$#*! My Dad Says

CBS (ended 2011)


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  • BACK:)

    I want this show back ;) why did they cancel it?
  • I thought that a show based on a Twitter account was a bad idea, but I was impressed by this show.

    So yeah, the show follows Henry Goodson, who was a journalist on a magazine that went under, and he had to go live with his dad, Ed. Ed is kind of a sociopath, had sentimental issuses, and his comments are sarcastic and fun. Then we have Ed's toehr son, Vince & his wife Bonnie who are real-state agents and almost always have a subplot. Also minor is Tim the homosexual man Ed got fired but then hired as maid. Overall: It's a great show, with realtable characters and hilarios situations. But the thing that shines in this show is the dialogue - the interactions between the characters & Ed's remarks are by FAR the best thing on the show. So yeah, it deserves a 9/10 and I hope it continues for some time.
  • Looks Promising... Hope it makes it.

    I loved Will and Grace (its actually my favourite show - watched it 13 times seasons 1-8 and counting) this was thanks in large part to the wonderful guidance of Max Mutchnick & David Kohan, hopefully they can bring the same comic timing one-liners and amazing characters to this new venture (I trust their work). What truly makes a great show is how the actors/actresses take the material and work with it, bring it to life, William Shatner is great in his numerous roles throughout the years, and 'newcomer' Ryan Devlin is making a name for himself. With veterans from W&G making an appearance right from the pilot maybe we will see the same magic that made W&G great. I laughed quite a few times while watching the preview and can certainly see loving this show, the problem is that so few shows these days are actually given a chance. Hopefully the network will stand back and let this show grow, to find its fan base and make a name for itself, if they do I'm sure this will be a classic alongside Will and Grace.

    I give this show a 10 as I have high hopes for this show and want to show my support. Fingers Crossed cause I wanna hear more '$#*! My Dad Says'
  • As of the first episode, this promises to be another generic sit com

    As of the first episode, this promises to be another generic sit com. One of the few things bringing life to this show is William Shatner. His comedic timing is superb as always, but the premise is too weak to support too many seasons. In order for a show to go the distance, it needs memorable characters, and there is only one so far. I'm going to watch a few more episodes, but unless the characters begin to really develop, this show simply won't have enough of a pulse to justify keeping around. I really hope for the best, but the pilot hasn't given me much hope.
  • Gets better with time.

    At first this show wasn't as funny as I wanted it to be, but as time went on, there really are some preciously hilarious moments, like Ed's corn causing a neighborhood stir and him hooking up with the head of the housing association.

    It doesn't seem like CBS is terribly committed to the show and I am distressed by being left hanging as to its status. It seems to only show sporadically and I don't know if this is because of acting schedules or what.

    For the record, I think Bonnie & Vince are funny but it seems that the writers are having a hard time melding personalities together with the rest of the family. In general, the writers seem to have a hard time really making the dialogue sparkle.

    I like Ed's love interest and their interaction. I also like how there is this other side relationship between Bonnie & Ed. There is this sweet side to the episodes and sometimes the "moralizing" is a little heavy-handed.
  • Sheer pablum.

    What a major step down from Boston Legal. $#'! My Dad says almost single handedly redefines mediocrity. I watched one episode and found myself looking for some chore that needed doing before the episode was even half over. William Shatner has done some pretty good stuff in his long career, and I hate to see him top it all off with something as boring as this. Even his promise margerine commercials had more appeal for me than this turkey of a series. About as formula and uninspired as a sitcom can get in a genre that's notorious for producing unfunny crapola. What a shame, I'd hate to see Shatner remembered for something like this.
  • Getting Better All The Time

    First episode was completely generic -- the only thing worth watching was Shatner, who is always a delight -- but there's been steady improvement every week since. The third episode was a giant leap forward. Not far enough, but it's getting there: there were a number of genuine laugh-out-loud moments, as well as some nice quiet moments between father and son. (Turning down the volume a little will help this show immeasurably.) If they keep up the refinements, developing the supporting cast (Shatner works best when he's got strong actors to play against him -- he needs a James Spader here) and honing the humor, grounding it more in character, this may evolve into a keeper. As it stands, the show is certainly worth watching (it's really not the horror some critics have made it out to be), but it's hardly a comedy classic. Yet. Never underestimate William Shatner.