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  • This Show Lacked Episodes.

    On Nickelodeon, It was super difficult waiting for new episodes and since there were only 13, I really did not get into it. It had potential.
  • I hate every character

    My top three hated characters are Star, Serenity and Quincy
  • Very good show :) My grandmother and I used to love it!

    My grandmother and I used to watch this show all the time when I was like 9. She used to think it was so funny and her and I would enjoy this show so much :) Man.... good times..... good times!
  • The idea is decent enough, but looks can be deceiving, and My Dad the Rock Star never used any of the potential it had.

    To be honest seeing promos for this show it looked interesting. Somehow though Nickelodeon managed to really run this show into the ground and it would never soar and be as good as they wanted it to be. In My Dad the Rock Star it centers around a kid named Willy Zilla, a new kid on the block who actually has a secret he never wanted to tell. His father is actually a famous rock star named Rock Zilla, and is a rich boy. Throughout the series he has to struggle and make his way through his new life while dealing with bullies and his dad who embarrasses him on a daily basis. Premise wise, it sounds boring, but decent and interesting enough, but it's too bad that Nickelodeon executed it in a horrible way. The show was actually created Gene Simmons, the bassist for the band, KISS, and he thought it was going to be good. The show's main problem is the fact that how good it looks, the show screams blandness all around. The stories in this show are downright boring and uninteresting. Such stories are Willy trying to find out if his house is haunted or not, going camping and everything goes crazy, or Willy saving the bully Buzz and he tries to repay him. Now most shows would add in new features to keep it fresh, but not this show. I think it goes out of its way to make it as bland as possible. The characters are all terrible on this show. Willy is a boring kid who is also annoying. He also seems to be depressed and never looks on the bright side at all. HE also tries to be popular, but no one likes him at all, and that makes no sense. He is the son of a famous rock star and no one likes him? If I had a friend who was related to somebody from Rush, AC/DC, Metallica, or Queen. I would hang out with that person. My guess is that since Willy is so boring, no one would hang with him not even of his father's a rock star. Quincy is by far one of, if not, the worst character on this show. He is a stereotypical African American and always does gangsta stuff and rap. Alissa was OK, but she was just the generic smart girl and love interest. Buzz is your run of the mill bully who picks on Willy for no good reason. The mom, Crystal, is a hippie, but a complete airhead. Skunk is a complete idiot and tries to be witty, but isn't. Serenity is the generic spoiled princess of the family who is annoying and not likable at all. Rock Zilla had the potential to be such a good and goofy character, but thanks to bad writing he comes off as annoying and tries so desperately to be funny, but isn't. The only good character I like was Mosh, the pet lizard. HE may not have done much, but at least there was back story to him, and it's sad when the lizard is the only good character on this show. The humor is a case of hit or miss, and it's mostly miss. There were very few times I did actually laugh, but most of the humor is predictable and not funny at all. I will credit the show for having great artwork with good character designs, and nice set designs, and the animation was nice and smooth throughout the show, but it's not enough to save this show. There was potential behind this even with the bland premise, and it could have had a future. In the end though, bad writing, boring stories, unfunny humor, and cardboard characters kept this show's potential from being used fully. If you really want to enjoy Gene Simmons' works, go listen to KISS instead. I believe that Gene Simmons was really trying to make this a good show, and wanted to continue it, but it got the shaft anyway, and maybe that was for the best.
  • Cool.

    My Dad the Rock Star is an awesome show. This is definatly under appreciated. Lots of people do not like this show for numerous reasons, I don't understand why. When I first saw this show, I was amazed that Gene Simmons is directing it. Gene Simmons is the lead singer for the famous rock band Kiss. My favorite character is Rock Zilla. He's funny, and a good singer. Gene Simmons should be doing Rock's voice, if he did, the show would have gotten major popularity. Knowing how popular Gene Simmons is. Willy is also great. Overall this show is an 8.5.
  • Wow this show has been forgotten for a while.

    Well, back a few years ago this show was created by Nick that didn't last long, and was then moved to Nicktoon's Network. As it wasn't very popular in ratings. This show i actually liked though, but alas, from sources i heard is that this show isn't on Nicktoon's Network anymore either. I just find it rather shameful that not many episodes were made for this and ended up in the failed cartoon's trash bin. low score as a solid number six brings it down to one of the lowest scored animated shows on Nick, which is very close to Yakkity Yak. I am not sure about Yakkity yak but this show i feel ended too quickly and also feels to me that if this show was kept on longer that it would have been a more successful show as there would be more added to the storyline. Rats, i guess it was meant for it to stop running in late August of 2005, and i am okay with those who don't like this show, maybe this show wasn't the best to be made. Though it would be nice if this show could be renewed with a different twist and some of it would be corrected to make it possibly into a better show. I miss this show very much.
  • Meh

    Show was pretty bland. And it didn't feel like anything worthwhile ever happened. The characters were all pretty flat and it didn't feel like you could relate to any of them. Everything was pretty predictable and boring. The dad being a rock star may have been different, but it's not like there haven't been other shows where kids are ashamed of their family, which is pretty much what the show boiled down to. Considering the show doesn't air anymore( for good reason, I suppose), there's no reason for anyone to actually go out of their way to check it out. The show is just going to fade away and be completely forgotten, now.
  • A boy with a rock star for a father tries deal with the average problems of being a teen.

    It is about a 12-year-old boy, Willy, who has a rock star for a father. And unlike his sister, he hasn't let the fame and fortune go to his head. The show is basically about how Willy deals with his family, school and other issues while being the son of a famous rock star. One thing I don't like about the show is the typical characters. The spoiled bratty, selfish, conceited teenage daughter, and the mild mannered, conservative, almost-loser, son. One of the parents is an oddball, while the other is wild and crazy.
    I've seen a couple of episodes of My Dad's A Rock Star and while I don't exactly hate this show, I don't like it very much either. If there were nothing else decent on to watch, I might watch this show, although I might get annoyed with the characters and not watch TV at all.
  • Why is this rockin' series out of order currently? It's Awsome.

    I loved this show. It still is on. Jsut not on Nick. I don't know why people think it's okay show and not a great show? People seem to give around in 6's and 7's. I gave it a ten as a score. It's a Really AWsome show. I really wish it had new epsiodes and it was on more not just during the day on weekdays. While I'm at school it's on. Why? Why can't it be on the weekends so people can see it more often? I think it's a way awsome. SHow. It's way better than Avatar, Ben10 Narrato, Pokemon, and Yu-gi-o!.
  • Decent enough idea for a cartoon,but immenantly brought down by terrible excution

    Seriously,it is a decnt concept on paper,but when it's finally made into a show,it's just Vanilla,boring. I only saw a Canadian toon with no background and lacked substance. Let's start with the characters. Rock,well agreed with the latter,he could've been a better character with the proper writing staff, Willy, he was just a really dull character to revolve around, His friends, well, that girl looks like a cross between Rose from FullMetal Alchemist and a suicide survivor, the African American, worst stereotype ever, it's like him and every other African American kid in the school is a "gangsta with mad skillz yo!" while the Causcasians are all "geeks", The sister, just plain annoying, the mom,just as bad as the rest of the Zilla family, The lizard, meh he doesn't do much. The plots have either been lame or already overplayed on another show. People only say Gene's intellegent for making the show when about 90% of those people probably never listened to his work on Kiss. Nice move Nick, back to the drawing board.
  • I swore I would never ever watch a cartoon I knew wouldn't last long. Unfortunatly, I was addicted to this cartoon.

    My Dad the Rockstar is about a boy named Willy who has a rockstar dad (Rock zilla) and hippie mom (Crystal) and a snoody sister (Serenity). They move to Silent Springs, a very tranquile neighborhood, and turn the place upside down. Everyone except Willy. Willy personally just wants to be a normal kid living a normal life. But that all changes when everyone finds out he is the famous Rock Zilla's son. Now, not many people in the town like Rock Zilla, so they give Willy a lot of crap. Still, Willy meets two friends Quincy and Alyssa (eventually he and Alyssa start to like each other). I know this show is really one big opinion, because a lot of people don't like it because they think it is a stupid idea. And I admit I thought it was a stupid idea. But once you start to watch the show you make up your own idea on the show. So, if you have your heart set that this is a stupid show, don't watch it of it's just a waste of 30 minutes. But if you really want to see if it is any good go ahead and watch it.
  • Gene Simmons was a leader of a perfect rockstar band mostly said by others , until the day he got off the stage. Where's he at now? Well , before there was a Reality show based off himself , he had made a cartoon that ruins his original reputation.

    That's right , My Dad The Rockstar is created by Kiss legend , Gene Simmons. This show plays almost exactly like every single piece of show that might be on either Nickelodeon or Disney Channel. Now the fans are even saying that the creator is like an intelligent being because of this. Bull! I say.

    For the people who haven't heard of this show , My Dad The Rockstar focuses on a son who happens to live in a family that is filthy stinkin' rich because his father is Rockzilla. Just like KISS , he plays the grand ol' rock , but also had to live right out of the music eventually. Now that he did , Willy now lives in a mansion at a regular town with new friends , and the same exact shredded pieces you came to expect when you experience shows that mostly have teenaged stereotypes.

    Why , even the Africans happen to be stereotyped as a gangster. It just plain sickens me. But that's not because I'm black. This is because the world will be tired of this action. Hell , this is Nickelodeon! Every person who is colored differently happens to be a nerd. Not in this show sadly! But alas , we go deeper into the story. Willy is although a famous son of a rockstar , he is shunned in fear that his secret will be revealed to his new hometown. Why? Why would he so damn terrified of this very thing coming about? He's a son of a star! Not only that , but he also wants to have a regular life. Yes , you might have a father who acts strange , a sister who happens to be like you , a psychic mother , and a pet lizard that is strangely weird , but constanly fearing all together?! I think it's a regular life for you. In fact , you almost act like a spoiled brat from My Super Sweet 16. How sad.

    Other characters include the girl who happens to be normal , a hearted bully of the schoolgrounds , the principal of Willy's school , the girlfriend Willy loves in which her parents are in great avoidance of Rockzilla , and many more. But yet , that's not going to save the other junk it produces. Rating : 1.0 out of 10.0
  • Man no one seems to be bothered making a show good.

    Honestly,this show is pointless.Ok there's no good plots,the characters are very flat and stale,plus I too have noticed that girl(what was here anme,don't care)looks like she was copied from Ros'e off Fullmetal Alchemist.sure a show created by a rockstar may sound cool but when you find out who it is,it may be less than you expect.Gene Simmons(creator and ex member of KISS) probably would've been better off without creating the show.This is number 4 on my top five list of worst nicktoons which is:

    1.Mr Meaty


    3.Super Duper Sumos/Butt Ugly Martians(Tied)

    4.My Dad the Rockstar

    5.Yakkity Yak

    Shows like this are the reason why good Nicktoons like Rocko's Modern Life and Invader ZIM got kicked off the air
  • Whoever thought of this needs to get slapped in the face!

    I'm am so glad it got canned! It sucks! This is needs to get off the air! I have Nicktoons Network and I only watch this show when I'm bored! First it's corny and second the characters are stupid as hell. Willy is a total nerd with slight emoness, then his Dad is a retard with freaky green hair in the style of an oompa-loompa. All the characters are retarded in ways that can't be explained. This show is only "So unbearable". This is one of Nick's crappy ideas of a show! I hope this show stays canned forever! It's plain out retarded!
  • This is a pretty good show if you watched it before.

    My Dad the Rock Star is an awesome show. This is definatly under appreciated. Lots of people do not like this show for numerous reasons, I don't understand why. When I first saw this show, I was amazed that Gene Simmons is directing it. Gene Simmons is the lead singer for the famous rock band Kiss. My favorite character is Rock Zilla. He's funny, and a good singer. Gene Simmons should be doing Rock's voice, if he did, the show would have gotten major popularity. Knowing how popular Gene Simmons is. Willy is also great. Overall this show is an 8.5.
  • No one really tries to do good shows anymore!!!

    This show is so stupid. I have never liked it. I only watch the show once its so dumb and not funny at all. Im 13 and it seems that this show is not liked by teenagers either. I can tell why Nickelodeon cancel this stupid show in the first place. All the charaters are brainless and stupid, all the episodes are boring, and the plots is terrible. I just wanted to change the channel when I saw this show airing. If you think watches this show will please you, your wrong cause it didnt work for me. Remember, I watch the show only once and Im not watching it again and thats not about to change.
  • Eh this was kind of a weird show.

    I saw a few episodes and I wasn't very much satisfied at all. It wasn't funny at all (and tries to be) and the plots were retarded and wierd. This is an example of a show that replaced a very good nicktoon, such as Catdog or any of those classics. And they're being replaced with well. . terrible shows. Nick is going downhill and I don't think its stopping. The only show I watch on Nick is Spongebob, and even thats going downhill with season 4. Well anyways I'm saying that this show is horrible and not good at all!!
  • One of the worst shows ever to be seen on nickelodean.

    Please,...this show was....crap. Just crap. Poor animation, no plot, No backround, no fun. really any kid would find this boring. So this is what sums the show up. A druged up dad and a washed up mom and a bully on crack and a variety of drugs. The other people have lost thier brains. But who in thier right mind would make a show so bad? Thank god it ENDED!!!!!!! please put argree if you do. Please reply. THANK YOU!
  • Mildly interesting idea, that was executed horribly.

    In a way, the story of a normal kid trying to live a regular life and be liked for who he is despite the fact that his father is famous whose eccentric did have some merit. Sad thing is that the whole show is ruined by bad writing, cliched characters, and a horribly dull lead character (Willy the son). While I believe that Rock Zilla (the famous dad) has the potiental to be a really fun character with the right writers, it's the shame the rest of the cast would need some major reworking. Not to mention that Quincy is the most painful to watch Black sterotype to come out in years. I'm sorry to tell Gene Simsons (the creator) this, but maybe it was for the better this show got canceled.
  • It's ok, but mostly dumb. I can understand why it was canceled.

    This show is NOT as bad as everyone says it is.
    If you think THIS is the worst show that's aired on Nick, you need to watch TV more often.
    The show is just Ok.
    For a show being about a kid whose dad is a rock star, this show could be way better, but it's still not too bad.

    Anyway, I'll give this show a decent rating of . . . . . . . . . 6.0
  • This Show Needs Something...

    I find this show in particular to have very repetitive plots. Mentioned in other eviews the boy would have a problem and his dad would be getting ready for a concert, meanwhile the mother is as clueless as ever, and his two friends try to help the main character, but the main character is as stubborn as a goat.

    I find the plot, animation, and the voice talent to be the major flaws of the show hence \\\"fine tuning.\\\"

    The voice talent is extremely poor in my tastes, and the people just can\\\'t bring their character to life. The only person that has somewhat of a personality is Quincy; Willie\\\'s best friend. He has his moments, but I really can not give this show anything.

    The show is just very boring and takes place in a very uninteresting setting. Rockzilla tries very hard to be funny, but the majority of the time he is rather strange and confusing than that of funny. The mother would just do what Zilla does, and as well as the grandfather. Everyone seems to just follow Rockzilla during plots. There have been decent episodes, but the horrible voice talent took over the average plot with absurdness.

    The animation is too bland and the style the animation uses is just unappealing. The characters look very similar, and there seems to be very little textures and detail.
  • Who thought of dis?

    I dunno why dis show was ever put on Nick. It is like one of the worst shows ever. It was bad enough when they decided to add Catscratch to Nick, but it\'s worse because they still have this show. It seems unoriginal about the characters because I have seen some other shows like it. The animation waas cool, but I saw one show and I was like no way. I thought Oh, lord, this show is alot dumber than I thougth it would have been. I remeber when Nick was fun, they would have Invader Zim, and alot of other funny shows like Kablam! , but then they got rid of them. I remember on Saturday Nights they had a thing called SNICK. I remember Shleby Woo and the times where All That was cool. But now, it\'s just going downhill for Nick.
  • gag!

    Boring, lame, not funny, and did i mention it was boring?

    Well, I am just glad it got cancelled in the United States. but i heard its still around in some other countries.

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  • This is corny....

    Okay, some 12 year old has a Rock star dad, and nobody listens to him.... BORING!!! Okay, this show is pretty boring, Rock-Godzilla (or whatever his name is) treats his son like dog poop and he gets annoying. This is a Typical episode: Rock comes in and says he is on tour again, his wife says that, that is good, the grandfather agrees, the son gets a pimple/first date or something, he wants advice and no one listens,*cut to Rock saying something random and stupid while he gets ready for his concert* he goes to school with his friends (one of them always is dressed up in a 90's rapper outfit *shudders*), he tries to get advice the girl tells him bla, bla, bla, the rapper boy says uh, yeah i guess i'll help. *cut to Rock saying something random and stupid and getting ready for his concert*, He asks mom who tells him she doesn't know what to say, The boy goes to his room and complains and whines about how he never get advice, he asks the daughter (who acts like a sterotype, wondering how much money she can get out of Daddys wallet), the boy finally gets some help the dad goes on stage and we all live happily ever after. That is it, and to think this is from the LEGNEDARY singer from KISS. Guess he has a good singing talent, but cant make a good cartoon. Oh well, at least the Mutant Pet Komodo Dragon/ Alligator thing is cute.
  • I Love This Show!

    I love this show! I am so glad Asian Nickelodeon still has it!!!! yay! It's original and interesting, and I love the theme song - where can I find lyrics for it, anyway? I'm looking all over...
    Why are you all (for the most part) saying that this show is boring? It's alot more unique than about 99% of the teen shows on TV - it's not common, which in my book, is a GOOD thing!
    Anyways, love this show, ttyl!
  • Some highs, too many lows

    A show about a kid whos dad is a rockstar, as said in the title. This Canadian toon lacks in so many ways. At times it is entertaining and intresting, but all to much, it is too mellow, and dull. The voices lack at times, the music is good for a cartoon though. Animation is done in way just so they could squeak by with it looking okay, and overall, the storylines are just plain drab. Usually you'll just end up turning the station before finishng an episode of this show. Had potential, but just could not polish it off.
  • A kid of a celebrity? Not again...

    When I watched this show on Friday, I thought it was OK. I wtched it for a few more weeks and then I was questioning whether I should watch it again. I watched again, then it turned me off. It got stupid, annoying, and they make Rock Zilla look like he has boobs or something. They make Quincy look like a token. They try to make him look gangsta, but he's simply wangsta. Alyssa looks like a future suicide survivor and I just plain don't like the family and the kid. The teachers are really predujiced to the kid also.

    It's overall garbage.
  • Ok, so let's think here. Most people hate it. My theory is, "If you can't relate, you'll hate." So generally kids betweem the ages of 10-12 with wacky friends or family will love this show.

    My personal favorite part is the theme song. Here are the lyrics:
    My Dad the Rock Star
    Opening theme lyrics

    It's so hard just to feel normal
    When everyone is completely paranormal and
    Everything is totally deranged
    And you're the only one who's sane

    Sometimes it gets
    So unbearable
    But mostly I feel

    Cuz I'm a freak
    And my dad is a rockstar, yeah
    My dad is a rockstar

    That's it, the party's over
    Turn off the lights, I'm leaving the stage
    I just wanna get a little more control
    So nobody can tell me what to do

    Sometimes it gets
    So unbearable
    But mostly I feel

    Cuz I'm a freak
    And my dad is a rockstar, yeah
    My dad is a rockstar,yeah, yeah

    Everybody loves the theme song! I'm trying to get the title so it can be put on my iPod. I sort of like it.
  • Yawn!

    This is one of the most boring shows on TV. Its not funny, appealing, and its FAR from interseting. Its corny, stupid, pointless, and unorigonal. Nothing exciting ever happens on this show! I even fell asleep when I was watching this. Stay far from this show, unless u love complete boredum.
  • Wow, I expected Nick to do better

    Most lamest excuse for a show on nick. Gene simmons failed to make a cartoon show based on his roots. See, this is one way to make you hate Nick and make you watch Cartoon Network all the time. I am dissapointed in you, Nickelodeon. Any more lame shows and I won't watch Nick anymore, or even like nick.
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