My Dad the Rock Star

Season 1 Episode 5

Angela D'Angelo

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Sep 29, 2003 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

When Willy spots the angelically beautiful Angela D'Angelo, it's love at first sight. And the feeling's mutual, as Angela asks Willy out on a "pre-date" -- an event, it transpires, that consists of an interrogation at the hands of Angela's neurotic parents. Meanwhile, Serenity is infatuated with a certain boy (Angela's older brother) because he's the only guy at school who takes no interest in her whatsoever. Willy arrives at the D'Angelos' house for a "pre-date", where he's grilled by Angela's stern, overprotective parents. Sensing they'd have a conniption fit if they knew he was Rock Zilla's son, Willy hides his identity…until the D'Angelos start ridiculing the "disgusting Rock Zilla" and his loser wife. Then Willy leaps to his parents' defence and gets himself hustled out the front door. The d'Angelos decide they can't even live in the same town as the Zillas, so they pack up and move away. And the narcissistic Serenity tries to adjust to the knowledge that there's actually one boy in the universe who wouldn't do anything to go on a date with her.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • The size of the flowers that Willy gets for Angela change drastically from the time he hands them to her and the time her parents seal them in the bag.

      • Angela's parents made Willy take his shoes off and replaced them with gray plastic things. Later on they kick him out of the house and he doesn't ever get his shoes back.

      • During some of the scenes of the music video Rock's snake tattoo is missing.

      • When we saw the D' Angelo's dog outside, it was inside of a type of bag that doesn't let germs get inside. But if the dog was in that, shouldn't he have suffocated by now?

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Rock Zilla: (ripping up newspaper) Bad press is good press.
        Willy: No bad press is bad press. (to his dad) For once I wish you wouldn't make the rest of us suffer because you need to express your crazy ideas.
        Crystal: I sense the pre-date did not go well.
        Rock Zilla: I knew "be yourself" was crap advice.

      • Angela: Willy, just tell them about your parents. It's nothing to worry about.
        Angela's Dad: Yes. Whatever lineage you have couldn't possibly be worse than having spread from the lines of that FILTHY...
        Angela's Mom: DISGUSTING...
        Angela's Dad: BEASTLY...
        Angela's Mom: ROCK ZILLA...
        Willy: I... uhhh...
        Angela's Dad: Not to mention whatever kind of FOWL...
        Angela's Mom: SELF MOLDING...
        Angela's Dad: STRUMPULOUS...
        Angela's Mom: FETTED...
        Angela's Dad: MENTADROPIAL Woman would possibly mate with that vermin and hatch his offspring...
        Willy: (annoyed)HEY! DONT YOU TALK THAT WAY ABOUT MY PARENTS!!!!
        Angela's Parents: (gasp)
        Angela: (gasp)
        Damien: Stttttrike!!!!

      • Damien: Don't let the parents frighten you, Willy. There on prison leaf right now, but there not dangerous.
        Angela: (chuckles)
        Angela's Mom: Damien! (to Willy) He thinks he's amusing.

      • Willy: Ah... We have so much in common. I mean we go to the same school, we both have weird names, and... Uh, we both breath oxygen.

      • Angela: Thank you. You're the only boy so far that hasn't been totally crazy trying to impress me.
        Willy: Oh... I could think of something.

      • Willy: Don't eat worms in Science class?

      • Willy: Hey, what's your dog's name?
        Angela's Mom: The name of our dog will be revealed after you've passed the pre-dating stage.

      • Angela: Goodbye, Willy!
        Willy: Goodbye....Angela....

      • Damien: It means, "Devil".

      • (Alissa was talking to Willy on the phone about why no one made it past the pre-date.)
        Alissa: Maybe it's because her parents are psycho.
        (Willy's mother comes back into the room, freaking out, and then leaving.)
        Willy: Psycho sounds good to me.

    • NOTES (5)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)