My Fair Brady

Season 3 Episode 6

Bring on the Boobs

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 2008 on VH1



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    • Regarding her new breasts
      Adrianne: I love them. They're squishy and siliconey and it's like real boobs. God I love touching them.

    • Adrianne: You know what? Look at me, look at me. $14,000. Not $3,000, not 6, not 9, not 10, $14,000 out of my pocket. You think I'm going to mess it up to bare the seed of your loins?

    • Adrianne: The only reason she's on Chris' side about babies is cause she didn't just spend a whole load of money on new boobs.

    • Regarding Dias answer
      Chris: Oh yes, a brilliant answer. An answer that is filled with wisdom.
      Adrianne: Hey check this out, you know what else is filled with wisdom, stiletto, eyeball.
      Chris: I'm alawys getting physically threatened.

    • Chris: Adrianne is irascible. Like I like to say, we're the Honeymooners, and she's Ralph.

    • Adrianne: Dia has always been down for haivng babies, and we tend to do things at the same time, so I know I'm doomed If she gets pregnant.

    • Adrianne: I don't want big boobs. I want them to look like my old boobs, just not uneven and without the nipples pointing in different directions.

    • Chris: She didn't even have to ask to see them. You just whipped them out.

    • Chris: So you'll have an alarm, and by Christmas you'll have a gun. and by New Years, I'll be dead.

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