My Fair Brady - Season 2

VH1 (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Here Comes the Bride?
    After a long and bumpy road, Chris and Adrianne have only 3 days before their wedding. But tensions arise when arguments between their espective fathers plants seeds of doubt in both of them.
  • With only days left until the wedding Chris and Adrianne head for Las Vegas for their bachelor and bachelorette parties which include strippers for Chris and stripping for Adrianne. But when the drinks start adding up and the parties get out of control, the happy couple face their final hurdle on the way to the wedding.moreless
  • Chris surprises Adrianne with a romantic dinner at the reception hall and even offers her something blue for the wedding. But in an attempt to spare he and his bride drama Chris may be overstepping his bounds when he attempts to get Adriannes Mother and Father to reconcile their differences before the wedding.moreless
  • Now fully in love and committed to each other following the last episode Chris and Adrianne venture back to her home town and wedding site of Joliet to finalize the plans for their big day. While Chris takes on a very fierce attitude when dealing with decorations, Adrianne begins to worry about her estranged parents and how they will behave towards one another at the event.moreless
  • 6/25/06
    After being told his problems in therapy Chris falls into a deep depression leading to second thoughts abouyt the wedding and a lot of drinking. This leaves Adrianne to try and show Chris what they can be together if they only try hard enough.
  • 6/18/06
    After waking up in separate beds after the argument over Chris's sister, the couple decides to seek help and find themselves in couples counseling. Also Adrianne has lunch with friend and Surreal Life co-star Chyna Doll who has some advise for her friend about relationships.
  • Family Values
    Episode 3
    After the fallout from the vasectomy fiasco Adrianne goes to her family for guidance. It soon becomes for Chris and Adriannes' families to meet and her mother and grandmother to meet Ed, Chris's father and one of the only members of the Knight family planning to attend the wedding. Adrianne wants to meet Chris's sister who does not approve of her or her relationship with Chris.moreless
  • 6/3/06
    An excited Adrianne begins searching for wedding dresses with her mother and grandmother. Meanwhile Chris has lunch with TV Brother Barry Williams to discuss his relationship and Chris revealing certain things to Adrianne including plans to have a Vasectomy but when the idea is finally revealed to her she does not take it as well as hoped.moreless
  • Cold Feet
    Episode 1
    After meeting Chris Knight aka "Peter Brady" in the Surreal Life house, Adrianne Curry, winner of America's Next Top Model, decided that he was the one. At the end of the first season of My Fair Brady, she'd managed to get herself a ring, and now the two are racing to the altar. But first they will need to plan the wedding. First stop: Joliet. While Mom and Grandma are duly excited when they see the ring, Adrianne's dad has news of his own -- he's engaged, too! After Adrianne and her mom both freak out, Adrianne and Chris head out to find a church -- where it's Chris' turn to break down when he realizes that booking the church means setting a date. "It's not cold feet, just cold toes," insists Chris. But is that supposed to make a girl feel better?moreless
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