My Friend Rabbit

Season 1 Episode 8

Branching Out / Willow Pond Wackadoo

Aired Unknown Feb 01, 2008 on NBC
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Branching Out / Willow Pond Wackadoo
Branching Out: When wind blows a tree in front of the entrance to Rabbit's sleeping hole, his friends invite him to spend the night at their places. Rabbit gives it a try, but none are just right. Problems include constant saying of "good night," too little space, and snoring. Rabbit realizes he wants his own sleeping hole back more than anything. Willow Pond Wackadoo: When Rabbit, Mouse and Thunder are bored and hot, Thunder tells them a story to cool them down. The story is of a fictional creature called the Willow Pond Wackadoo that grants wishes if you can manage to tap its nose before it hides away. The three get to thinking that maybe the story is real. When they see something in the Willow Pond that makes a noise like the Wackadoo, they're convinced they're going to have their wishes granted.moreless

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      • Rabbit: Maybe if we stop saying it's so hot, it won't be so hot anymore.
        Jasper: It's so hot.
        Rabbit, Mouse and Thunder: We know.

      • Mouse: Wilting whiskers. You look tired.
        Rabbit: I couldn't sleep at all last night. It was really nice of everyone to share their sleeping spots with me, but your place was way too small. I couldn't get comfortable no matter how hard I tried. The gibble goose girls wouldn't stop saying "good night" to everyone and Edweena snores.
        Mouse: That was a busy night.

      • Mouse: (giggles) Well, we didn't get our wish, and we didn't get rain, or tap the Wackadoo's nose because it was only a story. But, hee-hee, we did have lots of fun and forgot about how hot it was and that was better than anything.

      • Mouse: Guess what. We found a Wackadoo.
        Hazel: A Wackawho?
        Mouse: Doo.
        Hazel: Do what?
        Mouse: No, Wackadoo!
        Hazel: I'm confused.

      • Rabbit, Mouse and Thunder: (singing) A Wackadoo, a Wackadoo, we're gonna find a Wackadoo!

      • Thunder: Whoa! I wanna do nose-tapping.
        Jasper: Well, I don't know if you can because the Wackadoo is just a story.

      • Rabbit, Mouse and Thunder: It's so hot.
        Rabbit: I'd like it to rain.
        Mouse: I want it to rain.
        Thunder: I wish it would rain.
        Rabbit, Mouse and Thunder: It's so hot.

      • Mouse: Oh, there you are. Have you ever been so hot that you wished it would rain just to cool down? That's what happened to us. It was so hot that even I wanted to rain. (A raindrop falls on him.) Ooh. But then something really amazing happened and all because of a story.

      • Mouse: We never did move the big branch that was blocking the doorway to Rabbit's sleeping hole. But, working together, we dug two new doorways, and even made his cozy, warm, dark, dry, safe and quiet sleeping hole bigger. Good thing, too, because after all that digging, we were all ready for a nap.
        Rabbit: Thank you for making room for all my friends.
        Gibble Girls: (sigh)
        Edweena: (snores and trumpets)
        Mouse: Even the one who snores. (sighs happily)

      • Rabbit: I wanna sleep in my own cozy, warm, dark, dry, safe, quiet, sleeping hole. But this big thing's in the way and I can't think of how to move it. I'm so tired, I can't think of anything.

      • Edweena: Ya'ay, a sleepover!
        Rabbit: There just wasn't enough room with Mouse, and the Gibble Goose Girls say "good night" all night.

      • Rabbit: I'm sorry! It was very nice of you to let me spend the night in your nest, but I just can't get any sleep with all this "good-nighting."

      • Jade: Good night, Pearl. Good night, Coral.
        Coral: Good night, Jade. Good night, Amber...

      • Rabbit: I pick Mouse!
        Mouse: I'd love to have you as my nest guest. Let's go!

      • Mouse: What if you sleep on the tree?
        Rabbit: Rabbits don't sleep on trees.

      • Hazel: Why are you tickling a tree?
        Gibble Geese: To make it stand back up, of course.

      • Mouse: Why is there a tree in front of your doorway?
        Rabbit: The wind blew it over.

      • Rabbit: Oh, cabbage. Right in front of my doorway? I can't get into my sleeping hole with this tree here.

      • Mouse: Have you ever tried to sleep somewhere other than your own comfy bed? Sometimes it's not easy. That's what my friend Rabbit found out the night we all invited him to share our sleeping spots. It all started on a windy evening just before bedtime.

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