My Extreme Animal Phobia

Animal Planet Premiered Oct 21, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • 11/18/11
      Donyale's fear of moths is so severe that all family activities are planned around avoiding them. Tino is reduced to tears by even the sight of a lizard. And Luann's fear of birds prevents her from joining her family in enjoying the outdoors.
    • Swarms of Venom
      Episode 4
      Shelly refuses to swim in any body of water for fear of being eaten by sharks. Kurt wrestles men twice his size for a living, but cowers in fear when confronted with a bee. And Tameeka won't even enter her own home if she sees a millipede in the doorway.
    • 11/4/11
      Andrew raises exotic animals, but even the sight of a cockroach makes him to vomit. Jackie worries that her fear of butterflies may prevent her from finding a job. And Katie needs to conquer her fear of spiders if she is going to move out on her own.
    • 10/27/11
      A crippling fear of bats prevents Tom from leaving the house at night. Roxanne refuses to enter the bathroom by herself for fear of encountering a rat. And Laura has injured herself several times trying to avoid cockroaches.
    • 10/21/11
      Tough guy Marvin is reduced to tears by the sight of a pit bull puppy. A traumatic childhood encounter with a snake keeps Seth a virtual prisoner in his own home. And Jahara refuses to open windows in case a spider gets into her home.