of wanted to see it again, but now in 2005 those people are dying for it to be aired. It's a relly great family friendly show.
  • A true classic for any fans of classic Nickelodeon shows. A great situation comedy that was unfortunately short lived. ( I was head editor for My Brother and Me at the original TvTome, my username there was Pirates23. )

    Brothers Alfie and DeeDee cause mischeif at their home in Harlem, whether it's getting into trouble at the local comic book store or refusing to wear tights in the school Robin Hood play. The series unfortunately only lasted a mere 13 episodes, despite being a favorite among Classic Nick fans, along with shows like The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Nick GUTS, ect.
  • great show love to watch it everyday

    i loved this show when it was on air it would be nice to have it on dvd or show it tv so i can record the shows. my friend has the shows but he moved to georiga so i have to find a way to get the shows to watch