My Dad the Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 11

Kant Buy Me Love

Aired Weekdays 6:30 AM Jan 30, 2005 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

It's night in the city. Mr. Kant is enjoying the silence when it is broken by Rock's game of croquet.

Mr. Kant comes over the next day demanding an apology from Rock. Rock doesn't seem to get a clue about what Mr. Kant wants and Mr. Kant leaves without the apology. Willy watches the whole thing and tells his pet, "Dad stinks as a neighbor doesn't he Mosh."

Willy goes over to offer Mr. Kant help in fixing the damage caused by Rock. He comes outside to find Rock walking Mosh. Rock has brought Mosh to Mr. Kant's house to do his business.

Willy offers to walk Mr. Kant's dog, Helga. Mr. Kant agrees telling Willy that will give him time to work in his garden. Mr. Kant shows Willy the garden. He is winning a prize for it and dreads the thought that Rock will do something to ruin the day for him. Willy offers to keep his dad busy for the day.

Rock and Crystal are going for a walk and come upon a garage sale. Rock finds a guitar he wants really cheap and his love of garage sales is born.

Willy recruits Alyssa and Quincy to help distract his dad. Rock pulls up with truckloads of things from garage sales. Crystal is stressed and retires to her meditation chamber. Rock is particularly taken with the garden gnome he found at the sales. Willy thinks it's creepy.

Alyssa distracts Rock with questions about his career. Then Quincy keeps Rock from "sprucing" up Kant's garden. Mr. Kant is so impressed with Willy's work he offers to let Willy help him with his garden. Willy discovers a matching gnome in Mr. Kant's garden. Mr. Kant tells Willy the gnome is one of a priceless set. Willy tells Mr. Kant that his father has the other gnome.

Rock refuses to give Willy the gnome for Mr. Kant. A new truck arrives with more junk from garage sales. He dumps the collectibles on the lawn. He tells Willy that Crystal won't let his things into the house.

Willy pleads with Rock to please stay in the yard the next day. Quincy and Alyssa are both in a tree staking out Rock. They realize that with both of them in the tree neither of them are watching Rock. Rock is firing up his music for a rehearsal, not knowing it is disrupting Mr. Kant. Rock sings a song about being Master of the Junk, full of disgusting and gross lyrics about trash, rats and junk. Willy tries to get the music to stop.

Chaos breaks out and pigs from Rock's musical adventure jump the fence and run amuck in Mr. Kant's garden. Mr. Kant is fed up and delcares he has had enough with the Zilla family. He decides to pull a prank on Rock. He snips all of Rock's azaela's. Willy tells him his father won't care about such a prank.

Quincy and Alyssa are trying to cheer up Willy. Willy is trying to get the peace back between the neighbors. He thinks of way to get Mr. Kant to not move. He comes up with a plan to switch the garden gnome in his father's yard and give Mr. Kant the real one so he will have the set.

Mr. Kant comes over the Zilla household happy and excited. He tells Willy he isn't moving after all. He has checked the town's by-laws and has discovered he has the authority to throw Willy and his family out on the street. The charter states music can only be performed in a bar. Willy reminds him there is no bar in town. Mr. Kant tells Willy he will bury the charter if he gets the gnome.

Rock declares that if he can't play his music he will wither up. Crystal says they will find a new town that doesn't know them. Willy begins dividing up his belongings between his friends. He realizes he must pack because his father won't be able to keep from making noise. Crystal tells Willy to cheer up, that everyone moves on.

Crystal's statement gives Rock an idea to run a garage sale before he leaves. He goes overboard though and starts giving away all of the family's belongings. Crystal comes up with a way to stop Rock's yard sale. She suggests he sell the guitar he coveted. Rock comes to his senses and decides to make things up to Mr. Kant. He hands over the gnome. Mr. Kant takes the gnome and hands over the only copy of the charter with the by-law.
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