My Coolest Years - Season 1

VH1 (ended 2005)


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  • Rich Kids
    Rich Kids
    Episode 10
    It's not your fault your parents were loaded and gave you all those things every other kid secretly lusted after (clothes, cars, exotic vacations.) The envy is too much for the rest of us to bear: please tell us rich teen life wasn't as fabulous as it looked! Yeah, your wallet or purse had a little extra weight to it, and we know it wasn't a condom or can of hairspray, it was the green and plastic stuff. The point is, you couldn't buy your way out of the pressures of high school...or could you? Set the record straight and don't be modest about it. Rich or poor, a teens a teen. So, come cash in on your teen years.moreless
  • B-Boys & B-Girls
    B-Boys & B-Girls
    Episode 9
    Can you uprock? Did you catch the Raising Hell tour in '86? Do you have a "gas face?" Are you ever nostalgic for the Daisy Age? Testify. Did you treat your sneaks to a nightly shoe shine? How many D-batteries did your boom box hold? Give us your B-Boy history. Where goin' old school and there ain't no half steppin'.moreless
  • Bad Girls
    Bad Girls
    Episode 8
    Screw your reputation. You knew something the squares didn't: high school is the best time of life to indulge in sex, drugs, and rock and roll. And if they didn't like it, just let them say it to your face! Bad girls, you know who you are. It's time to tell all. What's the best way I should fight that girl spreading rumors about me? What's that excuse I should tell my parents, so I can stay out all night, again? Which animal (zebra, leopard, panther) spandex, makes me look the hottest? Come hang out in the back seat of your teen years and let us in on the secrets. Don't worry, we'll write you a hall pass!moreless
  • Jocks & Cheerleaders
    The only kids who hated sports were the ones with no game. You may have hated the laps, the drills, the early AM practices, and the coach -- but you loved the game. And the fringe benefits (parties, power, popularity) weren't too shabby either. If those glory days were yours, we're listening... Pep was your drug of choice. The Hallways were your red carpet. Every winning game on the field was a story that would go down in your town and school's history. Basically you guys created the kingdom known as high school, and we want in on the rules and regulations that kept you in the "in." You had a play book and you had the practices, but the fact is as a Jock or Cheerleader, you didn't need either. On or off the field, you were the stories that people told over and over. "Guess who so and so is dating"..."Did you see what so and so was wearing" were usually setting the trends and creating the drama for were: The Jocks & Cheerleaders.moreless
  • My First Time
    My First Time
    Episode 6
    The percentage of time teens spend thinking about sex is like the percentage of the human body made up out of water. Boners, Periods, and Zits, Oh My! Maybe not in that order, but sometimes all at once and just as scary. Sounds like a strange lyric from The Wizard of Oz, well growing up a teen sometimes felt as far away from Kansas as you could get. The best thing about this show, EVERYBODY had it happen to them at some point. So come join the crowd and recall that First game of "tonsil hockey" you played with that First love, at that First Place, at that First Time.moreless
  • In the Closet
    In the Closet
    Episode 5
    Everyone likes to be to be treated as an individual. But no one wants to be differ ent in High School. 'Causeyou were more different than you could admit at the time? Being in a clique or group could have been difficult. The real question were you getting out there with all the drama or just staying put. Join us for the most agonizing and captivating episode yet.moreless
  • The Dirty Hippies
    The Dirty Hippies
    Episode 4
    You know altogether too much about Guatemalan fashion, applecore pipes, Phish, and scabies. There was at least one year of your life when you smoked weed every day. The words Patchouli, Parking Lots, and Playing in drum circles actually mean something to you. On tour or trippin out, what's the journey you took while in the culture of peace and love? Grab your Birks, find your tie-dye, and maybe wash up (?), before you tell us about those high school days as a Hippie. You missed Woodstock by twenty years, but that didn't stop you from taking in a tour with the Dead. So how did the haze of dancing bears and dread locks, stand up to the reality of high school hierarchy and your folks? Grab some munchies, cause it time to scrape the resin of your memory man...ya dig?moreless
  • The Geeks
    The Geeks
    Episode 3
    Nobody gets through high school without feeling like a total loser now and again. But God help you if you were unusually intelligent, gifted in something other than sports, or a little more shy than normal. Remember holding your purse or suitcase a little tighter because you think you might still get booked? Nerd, Geek, Dweeb, there was abuse and there was revenge, but chances are you've won the battle as of today. Most people today want to tell millions they were a geek. We're looking for the TOTAL geek. Locker luggage, Wedgies, Noogies. You name it, we want to hear about it. So, celebrate your high school trauma with us, as all those Jock losers watch from their homes.moreless
  • The Metalheads
    The Metalheads
    Episode 2
    If you ever teased your hair, wore studded leather, or decorated the back of your denim jacket with a ballpoint-penned Maiden logo, you're probably qualified to preach the metal lifestyle. Rock and Roll, smoke a bowl! Maybe not always the last part, but being a Metal Head gave you permission for Mayhem, Music, and an image that said "don't f**k with me."moreless
  • Summer Vacation
    Summer Vacation
    Episode 1
    Summer camp. Summer school. Summer love. First jobs. Re-inventions. Endless skateboarding, band practice, television watching. All this plus a visit to Disneyland. Is there anything in life as perfect as summer vacation? SPF wasn't the sun level - rather it was Sexy Playing Females with bikinis and sand and tanning...and maybe then you got burned. Was it by the sun, or a summer lover is what we wanna know. Were you stuck in school, a summer job, or just hanging out listening to your summer mixed music tape? No sleepin' in here. It's a classic high school essay, "What I did on my summer vacation." This time you don't have to pick up a pen, come dictate it to us and we'll guarantee you get the "A." Just make sure you tell us the juicy parts from the three months you got, once a year, to rule the world before the autumn bell brought you back to reality.moreless