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My Fair Brady’ follows the budding romance of 70s superstar Christopher Knight, better known as Peter Brady from ‘The Brady Bunch’, and the first ever winner of ’America’s Next Top Model’, Adrianne Curry. The pair met during the taping of VH1’s ‘Surreal Life 4’ and nearly a year later they are still in love and living together. Will the pair live happily ever after?
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  • I'm not reviewing a specific episode...just a difference I noticed since Adrianne and Chris were on the Surreal Life up to now in My Fair Brady Maybe Baby?

    First of all, I immediately liked Adrianne-her personality, just everything about her. She reminds me of myself in a lot of ways. This season, especially the last episode when she was drunk, I almost didn't believe it. Chris you could tell was drunk from the way he was talking to her father. But aside from laughing, Adrianne's face was covered a lot when she got in bed and kept saying how drunk she was. It's a reality show and I've always saw it like that. But I wonder if they have to add things that aren't true to get the audience to enjoy it or watch it more..who knows? Does anyone agree or disagree-please I'd like to hear someone else's thoughts. No one I know watches this show. Thanks for reading.moreless
  • "Strange Love" - outragous characters = Snoozefest 2006!

    One Word Review: Bor-ring! Okay, that's only four words and I still need 96 more so here I go. This was blah! I just don't care about these two people's lives! I didn't watch Season One of America's Next Top Model and I don't care for Christopher Knight one way or another. This is a stretch for VH1 to put a reality show with these normal, pretty white people doing pretty, normal things. Where's the intrest? I don't care if they get married or break up. And i'm not saying this because i'm anti-celebrity because i'm not. It's just these two people are not people I care to see into their personal lives because not a whole lot is going on! The only thing I remember liking from this is seeing them flirt because they do seem to have an attraction toward them but you can see love on any show.moreless
  • Gee, how much longer will it be?

    It is a very funny, but out of control. Christopher Knight and Adrian Curry are the two most naughty celeberties since Flavor Flav and Brigett. I guess you can show something out of the blue or not. One thing was dumb was Florince Henderson giving a bad advise to Christopher and Adrian. I think she should butt out. It would be nice if Tyra Banks should make an appeance on the show, but she is way to busy! Oh well. I know that Chris and Adrian are very crazy for each other. At least Chris is not well in his late 50's and go crazy for women, unlike someone I watch.moreless
  • A good show!

    I think that My Fair Brady is a pretty cool show. But I really think that Adrien is a little too immature though, that's only in my opinion. She seems like a somewhat nice person but she is kind of annoying at times though. Yet I still hand up watching My Fair Brady almost everytime it's on the TV. The reason I watch it is because Christopher Knight is on it. But It is a pretty cool show and I like to watch it. I especially love the theme song to the show, it's really cute how they wrote it.moreless
  • Nah uh!

    I grew up watching \"Brady Bunch\" so it kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth to see Peter Brady falling for the kinky Adrianne Curry, who won\'t stop whining about Christopher Knight marrying her. She\'s practically pestering the hell out of him to marry her. Is he sincerely in love or just wants to get the dame off his back. These two aren\'t meant for each other and I can see them getting a divorce before the marriage is final. I hope one of them comes to their senses and says \"stop\" before they say \"I do.\"

    The new season of “My Fair Brady\" is a roll coaster of a whining couple who are confused on whether or not they should marry. From what I’ve seen so far, the answer should be “no.” But then we wouldn’t have a “My Divorced Brady” episode next season.


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