My Family

Season 3 Episode 7

Waiting to Inhale

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 17, 2002 on BBC
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Waiting to Inhale
Michael has got his eye on a girl in his class, but his mother Susan doesn't approve of his choice. She is even less pleased when she finds a joint in his super-secret sock drawer. Before she and Ben confront him with their evidence, they decide to try a new way of parenting and a more open and peaceful approach to dealing with drugs...moreless

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  • Laughed from start to finish.

    Absolutely superb episode. The punchline at the end makes the rest of the show even more funny. I won't spoil it with spoilers, but it really shows how well the parents act as a double team. It's a rare one because it's built around the parents and Michael plus a "mystery" girl (Abby is the only other cast member who appears & she's there only briefly). The quote on this site where Michael and his Dad are discussing Michaels "drug abuse" exemplifies the dynamic between him and his parents. In this Ep. it's the parents that show themselves to be more "teenaged" than Michael would ever be. When Michael says "I didn't go there for illicit drugs, I went there for illicit sex" and Ben's response of "You *are* a Tory!" runs through the rest of the series all the way. Nick & Abby are "air heads", but the parents can be too, whilst Michael is the "steadying influence", he's the smart one, the entrepreneur, the Tory. His "teen backlash" involves him considering that his parents are idiots! and little more. An old head on young shoulders. He becomes a "trickster" where money is concerned but it's his parents infantile behaviour which allows him to get away with as much as he does.moreless

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    • Michael: Look Dad, in case you're wondering, I've never done drugs. Never have, and never will.
      Ben: Oh really, am I supposed to believe that?
      Michael: Please, I'm going to be a Tory Prime Minister. I don't need any hippie baggage in my past.
      Ben: So what were you doing in that girl's house then?
      Michael: I didn't go for illicit drugs, I went for illicit sex.
      Ben: You are a Tory!

    • (After finding a joint in Michael's room)
      Ben: Susan, Susan, where are you going?
      Susan: I'm going to confront him with this and give him a piece of my mind!
      Ben: I think you've lost enough of it already.

    • Susan: We have to talk.
      Ben: I thought that's what we were doing.
      Susan: A light-hearted description of your impending incontinence is not what I consider conversation.

    • Michael: Mum said you wanted to have a talk.
      Ben: No, your mother wants us to have a talk; I'm just the middleman.
      Michael: How do you deal with her wanting to control everything?
      Ben: Blind submission. It saves time.
      Michael: That's pathetic.
      Ben: I know, it's called growing up.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Missing main stars: Although pictured in the opening credits, neither Kris Marshall or Daniela Denby-Ashe appear in this episode.


    • Movie/Book: "Waiting to Exhale"

      The title is a play on the 1992 book by Terry McMillan and the 1995 Forest Whitaker film based on the book. There is no other connection within the episode.

    • Abi: (after putting an egg on kitchen table) And this is your brain on drugs! (lifts frying pan and smashes egg)

      This is a hybridization of two PSAs from the Partnership for a Drug Free America. The first, in 1987, showed the egg being fried and the line: "Any Questions?". The follow-up, in 1998, specified heroin rather than the generic drugs. The frying pan smashed the raw egg, and then was used to destroy the kitchen.