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  • I'm not reviewing a specific episode...just a difference I noticed since Adrianne and Chris were on the Surreal Life up to now in My Fair Brady Maybe Baby?

    First of all, I immediately liked Adrianne-her personality, just everything about her. She reminds me of myself in a lot of ways. This season, especially the last episode when she was drunk, I almost didn't believe it. Chris you could tell was drunk from the way he was talking to her father. But aside from laughing, Adrianne's face was covered a lot when she got in bed and kept saying how drunk she was. It's a reality show and I've always saw it like that. But I wonder if they have to add things that aren't true to get the audience to enjoy it or watch it more..who knows? Does anyone agree or disagree-please I'd like to hear someone else's thoughts. No one I know watches this show. Thanks for reading.
  • "Strange Love" - outragous characters = Snoozefest 2006!

    One Word Review: Bor-ring! Okay, that's only four words and I still need 96 more so here I go. This was blah! I just don't care about these two people's lives! I didn't watch Season One of America's Next Top Model and I don't care for Christopher Knight one way or another. This is a stretch for VH1 to put a reality show with these normal, pretty white people doing pretty, normal things. Where's the intrest? I don't care if they get married or break up. And i'm not saying this because i'm anti-celebrity because i'm not. It's just these two people are not people I care to see into their personal lives because not a whole lot is going on! The only thing I remember liking from this is seeing them flirt because they do seem to have an attraction toward them but you can see love on any show.
  • Gee, how much longer will it be?

    It is a very funny, but out of control. Christopher Knight and Adrian Curry are the two most naughty celeberties since Flavor Flav and Brigett. I guess you can show something out of the blue or not. One thing was dumb was Florince Henderson giving a bad advise to Christopher and Adrian. I think she should butt out. It would be nice if Tyra Banks should make an appeance on the show, but she is way to busy! Oh well. I know that Chris and Adrian are very crazy for each other. At least Chris is not well in his late 50's and go crazy for women, unlike someone I watch.
  • A good show!

    I think that My Fair Brady is a pretty cool show. But I really think that Adrien is a little too immature though, that's only in my opinion. She seems like a somewhat nice person but she is kind of annoying at times though. Yet I still hand up watching My Fair Brady almost everytime it's on the TV. The reason I watch it is because Christopher Knight is on it. But It is a pretty cool show and I like to watch it. I especially love the theme song to the show, it's really cute how they wrote it.
  • Nah uh!

    I grew up watching \"Brady Bunch\" so it kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth to see Peter Brady falling for the kinky Adrianne Curry, who won\'t stop whining about Christopher Knight marrying her. She\'s practically pestering the hell out of him to marry her. Is he sincerely in love or just wants to get the dame off his back. These two aren\'t meant for each other and I can see them getting a divorce before the marriage is final. I hope one of them comes to their senses and says \"stop\" before they say \"I do.\"

    The new season of “My Fair Brady\" is a roll coaster of a whining couple who are confused on whether or not they should marry. From what I’ve seen so far, the answer should be “no.” But then we wouldn’t have a “My Divorced Brady” episode next season.

  • this show is great and i cant wait for it to come back on.

    I love chris knight and adrianne curry. I cant wait to see what theyre gonna do next. I hope they do get married and i hope they have babies too. My husband thinks i was a dork for watching it, but he started getting into it. Adrianne Curry is such a freak though!! Shes a kinky beotch and thats exactly what that man needs. Chris is so uptight and I know you all agree with me. Theyre perfect for each other. I hope they keep this show around long enough for us all to see what happens between the two of them.
  • YUCK, an old man from a 70s sitcom, and a foul mouthed trashy looking "model" born in the late eighties.They met on the Surreal Life, and Ms. Curry fell in love at first sight, no, not with the other model in the house, but with the creepy dad figure.

    I watched it, I will admit it, I am like that. I kept waiting for it to stop, the constant begging for a proposal, that is. It never stopped, and just when you think that daddy is gonna teach her a lesson, and make her harvest her own "independance" that perv caves in, and finally asks her to marry him. It was more of an "o.k, you win" type of deal, than a sincere gesture of undying love, and faithful commitment. He also goes to the extreme lengths, to torture her on that final episode, dragging her into an apartment, blindfolded, and causing her to shake, quiver, and cry, when she thinks he bought her that house. It reminded me of a puppy that was about to be given away to a new home, or the abandoning of a clinging to his leg child. If that is romance, stay the heck away from me, buddy. She immediately accepted(shocker), and slobbered all over him. Too much of everything on this show, farting, burping, cussing, and begging. Her momma shoulda slapped the silly outta her, and reminded her that she has a daddy, find a HUSBAND.
  • Christopher Knight and Adrian Curry put their one-sided shaky relationship on T.V.

    One "has-been", and one "never-will-be" put their shaky romance on television, why? Was it because "Chaotic" and "Newlyweds" did so well? I really can't say that Adrian is a "never-will-be", but she has a lot of growing up to do first. I understand that editing can portray someone as something they are not, and for her sake, I sure as hell hope it's true. She bought a brand new car for only 3,000 under window price, she didn't even know her social security number! She reminds me of a horny 16 year old in love with her fatherly teacher. I don't know why I continued watching this mess unfold. My lowest rating to date. Even under "Flavor of Love". That's pretty scary. In my stong opinion, it won't work out. She is manipulating, and he is controling. At any rate, good luck folks.
  • Okay, this is the weirdest couple I've even seen. But they do look cute together.

    Christopher Knight from The Brady Bunch ends up daiting Adrianne Curry the winner of America's Next Top Model. They met on the Surreal life, and have a show of their own about them. But here's the thing, he's twice her age, and they act like fauther and daughter at times. She gets mad at him when he does not treat her as an adoult, and he gets made when she would say cretin things to other people, but if you were to see how they act aroung each other, you would understand. Chirs want Adrianne to move out,and not get a car, but at other times, he wants to marry her. Adrianne is so cliggy to him, she has never lived with herslf. I support the huge age relationships, only if they are mature enough fot each other. Chris and Adrianne, nowhere near that. So do not be to surprised if this does not work out.
  • What an awesome show oh my gosh !!!!!!

    I think that Chris and Adrianne both do a great job. I have been a huge fan of Chris since way back when. I watched the engagement proposal and I too cried. I cant wait till next season !!! I think that with hard work and true love, they will marry and be happy forever.
  • My fair Brady is about the relationship between former brady bunch star, Christopher Knightand first winner of America's next top Model, Adrianne Curry. They met on surreal life 4 and Adrianne knew that she wanted to spen the rest of her life with chris

    Adrianne and chris are living together in L.A and there cute together. Some people say it's sick because she is have his age, but I belive if you love someone, their is nothing you can do. The sad part is, is that chris has been married twice before and he has really lost all hope in love. I love this show and I watched it until the end, i never missed an episode.
  • This episode would have been perfect, just great if Chris wasn't such an ASS____!@#$#@@$$!!!!! I was almost crying for Adrianne. Girl, You have the patience of a goddess. I think presenting you with an apartment and putting you though that compltely S

    Ok, I admit it, at first the show drew me in because it starred "Peter Brady". But I continued to tune-in because Adrienne was so incredibly real. She loved Chris unconditionally, despite his many flaws. Overbearing, judgemental, non-commital, and SELFISH, just to name a few. This girl loves you from her soul, her very essence, and you put her through mourning when she was un-blindfolded to see an apartment. So what, if, in the end she got her ring!? From the viewers point of view, what you did was just CRUEL!!! I only hope you retern even half of the love she holds for you. She is a saint to accept your propasal after that crap. Ratings or not, it was CRUEL. You owe her a life perfction!
  • I want to meet Adrianne and Chris soo bad. I am so happy that they are getting married. When Chris proposed to Adrianne, I cried. Congradulations to the new engaged couple.

    The first time that I watched this show, I was hooked. I have such a crush on Chris, or as Adrianne calls him "Chrissy". I have seen all of the Brady Bunch episodes, and Chris was always my favorite. Also I watched Adrianne when she was on Americas Next top model. She was awesome. Chris and Adrianne are the perfect match and I know they will be together forever. For Chris, the third time is a charm. :)
  • I'm not exactly sure what Chris was thinking with Adrienne... She gets on my nerves a little more every episode. I'm almost certain that I continue watching in hopes that he's going to dump her.

    "My Fair Brady" is a decent show and comes on at a great time for me because I don't have any favorite shows that take up that thirty minute time frame on Sunday night. I happen to think that the show will be much better once Chris breaks up with Adrienne... Although, I think he's about to ask her to marry him in this upcoming episode. (Ugh)
  • When a former reality contestant is dating a man who is old enough to be her can we say anything other than "gross". It's bad enough to see Trump dating a much younger woman...but I think Peter Brady, er Chris Knight, takes the cake.

    This is an absolute piece of crap. I believe it is supposed to follow in the shoes of VH1's Strange Love, with Brigitte Nielson & Flavor Flav that was on last fall. Now that was a priceless, guilty pleasure. Those two, no matter how scripted the scenarios, were wacky enough to make it work. This show is so paltry and lame in comparison. Adrienne Curry....bitter because she never made it into the world of top-modeling, has now decided to skank it up and get bare-foot and pregnant to the ever-elusive child-less twice divorced former Peter Brady who is older than her father. Sorry, that is gross. The episodes deal with nothing other than their sex life (spectacular, they keep mentioning) and the many burps & farts that come out of the orifices of these two individuals. But the 'serious' plot line is that Chris doesn't know whether he is willing to committ to living together, so he wants Adrienne to move out of the house and find her own place. But he won't let her buy a car. Does that make sense? Adrienne used to be pretty but her lack of taste and manners makes her ugly. And Chris is a manipulative, passive-aggressive monster. There is a reason he is almost 50 and has never had a stable relationship or children of his own. Does she really think she can change him into the family man?
  • I have to say that this show isn't a good fav but it is a decent show... but it is extremely borrrrrrrrrrrrrring to me booo i give this show 1 star

    This show is a decent show... i just don't like the fact that they tried to make this a reality series... gosh i don't find adrianne and that brady guy interesting... if i wanna watch this crap i would have to be sick and ready to fall alseep.... borring yeah
  • Is ok,how age could be really a different in love


    Mr.Knight..he's hot! Personally my opinion the show is very down to earth a little "raw" but amusing how you could see a relationship blossom. How sometime they forget cameras are there. funny, realistic, contraversal,stupid at times how you could experience thru them the insecurities and down fall of love.
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