My Brother and Me - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 1995)


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  • The Charity
    The Charity
    Episode 1
    Alfie, Dee Dee, and Melanie are supposed to be helping their parents at a carnival by working the dunking booth. When Goo arrives and announces their favorite basketball player, Kendall Gill, is at the Comic Book Store signing autographs, the boys decide to ditch the carnival. This leaves Melanie and Jennifer to work the booth and both end up soaked. But the Comic Book Store is packed and much to Alphie and Dee Dee's surprise their father has to interview Kendall Gill the very same day!moreless
  • The Practical Joke War
    Alfie and Goo unleash harsh practical jokes on Dee Dee and his friends. Dee Dee retaliates and a huge practical joke war begins. Melanie tries to help Dee Dee but Alfie and Goo then go after her.
  • The Weekend Aunt Helen Came
    The boy's mother, Jennifer, leaves for the weekend and she leaves the father, Roger, in charge. However, he lets the kids run wild. Alfie and Dee Dee's Aunt Helen then comes to oversee the house until Jennifer gets back. Meanwhile, Alfie throws a basketball at Goo, which hits him in the head, giving him temporary amnesia. In this case of memory loss, Goo acts like a nerd, does homework on a weekend, wants to be called Milton instead of Goo, and he even calls Alfie Alfred. The only thing that will reverse this is another hit in the head.moreless
  • Robin Hood Play
    Robin Hood Play
    Episode 4
    Alfie's school is performing the play Robin Hood and Alfie is chosen to play the part of Robin Hood. Alfie is excited at this prospect, but he does not want to wear tights because he feels that tights are for girls.
  • Basketball Tryouts
    Basketball Tryouts
    Episode 5
    Alfie tries out for the basketball team and doesn't make it because he is not a team player. However, Harry, Dee Dee and Donnel make the team.
  • Where's the Snake?
    Where's the Snake?
    Episode 6
    Dee Dee gets a snake, but he doesn't want his parents to know about it. However, things get complicated when he loses the snake in the house.
  • Dee Dee's Girlfriend
    A girl kisses Dee Dee in front of Harry and Donnel. They promise not to tell, but it slips and everyone laughs at Dee Dee.
  • Dee Dee's Haircut
    Dee Dee's Haircut
    Episode 8
    Dee Dee wants to get a hair cut by Cool Doctor Money and have his name shaved in his head. His parents will not let him do this, but Goo offers to do it for five dollars. However, when Goo messes up Dee Dee's hair and spells his name wrong, Dee Dee is forced to shave his head, as well as risk his parents finding out about it.moreless
  • Dee Dee Runs Away
    Dee Dee Runs Away
    Episode 9
    Dee Dee has been waiting to go to a monster truck show all week. But Alfie and Goo's baseball team makes it to the tournament and everyone forgets about the monster truck show. Dee Dee feels ignored and runs away from home.
  • Donnel's Birthday Party
    Donnel is having a birthday party and brags about all the dancing and cool people who will be there. Harry says that he knows how to dance so Dee Dee feels left out because he doesn't. So, he asks Alfie to help him learn how to dance.
  • Alfie's Birthday Party
    Goo and Melanie pretend they are dating and they leave Alfie out of everything. He ends up bored and starts hanging out with Dee Dee and his friends. However, it just isn't the same without Goo.
  • Candy Sale
    Candy Sale
    Episode 12
    Alfie and Goo are selling candy to make money for some expensive jackets, but they are not having any luck. However, when Dee Dee and his friends start helping them sell candy, they start to make money.
  • The Big Bully
    The Big Bully
    Episode 13
    Dee Dee gets beat up at school and his friends try to teach him how to fight back. However, Goo tells him to bluff, but the plan backfires and Dee Dee gets hit because of it.