My Fair Brady - Season 1

VH1 (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • 11/6/05
  • The Ultimatum
    Episode 8
    Chris prepares a wonderful dinner where Adrianne tells chris either he asks her to marry him or she's gone.
  • Rico Suave
    Episode 7
    Chris is put in a bad spot where he should marry Adrianne but he doesn't feel ready to, after 2 failed marriages before.
  • Meet My Mama
    Episode 6
    Chris goes back to Joliet, IL to visit Adrianne's parents.Adrianne's Dad still hasn't made a decision about whether Chris has the right intentions towards his daughter so he invites Chris for a little "guy time" at the local lake. Chris ends up feeling like a fish out of water when Daddy insists that he do the right thing and marry Adrianne.moreless
  • Homecoming
    Episode 5
    Adrianne has decided enough is enough with Chris' wishy-washy ways. One day he wants her to get her own place and the next he can't imagine everyday life without her. Adrianne decides it's time for Chris to meet her family, so they head for her hometown of joliet, Illinois. On the way to the airport, Chris flip-flops again and tells her that they should buy a new house together; one that they can call their own. Their first stop in joliet is meeting her dad, a 6'9, harley riding dad, now chris is a little more than nervous about this whole thing.moreless
  • 10/2/05
    While Chris is out of town, Adrianne and her best friend, Andrea are in for a weekend of fun, without Chris. Also Adrianne talks to Andrea about whether or not she should really move out. While thinking that over, Adrianne does something that Chris strictly forbidded her from , buying a car. While Chris is away, he decides he doesn't want Adrianne to move out and that he truly loves her.moreless
  • 9/25/05
    Chris has relentlessly told Adrianne how good for their relationship it would be if she moved out of his apartment and got her own place -- he just wants her to establish her own identity away from him, but for her it sounds like he's kicking her out. While he will be away, Adrianne plans on buying a car and looking for aprtments, all the things he wanted her to do. While so much tension going on, he blows up at her about leaving bread in the dip. Almost getting some time alone, a loud pounding inturrupts their time, who is it? None other than Adriannes best friend, Andrea.moreless
  • Valentine's Day
    Episode 2
    Adrianne's brings up an issue that has been eating at her for some time: Chris forgot Valentine's Day. He doesn't see what the big deal is and thinks she's being overly demanding. But after Adrianne heads off to a photo shoot, Chris has second thoughts and hatches a romantic plan to make it up to her. she needs to move out "in order for them to have a healthy relationship." Adrianne is crushed and sobbing tells Chris that their relationship will be over if she moves out. So much for a romantic evening.moreless
  • 9/11/05
    Adrianne moving in with Chris was supposed to be a temporary arrangement. He wants her to become more independent before he will consider the prospect of marriage. She wants him to commit and give her a ring. Chris makes a huge mistake at a birthday party for Adrianne’s best friend, Jane Weidlin. This calls for a little bit of therapy from Florence Henderson, a.k.a. Mrs. Brady, who is now a licensed therapist. Will Chris take her advice? Is the relationship doomed before the show has even begun?moreless