My Fair Brady

Season 3 Episode 5

Living the Surreal Life

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 24, 2008 on VH1



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    • Chris: Tammy came over to talk logic and numbers, but Adrianne can only remember how hot she was.

    • Chris: I should have known that Adrianne would not have paid any attention. Especially after she say how atractive Tammy was.

    • Adrianne: That was really boring, but man was she smoking.

    • Adrianne: Since I most likely won't be having kids, I'm sitting here and the only thing I'm thinking in my mind is I'll have to buy new bras soon and I think I have to pee.

    • Adrianne: This just seems a little hypocritical. This guy didn't give a crap about his will until he's almost dead. Why should I care about a will?

    • Tammy: Do you feel the prenuptial arangement is fair to you?
      Adrianne: I don't really care. i'm not going to divorce him, and if he tries to leave me, I'll kill him anyway. I don't really care, I'll either be in jail or happy.

    • Adrianne: I know you say that you don't like big boobs, but I've seen pictures of your ex-wives and I beg to to differ. You really seem to be a fan of big old boobies.

    • Chris: The best part about this 3D Adrianne is that it walks like Adrianne, it looks like Adrianne, it just doesn't talk like Adrianne.

  • Notes

    • Footage is shown from Chris and Adrianne's season of The Surreal Life. The footage features housemates Jane, Marcus and Verne.

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