My Dad's the Prime Minister

BBC (ended 2004)


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My Dad's the Prime Minister

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Pity poor Dillon Phillips, the prime minister's 12-year-old lad. His status as the son of the country's leader generates major problems: he's a source of scorn and bullying at school, his parents are always busy (his mother is an executive for an international pension fund corporation and remains singularly unimpressed by her husband's position) and life's everyday routines are complicated by elaborate security procedures and the sometimes overzealous reaction of his (and his pain-in-the-backside sister Sarah's) personal bodyguard, the ex-SAS police detective, Sharp (replaced in the second series by the equally firm but friendly Gary). But Dillon gets by, seeking refuge in fantasy by imagining himself as a tough Newsnight interviewer grilling his family and colleagues. In real life, his attempts to engage those around him often end in farce: his dad retains his elusive politician's persona at home, his mother is constantly preoccupied and Sarah treats him with the disdain traditionally held by sisters for their younger brothers. Worst of all is Duncan Packer, his father's smarmy spin doctor, whose only interest is the PM's standing. The omnipresent Packer will stoop to any level to keep the PM in power, regardless of what it may mean to his family, Dillon especially.moreless
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  • This light political comedy was first written for a younger audience. It's main aim was for broadcasting on the BBC's children's channel CBBC,which it does still broadcast upon.

    The comedy, straight forwardly follows the life of the Prime Minister and his family, centralling on the PM's children.

    The children themselves appear to be more in control of the running of the country than the PM, and can be closely compared with that of the life of the real PM, Mr.Blair.

    The ascting at times can seema little rusty, but it shows raw comical scripted and acted comedy, rarely seen in children's comedy.

    And, i also love watching politics, so the use of politics in a comedy is always a popular one for me.moreless