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Shouldn't Married Her

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    [1]Jul 10, 2008
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    Chris you should have married that girl from top model,because she using you for money wise until she reach her wealth.She move in with you then she gave you a choice too married her or she leave.You should have let her leave and then see what happen.I doubt her love for you.I don't think she feels the same way you feel about her.She even wrote Tyra Banks a nasty lettler,because she wasn't making no money.And beside she a nasty person,because she want even clean up the house and ya are on Television.I hope I'm wrong for the sake of you.
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    [2]Jan 5, 2009
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    Ok wow, that was some rant. there are many who would agree with you but I think that they seem to be good with each other. firstly, while he has some money, he is not really that rich and his career is pretty much over with. she is young and good looking and for the most part can make her own money. Plus of all the men she could have gone for in the surreal life house, she went with him. Yes, she is a slob and has her problems but I think she is pretty good compared to other gold diggers that are out there.
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