My Fair Brady

Season 1 Episode 6

Meet My Mama

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2005 on VH1

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  • Chris goes fishing with Adrianne's dad and meets her mom. Nothing earth shaking, just so so.

    Chris and Adrianne's dad went fishing, and Chris was asked what his intentions are. The age gap came up. He was able to divert attention from the questions when he caught a fish.

    My goodness, Adrianne looks so much like her mom!!!! Chris definitely didn't make a good impression on Adrianne's mom. He put his foot in his mouth, BIG TIME!!!! Chris, Adrianne, and her mom went to a bar to socialize. Adrianne's mom asked Chris whether he plans on marrying Adianne. In a roundabout way, his answer made Adrianne's mom cry. He could have been more tactful, but he obviously had taken a few drinks (he was red in the face). Now he'll have to do damage control.