My Family's Got Guts

Weekdays 8:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Sep 15, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • A really bad game show.

    I saw this show and I say it's one of the worst game shows of all time.I mean where are the prizes?A game show can't be good without prizes at the end of the show.This is twelve times worse than Nickelodeon GUTS and it didn't even last longer.What kind of game show is that?A game show that doesn't even last longer is a not kind of good game show,this is a kind of bad game show.This is the worse game show in the history of worse game shows and it did not to better than Nickelodeon GUTS on Nick and it stinked.
  • THAK YOU!!!Fianly!...

    They brought back a GREAT show that should NEVER should have gotten off the air.NEVER!Its was a cool show and now they add families?No way!I thought it would take a miracle to bring even something simaler to the show with something different a show.But no!Just had to wait and hoped to live till September 15 2008 for it!I wish I could be on that show...:]makes me happy...

    I like this show because NOW you can use teamwork to make winning this a WHOLE lot easier!Not that I wanna sound kiddish....oh well.You get my point,right?I hope it airs again soon!!!!PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I want it to!!!
  • remake of a classic nick show...

    usually, i dont like any show that's a remake of a classic, but i think this time i can make an acception. when i watch it, i feel like i'm watchin nickelodeon GUTS again=D now, if they'd show some of the other classic game shows that were once on nick. now that would be awsome! i wish they would show it more and make new eps. i also feel like they kinda rushed through the first season. anybody else feel this way? i definately recommend this to anybody who never got a chance to see the original. although, i still love the oringial GUTS better.

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!! You're listening to the viewers who know that Nickelodeon was WAAAAAAAYY better in the '90s!!! This is a near-perfect revamp of the classic game show, with the same theme music, a similar looking arena, and aggro-craig more intense than ever before but keeping in spirit of the original, and to top it all off, it's shot at Universal Studios Florida just like the original, even though most of the Nickelodeon complex has (sadly) been taken down due to lack of use. So Nickelodeon seems to understand how to revamp a classic, so why not take a look at some of their other classics, such as Legends of The Hidden Temple, Double Dare, or even Nick Arcade? I think kids today would love these games just as much as I did when they originally aired in the 90's!!!
  • If it only it were for Lyons...

    I like the show. I do. I like Asha. But Ben sucks. Period. His "cool voice" is annoying; watch an episode of "At the Movies," and you'll see he doesn't talk like that at all. He makes a reference to Australia every chance he gets. We get it, man. Asha's an Aussie. Move on. Also during Formula GUTS, he constantly asks Asha for her thoughts. Ben, each run takes in-between 50 to 90 seconds. Call the race first, then ask Asha for her thoughts. It's a good show. If Mr. My-Daddy's-a-Famous-Movie-Critic-Like-Me wasn't around, it would be perfect. Was Mike too busy.
  • Family GUTS Live Chat

    I was on My Family's Got GUTS Fan site last night and they have a cool live chat were you can chat about Family GUTS with other Fans. I turned on the t.v. when Family GUTS came on and we were all talking about the show as it was playing out on T.V. There is one tonight at 7:30 @ last nights episode was awesome and I bet tonight's will be better. I can't wait to get back on the chat tonight and talk to more people about the show. I definitely would not miss this chat for anything.
  • Not as good as the original, but a solid show.

    Personally, I think this show is solid, but just not as good as the original. The games are pretty interesting. To me though, they seem a little too easy. If I was on the show, I would probably ace every challenge with ease. I am pretty fit, but I think it would be better to make the games more challenging, so they would be more entertaining. The good ol' Agro Crag is back :). the Agro Crag is my favorite challenge. I personally do not think it is fair to let the winner of the games get a head start. I think that should be removed, so the competition would be fair. Anyway, overall, good show just not as good as the original, fun games, Agro Crag returns, new host, and ref, finally a game show on Nick. Give this show a try. If you do not like it, that's okay, but if you like it, sign up sometime and play!!
  • Where is the real guts!!!

    this show was soo bad that it made me feel like an idiot that I got excited about it in the first place. i am a fan of the original guts and think that it was one of the best competion shows on the air. it was certianly one of the best games show nickelodeon has ever had running. this new show is a joke. where are all the really cool games of the original? worse yet, they turned the radical rock, A.K.A. the Crag, into a laughing stock. i wish they atleast would have kept the format, would have been so hard to have three families competing in four obsticles, kept the points the same, and made the Agro Crag more chalenging like ti was in the original show? so what if it would have been an hour show, the true fans would either A.) sit down and watch it or B.) record it and watch it later.

    In my opinion it was a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!
  • The past comes back in a way!

    I would like to start out saying there are three problems about this show. First off I miss Mora Quirk as the annoncer of the show. I miss seeing her I she was a thrill back in the day on the orignal Nickelodon Guts. Second the host is kind of annoying, hes not bad but in the beginning of the show when he is annoucing the games he just sounds like a bad DJ. Third off the compition seems very unfair int the longrun. Yes I havent seen every episode because not every episode airs but when you have both teams with two adults thats even but when you have a team with a 6th Grader and a 9th Grader a chance competing with 2 11th Graders seems extremly unfair. That is like putting two 10 year olds against two 16 of football faceoff. Im sorry but when you have a late High School player on a team there needs to be a JR High player on the team.

    Out of that I really like how the show has came back to Nickelodeon and being filmed on Orlando Fl, maybe not the orignal Nick Studios but I still like the look. The games are fun to watch. The Agro Rock is back which is a miss so im really happy thats back. I dont like when there is a head start because no head starts should be aloud. I rooting for the Chastian Family because they look the like fairst to watch.
  • Impressed based on previews and stuff.

    Ok, I know the show hasn't premiered yet, but from all the previews, and all the things Ive heard so far, Nickelodeon has done, and is doing good with this. From what I hear, the host is experienced in the field of TV hosting, and does a good job at capturing the feel Mike OMalley created with the original GUTS. The new ref. also seems to continue in the footsteps - very well - as Moria Q. from the original GUTS series. Hey, it may not be the same people, but at least the feel - hosts, events, Aggro Crag, etc - have been preserved well. Here's to success of the new GUTS, hoping it avoids the fate of Double Dare 2000.