My Fair Brady - Season 3

VH1 (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Aloha Means I Love You
    Chris and Adrianne depart on a romantic second honeymoon. Chris uses the vacation to get Adrianne to warm up to the idea of kids.
  • Bring on the Boobs
    Bring on the Boobs
    Episode 6
    As the date of Adrianne's surgery grows closer, she finds her self getting more nervous than she expected but is ready to go through with it. With Adrianne on the mend, Chris uses the opportunity to show her how nurturing he can be. Thinking the battle over the babies is finally over, Adrianne invites her friend Dia to come and visit to show off her new boobs. But Adrianne is amazed when she finds that Dia wants to have kids of her own and joins forces with Chris. Later Adrianne confronts her feelings over the things that happended to her in her past and how they are affecting her life with Chris.moreless
  • Living the Surreal Life
    With Adrianne's career taking off, she decides to move forward with her plans for a boob job. But Chris is still hesitant to give up on the prospect of kids.
  • Father Knows Best
    Father Knows Best
    Episode 4
    After spending a day at the beach with their friends and their two kids, Chris begins to feel his own biological clock ticking and begins to regret his decision to wait for kids with Adrianne. Things get even more confusing when Adrianne's father and his fiancé come for a visit and disagree on whether Adrianne and Chris should have kids in the near future.moreless
  • On the Brink
    On the Brink
    Episode 3
    Adrianne is devastated following an argument with Chris over the nude photos she took with her friend Kelly. With Adrianne in tears, Chris leaves the cabin and seeks advice from the couples counselor. Upon his return the couple agree to work on their respective problems and head home together. Adrianne then ventures to doctor for a consultation regarding a breast augmentation but finds her self facing a choice between having the surgery or having a baby.moreless
  • A Very Brady Birthday
    It's Chris's 49th birthday, and Adrianne surprises him with a ski trip to Big Bear. Bur after a day of fun in the snow and the hot tub, she breaks out her real present, nude photos of her and her friend Kelly. But Adrianne finds her self surprised when rather than Chris enjoying her gift and the night ending with showers of love, he becomes angry and the night ends in a huge fight with him questioning if he married a lesbian and her begging him not to abandon her.moreless
  • Meet My Nude Wife
    Meet My Nude Wife
    Episode 1
    With the honeymoon over, Chris and Adrianne try to get used to being married with out killing each other in the process. The first thing they decide to do is search for a new house that they can call their own, but when the discussion on house size leads to a discussion on whether babies are in the future one of many arguments arise. Meanwhile Adrianne plans a big surprise for his Chris's birthday.moreless