My Dad the Rock Star

Season 1 Episode 8

Dance Party

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Oct 20, 2003 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

Willy is thrilled when he's put in charge of organizing the school dance - that is, until he discovers that Miss Equus intends on running the dance the way its always been run - with boring music and no atmosphere. But Willy thinks he has the answer when he discovers that the hippest video station around is running a contest offering to give a free dance party to the school that sends in a video showing it has the most school spirit. Willy figures he's got it in the bag, after getting great footage of his school's spirit week.

Meanwhile, Serenity, whose skin has broken out from wearing "school spirit" greasepaint, discovers some rather unflattering images of herself in Willy's video footage. Being too self centered to realize that she's looking at footage that has been edited out, she erases Willy's videotape. Willy doesn't discover what's happened till the tape is at the station, forcing him, Alissa and Q to don Ninja gear and try to replace the erased tape with a backup copy. They get found out, but in the end, thanks to Willy's persistence, his school is chosen as the one with most spirit, and wins the prize.
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