My Dad the Rock Star - Season 1

TELETOON (ended 2005)


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  • Meet the Zillas
    Episode 13
    When Rock notices that another heavy metal star has his own reality television show he calls his manager and demands a show about himself and his family. However, the cameras create anything but "reality" at the Zilla household. Everyone except Willy is constantly ‘on', performing extravagantly for the cameras. But though the rest of his family is thrilled by the publicity, Willy wishes the show and the attention would all go away. It's a total invasion of his privacy, and people follow him around like shadows, hoping to get their 15 minutes of fame. Things get worse when the broadcaster's focus groups show that the audience likes Willy the best, identifying with his attempts at normality amid the insanity of the Zilla household - making the cameras follow Willy even more closely, and making the rest of the family a little jealous of Willy's fame. Desperate to get his life back to "normal", Willy, Quincy and Alissa, come up with a plan; together they create an over-the-top character ‘Lil-A-Zilla. Willy lays on the faux urban attitude thick for the cameras. The audience is turned off, and smelling a contrived set-up, the TV people shut down the production. Willy is thrilled, and, no longer tailed by hangers-on, celebrates the end of his fame with his two best friends, Alissa and Quincy.moreless
  • 11/17/03
    Buzz sets Willy up to experience a series of unfortunate encounters with Mr. Malfactor. Finally Malfactor has had enough! He can smell revolt in the air, he labels Willy a Rebel and seizes the opportunity to restore order upon the student body by implementing a dress code. Once again Willy finds himself on Malfactor's bad side as he unwittingly leads the protest against the dress code. When Rock hears about Willy's school woe's he fulfils his fatherly duty by going to the school to discuss Willy's conduct problems with Mr. Malfactor. Things go well until Rock accidently sets Malfactor on fire, and gets Willy expelled. Willy has one last chance to plead his case to the school board. He works hard to discredit Mr. Malfactor and prove he just wants to quietly go to school without causing any harm to anyone. Rock can't let his boy fight this fight alone so he dons a jacket and tie and makes an appearance before the board. The president of the school board is a huge Rock Zilla fan and lets Willy stay in school no problem, Mr. Malfactor however, is another matter.moreless
  • Mr. Big
    Episode 11
    When Sally Raptor offers Willy a coveted spot in the "in crowd", Willy gets a taste of what it's like to be extremely popular - and it rocks! But complications arise when Sally tries to get Willy to abandon his old friends Alissa and Quincy. Meanwhile, Serenity is terrorizing the neighbourhood practising to get her driver's license. Willy finds out that Sally was only using him to get close to his Dad to raise her social status, and he's secretly thrilled.. Being "unpopular" is actually much more fun than hanging out with Sally's shallow clique. Willy and his friends give Sally a little payback - by unleashing the outrageous Rock Zilla and his entourage on Sally's Mom and her country club cronies.moreless
  • Call of the Wild
    Episode 10
    When Willy asks to sign up for a camping trip with Quincy and Alissa, Rock and Crystal decide it would be a great opportunity to spend quality time with their son if they organized a trip for Willy and his pals instead. Willy is less than thrilled, but for Serenity, who opts to stay home, her parents' weekend trip with Willy provides just the chance she's been looking for to spend some time alone. However, Rock's reliance on hi-tech gizmos, and Crystal's reliance on flakey New Age gets them into trouble out in the great outdoors. It's up to the Willy, Q and Alissa to use their smarts to save the day. This they do, and end up having a great wilderness adventure while they're at it. Ironically, the person having the worst survival problems is Serenity, who is learning the hard way that her pampered lifestyle has left her ill-equipped to handle weekend alone without anyone around to wait on her or show her how to operate the house.moreless
  • Psychic Convention
    Episode 9
    Willy is faced with having to pass a crucial math test that will determine whether he has to go to a "summer school" self-guided class that has just one other student, his nemesis, Buzz. Just as Willy tries to settle down and study, events conspire against him when Crystal insists on taking the family to psychic fair. There, a psychic predicts that Willy will lose something important, and fail at something important. Although freaked out by the weirdness of the psychic, Willy dismisses her predictions…until he arrives home and discovers that Mosh has apparently run away, allegedly after eating Mr. Kant's cat and dog. Kant is up in arms, and has called in the Animal Control department, who have vowed to use deadly force on poor old Mosh. Finding it hard to concentrate under the circumstances, Willy does poorly with his homework. He grows ever more certain that the psychic is right, and seems resigned to failing his exam - until Q and Alissa step in, determined to help Willy find Mosh before the animal catchers do. Through sheer determination, Willy succeeds in finding his beloved reptile pal in the nick of time Realizing at last that his fate is in his own hands, Willy studies hard to the math exam - and aces it, leaving Buzz to his own devices in the remedial summer math program!moreless
  • Dance Party
    Episode 8
    When Willy is placed on the dance commitee, he has trouble adjusting to Miss Equus' ways of running the dance.
  • Willy Unplugged
    Episode 7
    Willy's excited about playing a cool acid jazz number on his trumpet at his school's talent night. But when Rock finds out, he tries to "help" by adding over-the-top theatrics to Willy's show. Then Q and Alissa try to get in on Willy's act - with less-than-musical results. Fearing that his father will turn his show into an overblown spectacle, but not having the heart to say it, Willy tells his parents that the performance is the evening before the actual date of the show. When they arrive at Willy's school accompanied by an entourage that Rock has flown in from all over the country, they discover a "Talent Show Cancelled" sign (provided by Willy, of course). Unfortunately, the school janitor passes by and sets the record straight. Willy confesses the truth to Rock…and discovers to his amazement that his father understands. Inspired by that, Willy gently tell his two best friends that it's just not working out having them in his act - and discovers that being true friends, they've reached that same conclusion, and bow out. Willy's show is a hit on talent night.moreless
  • The Candidate
    Episode 6
    Willy wants his life to be normal, so he decides to run for student council. But Buzz tries to get him to lose by running himself. Will Willy win the election?
  • Angela D'Angelo
    Episode 5
    When Willy spots the angelically beautiful Angela D'Angelo, it's love at first sight. And the feeling's mutual, as Angela asks Willy out on a "pre-date" -- an event, it transpires, that consists of an interrogation at the hands of Angela's neurotic parents. Meanwhile, Serenity is infatuated with a certain boy (Angela's older brother) because he's the only guy at school who takes no interest in her whatsoever. Willy arrives at the D'Angelos' house for a "pre-date", where he's grilled by Angela's stern, overprotective parents. Sensing they'd have a conniption fit if they knew he was Rock Zilla's son, Willy hides his identity…until the D'Angelos start ridiculing the "disgusting Rock Zilla" and his loser wife. Then Willy leaps to his parents' defence and gets himself hustled out the front door. The d'Angelos decide they can't even live in the same town as the Zillas, so they pack up and move away. And the narcissistic Serenity tries to adjust to the knowledge that there's actually one boy in the universe who wouldn't do anything to go on a date with her.moreless
  • High Infidelity
    Episode 4
    When Crystal opens a Psychic Wellness Centre next to Willy's school, Willy is in for some ribbing from classmates wanting to tease him over his flakey Mom. But Willy is surprised when his old nemesis - Buzz - leaps to his defence. Buzz tells Willy he's turned over a new leaf, and wants to be pals. Quincy and Alissa aren't convinced, and try to warn Willy. But Willy's generous nature leads him to forgive Buzz and accept his friendship. Buzz wangles a dinner invite to the Zillas, then mysteriously heads home halfway through dinner. Willy wonders what happened until the next day, when Willy discovers that Buzz used the friendship and dinner invite as a way of getting into Rock's home studio to download a pre-release copy of Rock's new CD, which he has sold to music bootleggers. But with help from Alissa, Quincy and Skunk, Willy pulls the old switch-er-oo on the bootleggers - sneaking into their place, and switching the CD they're about to copy with a CD of boring New Age sounds from Crystal's Psychic Wellness Centre.moreless
  • Mr. Zilla's Opus
    Episode 3
    Willy is just beginning to develop his talents in the brass section of the school band, when Principal Malfactor shuts down the Music Program, to divert money to buy the Football team new equipment. When Rock finds out, he offers to fund the Music Program himself, on one condition... that he teach the music class! All the students are hyped about the cool new faculty member...except Willy, whose cover is blown by his Dad's presence at school. Meanwhile, when the parents hear that the infamous Rock Zilla is molding their children's impressionable minds they demand his resignation. Before the parents' protest can get too heated, Rock understands that as much as he wants to be a bigger part of Willy's life, he has to give his Son some space. So Dad quits, slyly telling the parents, "Who needs Music in school anyway? I didn't, and look how well I turned out!" That's all it takes for the parents to demand that the program be immediately reinstated!moreless
  • 9/8/03
    Still adjusting to life in the weird and wonderful Zilla mansion, Willy awakens one night to the wails of a ghost somewhere deep in the house. Willy's fears are cranked up a few notches the next day, when Buzz regales his classmates with a story about how the Zilla mansion is built atop an old graveyard and is haunted by the spirit of the local psychopath. Willy enlists the help of his new pals Alissa and Quincy to search out the ghost. However, instead of finding an evil apparition, they discover the infamous paparazzi, Scoop, skulking about the house taking compromising photos of the Zillas. Willy uses a few tricks of his own to scare Scoop into handing over his film. Rock stumbles past them, yowling with pain with a toothache. Rock's moans turn out to be identical to the "ghost's" Inspired by Willy's bravery, Rock decides to conquer his own demons…by working up the courage to go to the dentist.moreless
  • 9/1/03
    The Zilla family moves to the new town of Silent Springs. Willy makes new friends named Alissa and Quincy and meets the school bully, Buzz.