My Favorite Husband

CBS (ended 1955)


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  • Season 3
    • The Statue
      The Statue
      Episode 10
      Liz returns from an auction with a pair of lamps George considers hideous. As he's informing Liz that he'd taken them back, a delivery man arrives with the "little thing" George picked up: a massive statue of a man on horseback.
    • The Painting
      The Painting
      Episode 9
      Liz's involvement with the Wednesday Art Study Group inspires George to take up painting. She's not pleased because George is doing all of his brush-stroking at the art supply store owned by Dotty Brown. Liz become incensed when her husband reveals his first painting: a portrait of Dotty.
    • Liz Expresses Herself
      Feeling she's missed her calling by being a housewife, Liz feels she has the talent to write a brilliant play. Together with would-be writer Oliver, the pair head to a cabin in the woods to write their masterpiece. Thanks to constant interruptions, the playwrights are stuck at the first sentence.
    • Exercise
      Episode 4
      Buster Kellogg, one of George's old college buddies who's now a big baseball player, is coming for a visit. The Coopers are asked to keep him in town long enough that the alumni can present him with an award. Liz is less than delighted because Buster is still the unbearable practical joker he was back in school.moreless
    • The Bank Robbery
      The Bank Robbery
      Episode 3
      During a robbery at his bank, George simply raises his hands and lets the crook make off with the cash. The story Liz is telling all of their friends, however, is greatly embellished, painting George as a big hero. Once all the women begin swooning over his exploits, Liz wishes she'd kept her big mouth shut.moreless
    • Sixth Wedding Anniversary
      George and Liz celebrate their anniversary by returning to the site of their honeymoon. Their attempt to recapture the newlywed magic runs into problems.
    • The Maid
      The Maid
      Episode 1
      In the season premiere, Liz hires a full-time maid, despite her husband's objections that they don't need one. When the housekeeper lavishes all of her time and attention on George, Liz quickly changes her tune about needing help around the house.
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