My Coolest Years

VH1 (ended 2005)


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My Coolest Years

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My Coolest Years is the series that gives us the fun look back at a time we all remember so well.High School. Being cool never mattered as much as it did in high school, right?! Image was everything! What you wore, (jellies, concert t's, braces head gear, etc.) what you listened to, (Judas Priest and A HA, etc.) who you hung out with, (other freaks & geeks, etc.) where you lived, what you could do. We thought it all mattered so much - and it kinda did. High school was where you learned that achieving "coolness" meant possibly surviving the hormone-soaked, acne-faced battles for acceptance in the face of guaranteed ridicule from peers and classmates.

But the "coolness" of your high school years had more to do with the fact that you were probably a self-centered teenager who perpetually believed in immortality and that the world sorta revolved around you rather than how popular you were among your classmates. And like it or not. High School sorted us out based on looks, brains, and musical tastes. And through it all let's face it. we all did some crazy sh*t back then!

My Coolest Years is 10 episodes of fun teenage reflection. Each hour episode dedicated to the personal stories of a particular clique. If you grew up in America in the last 30 years, you'll recognize the types. We all had to pick one. To hang out with. To hook up with. To torment. To be. (Or not to be!) We'll hear from the Metalheads, Geeks, Hippies, Bad Girls, B Boys, Jocks & Cheerleaders, the Rich Kids, the kids who were In The Closet, their "First" Times (wink wink), and their Summer Vacations.

Who knew that Jim Breuer and Mike Piazza were a bona fide Metalheads? Or that Ann Coulter loved the Grateful Dead? Or that Juliette Lewis couldn't get enough LL Cool J as a 14 year old B Girl? Or that John Tesh was a Geek who started to think that his first name was Ughh in High School as in "Ughh Tesh!"

My Coolest Years tells the stories of the choices we made way back when in our quest to be accepted, to be ourselves, to have fun, and, if at all possible, to be cool.

So join VH1's melting pot of rockers, rappers, actors and gadflies as they talk - uncensored and unashamed - about the friends they picked and the stunts they pulled to help survive the coolest years of their lives.moreless