$#*! My Dad Says

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Sep 23, 2010 on CBS

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  • It was bad, even when ffwd

    Let me first give praise - no shaky cam. Phew. Acting was passable. It was a pilot - nobody has chemistry in a pilot.
    The actors had their chops.
    Was it interesting?
    Almost - except that the laugh track marred what value the low humor offered.
    I could identify with the characters and their dilemma.
    The sour old man was typical stereotype as was the returning child-man.
    But the overall effect was so boring and annoying that I ffwd / jumped ahead, again and again.
    Frankly, I was not entertained. And that is why I watch TV. And that is why I will not be watching this show.
  • Disappointing, really.

    There were some really great one liners, but no substance behind them.

    The Wolf Blitzer crack did actually it make it worth staying up for the West Coast airing, but not worth trying to manipulate it into my own busiest TV night in terms of must-sees. The best interaction in the episode was between Shat and the DMV guy, which, while perfectly in character for Dad, just seems to flap in the breeze without any background established.

    The creation and presentation of good Comedy is not for the faint of heart, and its not dumb. Good comedy is smart, and does not expect a rim shot after each line delivery. I felt like I was in a dive comedy club where they served 25 cent recycled beer, listening to the guys who couldn't get work anywhere else. Actually, some 25 cent beer might have helped...

    Too bad. I was hoping for something bigger. Smarter. More of a commentary...'Cuz I can soooo identify with this character. I will watch again because this could have been a fluke, and we have the networks themselves to excel at giving up too easily. But so far this year my scoreboard remains, as it has for several years now, "Comedy = zero".
  • I was really hoping for more. And better.

    Over the past few years, William Shatner sparked a massive revival of his career by not taking himself as seriously as he used to. By joining in on the joke, he became endearing rather than insufferable (face it Trekkers, he was becoming a tool after TJ Hooker). That was one of the reasons I thought this portrayalof a curmudgeon on this new show would be as amusing as Denny Crane was on Boston Legal. He wasn't.

    There were fleeting moments where he was amusing, but those were the scenes we had all seen in previews and commercial clips. Instead of being a lovable old grump, he just came off as mean. By the halfway mark, I lost all interest in what he might say next. Animal cruelty, gun violence and homophobia isn't comedy. It's pandering to the REAL Archie Bunkers of the world.

    I'm still holding out hope for this show, but the pilot episode left a lot to be desired.
  • Shatner was good, everything else not so much

    I gave the series premiere of CBS' new sitcom "Bleep My Dad Says" a 9 simply based on the performance of William Shatner. Shatner gives a performance that is well worthy of a sitcom and could probably lead to a popular sitcom. However, the rest of the cast (which only appears to be Jonathan Sadowski (never even heard of him), Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan) wasn't anything to write home about. Shatner's character reminded me of a slightly less funnier version of his Denny Crane character from the great "Boston Legal," which is probably why I didn't mind the premiere so much even with the bad supporting cast. I think that if they had surrounded Shatner with better talent that this could have really been something. I'll continue to watch to see if it gets better.
  • Another interesting premise, another shaky pilot.

    So far, the new season of shows have shown a lot of promise, but have gotten off to shaky starts; this show is no exception. William Shatner plays a lonely father who's son has lost is job and while initially asking for money, decides to stay to have some type of relationship with his dad. The brother and sister-in-law are played by MAD-TV vets Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan. The premise is based on a Twitter/Facebook page S... My Dad Says which is quite funny and I am a member of the Facebook page. We get some of his one liners - profanity toned down - right off the bad and it progresses throughout the show. This is the good news. The bad news is they need to work on more bonding and gelling. Some of the scenes looked stiff and forced, while others had you wondering what were they thinking. Again, we get another show that looks promising that's not quite bore out by the pilot. I'll continue to watch it, along with a few other new shows I've commented on to see where they go and hopefully things will get better as we go along.