My Favorite Martian

CBS (ended 1966)





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  • Thank God for simpler times and pure entertainment.

    I first watched My Favorite Martian at the ripe old age of 5 years. I loved the show then and now at 57 I still love it, so much that I had to buy the DVD sets as soon as they came out. As a young child, this show sparked a lifetime of interest in the . space program which I harbor to this day, and as an aging adult it is refreshing to be able to re-watch a great comedy without having to put up with some Hollywood producer's social commentary, or the crass vulgarity that passes for comedy in many of the newer (alleged) "sitcoms".
  • What A Human Looking Martian!

    My Favorite Martian was another one of my favorite shows I used to watch as a little girl. Starring Bill Bixby(The Courtship of Eddie's Father, The Incredible Hulk), and Ray Walston. This show came on for a while in the 1980's, and every chance I got, I watched it. Thank God for Internet Television where I can watch all of these wonderful shows again, and age slower. Thank you, for making it possible to watch this show and others here, or someplace else.
  • Much more than a decent show.

    It was definately ahead of its time. The best part of it was the comical chemistrey between the stars. Bixby and walston was a match made in heaven. My Favorite Martian is truely an American classic. The program was a huge stepping stone for both actors who moved on to bigger better things. In my opinion it was one of my favorite black & white comedies. Without any doubt I would rather laugh at an martian instead of being scared to death. My Favorite Martian eased many worries of the unknown. My Favorite Martian in my opinion is a classic.
  • funny

    My Favorite Martian was a decent show that had comedy and humor all wrapped up in one. Though the show was probably a bit a head of it\'s time it still had a great following. The characters interacted with each other well. The humor seemed to come naturally between all the characters on the show. I think the show ran it\'s course however in the time it was on.
  • This was the definition of a great show.

    I think this show was the definition of a great show. I loved the way that Bill Bixby was on it and I thought Ray Walston did a great job as the Martian. I think it was a timeless show and even to this day is fun to watch.

    I loved the early special effects and things they did on the show and also I thought the actors were top notch.

    No matter what your age is or what your era you are from you always can enjoy this show.

    I think it would be fun to watch for anyone!
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