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  • "Strange Love" - outragous characters = Snoozefest 2006!

    One Word Review: Bor-ring! Okay, that's only four words and I still need 96 more so here I go. This was blah! I just don't care about these two people's lives! I didn't watch Season One of America's Next Top Model and I don't care for Christopher Knight one way or another. This is a stretch for VH1 to put a reality show with these normal, pretty white people doing pretty, normal things. Where's the intrest? I don't care if they get married or break up. And i'm not saying this because i'm anti-celebrity because i'm not. It's just these two people are not people I care to see into their personal lives because not a whole lot is going on! The only thing I remember liking from this is seeing them flirt because they do seem to have an attraction toward them but you can see love on any show.